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      1.66 Issues   11/30/16

      We have identified a problem in 1.66, which seems to be a bug in the game. A technical report has been submitted to Bohemia Interactive. We have also pointed this issue out on Twitter. This is all we can do for now, since the problem cannot be "modded away" easily. Let us hope for the best. (And we wanted to retire, god damnit)
    • Eichi

      Land ahoy!   12/01/16

      Bohemia Interactive now has confirmed that they have been able to reproduce the problem. The waiting is half-way over now, I hope


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  1. Hi can I just say well done on this custome Tanoa Map was well inpressed so much so Id like to use it on our server thats just gone up ...

    Im not a noob but still learning ... My serever is up running and configured jus right ..fingers crossed with infiSTAR ect took me nearly a week so dont want to f$^(k it up . To get this to work do I just need to unpack my PBO and replace initPlayerLocal.sqf and initServer.sqf ..repack and upload .  Then upload ws_objects.pbo to Exile server  addons folder ..... ?? Or have I got this wrong already / JJW  

    Also I'm not sure what this Set vehicles purchase spawn points  does or am ok using Exile default ??

    And I notice that only one Safe zone on main trader is it difficult to change so Traders have the safe zones again .. So sorry for all these  Q Just cant wait to try this out tonight

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    2. Matrix0110


      He Man really buzzing about what your doing ... when can I see or start testing stuff JJW also I'm wanting to install Hollows two Mods and have them spawn random cars on Map ....could you Help maybe or talk me through it ..thanks

    3. Matrix0110


      Hi there got a couple of players on loving your map as we testing but he keeps getting blown up at North Bout Trader ..... when I do it it works ok ... Any advice on fixing it JJW

    4. Matrix0110


      I re downloaded UPDATE 5.2  that said had fix went back to North boat Trader and boat spawn blow up but not for me ???