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  1. This!... been there, done that
  2. For Starters i suggest you remove and reinstall occupation, carefully following the instructions... then you might be able to see what else may be wrong.... Beyond that your infistar is either out of date, installed without some dll's or not configured correctly. Beyond that, too many lines due to the occupation error to tell much.
  3. Not sure quite why but any time i add custom objects to the server (any object at all) my client hits a "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" error a minute or 2 after it connects. Take the object back out and no problem at all. Have checked and rechecked the code in initserver.sqf and no problem there. client RPT has the following right before the crash and it's the only difference from when it works. Normal RPT at the same point..... Any help/advice appreciated.
  4. Yes
  5. Have it running on a live 1.0.3 server with no problem. Note that some of the vehicles spawn with more mags than the re-arm script refills. So that could be it. Anything in the rtp? Did you modify it at all? Post either or both if not the over-ammo problem and i can see if there is anything glaringly obvious.
  6. I fully endorse this product and/or service Use it myself with my script. Just remember to add it to loot tables. Generally leave it out of the traders, but i'm mean like that
  7. Ah the old public variable issue... The problem here is, the variable is...well.. variable. So nothing you put in the filter will work. Just set the number at the start of the filter to 1, or if you still want to log it i think it's 3, instead of 7.
  8. Yep designed it to be very flexible, just create a copy of the config section, call it in the menu script and away you go
  9. Shouldn't required any IDD changes in infistar. Did you all change the class associated with re-arm/repair as per the install instructions. I think i had it set for the fuel bowsers on chernarus, so you will need to change it to an building from the map you are using ( e.g. Land_CarService_F and Land_fs_roof_F for Altis / Stratis)
  10. Hamza, Assuming all you did was upload RHS to the root directory on the server and activated it in the command (which looks good) RHS is not your problem. The fact you had to do a battleye filter change suggests you added/changed something in the mission file (not the mission.sqm one the whole .pbo mission file e.g. Exile.Altis.pbo). Did you modify the pbo file at all when you installed RHS such as add RHS units to the arsenal/trader sections? The error in your rpt indicates that somewhere a script is using an incorrect variable type. Given the vague nature of the error in the rpt the most likely culprit is a typo in your config.cpp file. Only other option is a seriously messed up download of the RHS files. If all else fails try re-downloading/re-installing RHS. Note that this is HIGHLY unlikely so last resort. Good Luck.
  11. Updated repair and re-arm script that works with 1.0.2 Kohlrabi. Based on the original work by Axe Cop and Halvhjearne, ported to exilemod by Dodo, and updated by me for 1.0.2. All credit to those gents for an awesome script. Modified and re-posted with Dodo's blessing. Unable to get in contact with the original authors so if any of them see this and have any problem let me know. Original Post: Download: https://github.com/Bones50/Exilemod-Repair-Re-Arm Install Instructions in the link. Enjoy!
  12. You have at least one missing comma in the 'repairAllCar' section after car battery which will stop the whole script. If you check you rpt (your personal one, not the server one) you will see the error. Check every entry again for comma's on every array entry except the last one.
  13. For anyone interested, have this on my server now and works a treat. You don't need to install the included custom crafting scripts into your mission file, just upload the workshop content to the server and activate it in the command line (note that players will also need to d/l and install the mod). Then simply adjust the repair script recipes to use the new items and add the new items to the traders, arsenal and loot tables.
  14. Thanks teacher and Kuplion for picking up on the Infistar setting for commanding menus will add it to the install instructions. On the problem of some cars not working, that will be CUP/exile. The script only works for vehicles set as either 'car' or 'air' in their config due to the way Exile Scripted the addactions. If the CUP guys have used another classifier for the vehicle (e.g. tank) the script won't work. Ran into this problem with another mod. I have a new version that adds tanks, when i get a spare couple of hours will install CUP Vehicles and see if i can add any missing types to the script. If you can let me know specifically which vehicles (classname) are having a problem would be helpful. In the meantime (quick and dirty work-around), you can copy the whole section of the config.cpp in the mission file starting with: class Car { targetType = 2; target = "Car"; class Actions into a new section and change the class and target to the type of vehicle (e.g. 'tank') you need, like below: class Tank { targetType = 2; target = "Tank"; class Actions To get the type of the vehicle see the "Typeof" command or look it up in the config browser for that vehicle. Note that in the case of tanks this will only work with engine/hull, not tracks. My new version will do the tracks correctly. Will push it to GITHUB later today.