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  1. Been a while since i looked at the script. I think it does more, but it can be a bit flakey. Check my new script, does all wheels.
  2. Oooh good idea, when i get a spare day i'll add that.
  3. Have run into the same problem... If you work it out let us know. I did notice that the old server_config had the class as "CfgExileLoot" instead of what the compiler gives it "CfgExileLootServer". But changing it made no difference... got me stumped!
  4. Good pickup, fixed!
  5. Due to a work break over x-mas, found some time to improve my advanced vehicle repair script. Now it's serious! https://github.com/Bones50/Exilemod-Super-Advanced-Repair-System-SARS I'll leave the old one active as people may prefer it a little simpler than this one. Available here: Now includes repair (if damaged), replace (if destroyed) as well as salvage (if healthy). Dynamic Menu that only shows options available based on damage, and sub-menus to reduce clutter. Does the above for windows, wheels, rotors, engines, fuel tanks, and "other". I can add extra's if anyone wants them (e.g. helo winch), just let me know. Includes consumed items as well as non-consumed tools in recipes, and simulates some items such as duct tape with a use lifespan (uses a random chance to remove it from inventory rather than all the time). Current configuration is set assuming Extended survival pack is installed (highly recommended for immersion), but recipes can be edited as needed for default exile, instructions are in the files. Info here: Enjoy, and let me know if you run into any bugs.
  6. Its a BIS error with the ammo load command, just doesn't do multiple mags. Will keep trying.
  7. hrrmmm.. interesting. Just tested and it definitely saves the full ammo set to the database inc HE, just doesn't put it back in on load, and then the next db save removes it from db. Let me look into it and i'll see if i can find a fix.
  8. Those 2 will get you most of the functionality except for vehicle spawning. Still working on cleaning that one up before i put it up. Also.. ...this goes well with it too.
  9. It "should" . It just remembers everything in the mags and replaces it at restart. I'll test when i'm being less lazy, and make sure.
  10. This....
  11. This is a different problem. Guessing its something wrong in the merged exile.ini or you have added an override for the mentioned sqf file from another script that has an error in it. Ammosave doesn't touch that sqf at all.
  12. Ah i can guess what that is without even looking at the code. Will fix tonight.
  13. Well..... possible fix pushed to github, but for the life of me i can't seem to recreate the error so it's a hail mary, please test. Replace ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_update.sqf and ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf from the repo. Then you will need to check your database. Problem seems to be somehow a corrupt entry is getting into the database so we need to clear it out to clear the rpt error. Every entry in the ammo column of the database should be in array format, anything else and you'll get this error. Examples of what the entries should look like: Simple vehicle with a gun - [[[0],["2000Rnd_762x51_Belt",4000]]] Vehicle with multiple turrets - [[[-1],["240Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine",240]],[[0],["1000Rnd_20mm_shells",1000],["4Rnd_AAA_missiles",4],["24Rnd_PG_missiles",24]]] Vehicle with no turrets - [] I suggest going through you database vehicle table and checking the ammo entries to see if anything looks non-Array like and resetting that entries ammo to []. Or apply the above fix and just reset the whole ammo column back to "[]" (you can re-run the last line in the SQL script in the repo to do this). If you still get the problem after the above fix, i need to know which entry in your db (specifically vehicle class and what's in the ammo field) is messing it up so i can try and put a catch-all in place in the script to automatically correct it. Could be a add-on vehicle (or an arma one for that matter ) with a messed up magazine config. I'll keep testing from my end to see if i can reproduce the problem if the above fix doesn't work.
  14. Ahh extdb3 will be your problem, runs fine on ExtDb2. If i get time i'll have a look at compatibility with extdb3. Both errors are on loading vehicle data from the database so almost definitely that.
  15. For those that already installed it, just replace the following files in your mission file from the github repo. Custom\ammoSave\ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_update.sqf Custom\ammoSave\ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf Custom\ammoSave\ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_insert.sqf