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  1. tow

    I've had that issue since forever. I've never had a fix for it and our server has been going for almost 2 years.
  2. looking good
  3. Will you be releasing it as a separate post on the forum or replying here? I'm interested in using it.
  4. I disabled it also, as I was getting this happening;
  5. Here is a good place to look. http://www.exilemod.com/forum/174-traders-safe-zones/
  6. we have the same provider i think, they gave me a list of IPs to try and that's how I got the transmissions to start working but still never receive anything to the app on my phone.
  7. same for all on the servers, it was them that prompted me to look into it again. I was hoping that someone could check the logs at the exile mod server end.
  8. neither of these work.
  9. Sending messages have always worked as I guess it doesn't have anything to do with the server network. (exile web server -> mobile device). The lower of the 2 servers i have only today managed to get it to receive transmissions so that is why the numbers are so low. Can I check? If I plant a flag then get someone to take it as a test, what should happen ?
  10. Hey man, thanks for your reply. I never noticed the OK part before. I don't receive any update on my android phone when i pay flag or when someone steals it.
  11. I'm still looking for help with this issue, I now have both my servers configured so that the exile mod servers are receiving the transmissions but still get the error "STATUS 200" in the log file for both servers.
  12. @MGgaming101 I would also like to add the question, will any of these be implemented?
  13. But that's only for the person who installed/created the storage. For example; I have a territory with many safes that I put down. My family proceed to fill the safes with pop tabs. so following your way of thinking wouldn't your results show that I have many pop tabs?
  14. but anyone can add money to safes etc, it wont be tied to one player.
  15. Where is the unlike button? Best of luck with your next project @Eichi