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  1. 10-20 at 47 fps, 20-30 at 30 fps, 30-40 at 15 fps, 40-50 between 15 and 8
  2. @Zupa do you think you could add the option for the bot to tell how long until restart? I think that would be the neatest of the things it can do, which would be available to all the discord users in your server so they can check it out before they log in!
  3. Already tried it also on the 64 Bit branch.. Nothing special tbh.. Yea after 1k view distance the map goes to poop. And yeah I also have a 6 core i7 OCd at 4.5Ghz and other beast specs, but it's the map itself that gives problems..too much stuff lol... tho its amazing, no lies
  4. Clean database as well? Seems kinda odd. Have you actually cleaned installed it or did you use other scripts already?
  5. Yeah I figured. Plus the FPS are kinda horrible already in the editor, I personally don't see this map being playable in the near future whatsoever. But looks like you are doing a pretty good job, hopefully it'll pay off by the map devs eventually fixing all the issues.
  6. @[RG] Salutesh How does it run for you? When I ran the map on my dedi it gave me 50mb RPT files.. Spamming like crazy!
  7. Bump. We filled up the admin team. Now looking for a web developer that has experience with IPS Community Suite.
  8. Looks like the right ones to me.
  9. In Exile AHAT Config files change to true those statements: useCustomFiredEventHandler = "true"; useCustomHandeDamageHandler = "true";
  10. @MGTDB any clues?
  11. I reckon the fix. But that's the issue. Applying the fix I cannot get the fixed vehicles to rearm.
  12. Cool, could you tell me how you went about fixing the Exile miniguns issue and have them rearm with Avs?
  13. Solved!
  14. lol ma avete veramente hostato due server con 200 slot hahaha
  15. Damn didn't see this. But yeah, I tried that and it actually shows the text inside the box. I guess it has to do with the type or style that has to be set in order for the text field to work as a texture instead of showing the actual text