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  1. For loot none of the latest update Is at stake. I stuffed my loot of various mod find on the workshop And any impeccable function (clothing, weapons, items ...). The best would be to telecherger the Loot Table Compiler on Exile And leave everything original. And to do a test, it would not take you long You're on what map by the way? I have just passed to Taunus, she is great as she is.
  2. Try to see by deduction. It worked before this mod?
  3. No problem I think it must have missed certain parameters to be able to sell them But in loot, everything works, I have to find everything I come to re-kicker to want to put the 'cooking gas' In addition think also has entered its in setpos.txt of the Battleye in line 2: !"Exitem_GasCooker_Preview"
  4. I think that for objects 'buildable' They can not be sold again. I am nothing for sale less I left the surpise to the looter. I advise you to remove them from the sales list. I will try to build one or even my serv.
  5. I'm put in mod, sorry, I have integrated my mod Otherwise its must do its: -mod=@Extended_Items_Exile
  6. I put it in addons server and addons client
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. Pour tout les Français qui rencontrons des soucis d'installation de ce magnifique paratge de la part de @Crazy Mike N'ezité pas a venir me voire sur discord soit : https://discord.gg/7c5jsxX soit : https://discord.gg/eYgNRmN
  9. A All those who do not manage too much "BattlEye" When you found a documents, you double-clicked on it. It gives you a Blueprint. You will be kicked for it. #19 "tem_blueprint_crate",\n"Exitem_blueprint_crate"\n\n];\nplayer addMagazine _blueprint;\n\n}" So I invite you entered this online line in 21 in scripts.txt (config / battleye / scripts.txt): !="tem_blueprint_crate",\n"Exitem_blueprint_crate"\n\n];\nplayer addMagazine _blueprint;\n\n}" And the trick is played !!!! Enjoy !!!!
  10. Thank you !!!!! To say everything, all the mods do not take much space I group them in a single mods, and I resign them with my server key. So I can not verify your signature But I can tell you that your work is good I was able to connect with your mod client to activate I re-run the server a second time, with your objects in the price list, And in the loot table And It Works Impeccably !!!!!! For those who love the challenge of building, passed by documents that teach you how to do, I find his exellent !! A Consumer without modderations Encore Bravo to you !!!!!!! Only small Bemol, you have two Junk Metal craft, and it created an error to the connection, but does not connect, so I will try to put "CraftJunkMetal_2" Yeah yeah it's us to choose one or the other. For Information CDAH uses empty cans to create the saw. An idea that I find more judicious. Given that one can have junk easily with the mass. Still Thanks for sharing
  11. I disable the objects in the loot table. I can activate your mod client, I can not connect It must come into conflict with CDAH.
  12. Compared to // Blueprints // You should class .... Before no? I have this error too, I have to put 'class' in front of each // // Blueprints // //Blueprints/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Exitem_blueprint_pallet_large { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_shelf_large { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_shelf_small { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_workbench { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_codelock { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_safe { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_generator { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_flag { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_woodcharge { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_metalcharge { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_concretecharge { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_fortification { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_concretebuilding { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_engine { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_rotor { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_9mmsuppressor { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_556suppressor { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_762suppressor { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_beer { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_floodlight { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_laptop { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_metal { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_matches { quality = 1; price = 150; }; class Exitem_blueprint_crate { quality = 1; price = 150; };
  13. Precisely I have done by things, I had the problem with the lock code too, from CDAH. I deactivate that of CDAH I prefer to go through the documents that I find super as ideal. Crafty is good but to know how its more realistic. I think its coming from the loot the problem Smithyxxx who have the same concern, have you activated the loots ??
  14. ok thanks I managed to reconnect by disabling the client mod. I will remove them from my loot table and restart the mod on the client. I would see if the problem comes from the loot, I do not know anything. So if I activate them by group of five I should find it quick to find the error.
  15. Is the Mod installed on the client and the server as a mod?