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  1. @Gilbert_Montagné Did you come right ?
  2. @Bob_the_K I have tried but nothing workings 100% the way I would want it too
  3. @Gilbert_Montagné Thanks for the feedback! Check the Hardware trader he has mixers inside the building (He is behind the Vehicle trader)
  4. Maintrader Hub: Vehicle and Aircraft traders will be located off site
  5. UPDATE: New Screen Shots Hi Exilemod. Chernarus Siver Edition will focus on a single Trader hub rather than a scattered approach. There will be no boat trader and the aircraft traders will be located at the main Trader hub. A contamination zone might be added depending on how busy the map feels. If you have suggestions and/or requests, I would love to hear them! You can also check out my other traders for TANOA and MALDEN CHERNARUS SILVER EDITION: SCREENSHOTS
  6. @Its me ZovkT Yes, but no idea how that got in there
  7. @Its me ZovkT You are absolutely correct that is not right Please go right ahead and download the new, new initserver.sqf file
  8. UPDATE: Fixed gate not working at Wastedump Trader (Inside main trading hub) Blocked off back door to Vehicle Trader (Prevent people getting stuck in junk) Gas Station pumps now working (Mouse over to refuel) Moved guard in locker room (Was blocking safe room) Added spawn marker for set location spawns (Vehicle Spawn Mod) Removed random locker sign outside building (Duplicate item) Added Scuba Trader by boat (On the boat) Minor other changes here and there Thanks to everyone that provided feedback and suggestions!
  9. These are public traders so yes you may use them. Thanks for the heads-up regarding Tanoa reference (FIXED)
  10. I have only placed them at main trader at hardware trader
  11. LOOKING FOR TESTERS TO USE AND REPORT ON TRADER BUGS email me at randomaccessconnect@gmail.com if you are interested!
  12. UPDATE: EQUIPMENT We have added the Equipment Trader and Lockers with a few extras !