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  1. Dactyl


    i was wondering, for your guide, if it is required for to download the 'Exile Server Installation' file? I already have everything that is included, just wondering if the pathing would be something to worry about. Mostly because my internet is possibly the worst in the US, not wanting to download a gig through a browser, and also out of curiosity for a better understanding. I have set up LAN servers a number of times before but the programs keeps changing as they do. Basically im wondering if i follow the instructions will there be any roadblocks caused by not having the same exact download. 

    Thanks for your time. 

    1. Dactyl


      I'm pretty sure i just need the InstallA3Server.bat or an explanation on creating one.

      Thanks again

    2. S.


      If you have the individual files you don't need to download the rest. If you have broader understanding of how to setup a arma server the guide will help point you into the right direction.

    3. Dactyl


      thanks, i got it figured out, just having trouble repacking the PBO now