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  1. Well the whole point of having different hold actions and different sounds is immersion ya know. While right now people hear that unnatural sound that is currently being used, it can be further implemented with sounds of metal scraps, or someone searching through stuff, opening a fridge, a drawer etc... You get where I am going?
  2. @[RG] Salutesh @yukihito23 https://github.com/salutesh/Exile_Scavenge/blob/c4f30164de7045f51fe1df03f15e340da316fd54/core/code/client/ExileExpansionClient_object_player_scavenge_addAction.sqf#L89 Any chance you could change the code so we can customize the sound? Or even better, customize it for the different "furniture" types as well?
  3. @Torndeco Could you show me how DS_Houses replace buildings in the mod? I've added some other buildings in my own mod, and would like to use the same replace system DS_Houses uses, because launching a search and replace server side is too laggy for the server!
  4. Not planning on using it on Esseker
  5. @MetalHead @TroyT any change u guys can re-release it on github with all the changes to make it work?
  6. LOL I had no idea
  7. Not sure what JOJO is lol
  8. @jaxx0rr how do you make it so it doesn't show players or vehicles but only AI?
  9. FOUND THE INTRUDER HMMWV_M2_GPK_1 exile_psycho_hmmw\data\hmmwv_canvas_1_as.paa. IS FINALLY GONE! HURRAY!
  10. Does anyone know where to modify timer for how long it takes to plant them? Very much appreciated!
  11. Bumped. I need this too!
  12. Hey just out of curiosity. Whenever the server restarts Tanks lose HEAT rounds. Same thing happens when they are put into and pulled out of the garage. Does that happen to you as well? And of course, they can't be rearmed with heat rounds as well after that..
  13. Aight so experimenting yesterday I found out that if you have in your createPersistent or carefulCreate (vehicle) Exile files this line: _vehicleObject setVehicleAmmo 0; To basically prevent vehicles bought from trader to spawn with ammo, it will break the system and only partially rearm vehicles, so yeah, if you want to be able to rearm all magz for a specific vehicle remove that. Now on a side note, script is basically almost completely working, the only thing that is not working is tanks. Apparently tanks, when fully armed, start with a negative rearm cost, that is because one file is not calling the correct loadout for tanks specifically, a way around this I found was defining in the AVS_Configuration file a really HIGH price for Tanks mags, which basically make it so that one of the magazines is discharged a little, it will bring the negative price up to positive, the only problem is, unless u set it crazy high, people will be able to refuel their tanks for a fairly cheap price. If someone would like to figure out the tank problem, let me know... I think it's the getCurrentloadout file, that basically is not showing the weapons and magazines of the turret [0,0] in tanks but only [0]