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  1. Hello everyone I watched in the news feed Nobody has had problems apparently On my serv it is impossible to disk in code lock. I still have the empty beet message coming back. I have installed cdah I have the sound, the animation, the progress bar is displayed. By looking more ready I wonder if I have not a worry since the last update with this bar of progressions It is this progress bar which refers to the more beet part. Would anyone have an idea? Thank you, peace !!!
  2. Hello Crazy Mike In Exitem_canteen_coffee You forgot to add class Consuming: Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Drinking Good day to you !! Peace !!
  3. Sure enough too many people want to make their server. Too many servers are identical. Mine may be as identical as another. But actually the only way to learn is to try, Inspired by the work of others by looking at how he did, understand how he did, to make his own. I learned a lot in two years of exile. But we learn every day. Looked before yesterday, with the agreement of @Crazy Mike I was able to create my first sound addons. That allowed me to emptied my file missions filled with his ogg. Yes I have created a script bomb nuke, Pluis de meteorite, and I see for migrated a script of hurricane. Only his personal tests, and long hours on the Wiki makes it possible to really know what one does. A simple integration is given to all, The creation is given to the most courageous !!!!
  4. Thank you, Thank you for sharing time working hours. Now it's up to us, server administrator, to do everything to Shown how your Mod is good !!!! Congratulations to the whole team !!! Just a little regret, no x64 versions integrated and no revive, snif.
  5. no problem I was just wondering why its not working on my serv.
  6. If I understood correctly. Effects = 0 = Health Effects = 2 = hunger Effects = 3 = Thirst Class Consuming = Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating_Can = Interaction select with object So if I'm not mistaken, thank you for confirming Mike, in case Original: class Exitem_container_soup: Exile_AbstractItem { displayName="Food Container (Special Soup)"; mass=15; scope=2; picture="\exitems\images\foodcontainer.paa"; model="a3\structures_f_epa\items\vessels\tincontainer_f.p3d"; descriptionShort="A very hearty meal indeed.<br/>Hunger +50%/30s<br/>Thirst: +95%/30s<br/>Health: +15%/120s"; class Consuming: Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating { returnedItem="Exitem_container"; effects[]= { {2,50,30}, {3,95,30} }; }; }; Edit : Class Exitem_container_soup: Exile_AbstractItem { DisplayName = "Food Container (Special Soup)"; mass = 15; scope = 2; picture = "\ exitems \ images \ foodcontainer.paa"; Model = "a3 \ structures_f_epa \ item \ vessels \ tincontainer_f.p3d"; DescriptionShort = "A very hearty meal indeed. <br/> Hunger + 50% / 30s <br/> Thirst: + 95% / 30s <br/> Health: + 15% / 120s"; Class Interactions { Class Consuming: Exile_AbstractItem_Interaction_Eating { returnedItem = "Exitem_container"; effects [] = { {0,15,120}, {2,50,30}, {3,95,30} }; }; }; }; I think you have forgotten to add the class Interactions I also noticed this thing for Exitem_container_beef Exitem_canteen_coffee Vive Exile !!! I have more than to translate everything in French. It is above all for this reason that I needed your agreement. I translate everything into French.
  7. I created my logo on cinema 4d. I'm going to do it then. I would give you my object to learn how the configured
  8. Ok ok, thank you. I just created scripts like nuclear bomb, and plores of metorite. I do not yet how to create a mod. Again thank you for your agreement. I'll be able to learn a lot. Thanks Mike !!!
  9. Ok, I understand completely. I modify that some parameter. I do not use the work of others. It's just that instead of having 50 thousand mod to activate. I prefer to group the smaller ones into one. Thank you, I will look at your mod with details inspire me. Alembic = distilling with fruit, apple, pear
  10. Hello, after several tests, mistakes are slipped everywhere. Craft safe = item returned = Exile_item_safekit no exile_item_safe. .... On the other hand with Zm_zombz, I have more the skin of the meats, I have the skins tissues instead. I can not eat the canteen coffee. Empty or full, the beef content is not usable? Does anyone have an idea to make it consomable? Mike could you add the Alembic please. I noticed a lot of alcohol in your items. And would it be possible to put fruit, for varied alcohol? Thank you. Mike can I modify your mod and include it in my pack up for my serv? Good continuation ! Peace and love !!!!!
  11. News build : 141764
  12. excuse me I had good trader and not traider It is the translation that adds an i thank you. I left the capital letter at the beginning of the map name.
  13. Hello, I have big worries. Since I have installed your Zombie mod my bots are killing each other. Dms against Gear create. Vemf against a3xai. I have even renfore in helico a3xai attacked by my patrol in vehicle a3xai. I'm no patrol in town. I installed on the server: A3xai: 3 patrol vehicle 2 renfore in case of vehicle attack Side a3xai: EAST Dms standard setting Side Dms: EAST Exile Occupation EAST I believe, I do not freak huge adjustments Vemf setting stantards Side: ???? I do not find Zombie Side: WEST. Without Your mod all goes nickel. I really do not understand. I think there's a side problem. I often have messages: "SM_Zombz (Hard Coded Debug): Failed to pass zombie: timeout" 0:45:13 Server: Object info 10: 401 not found during Changing Owner Does anyone have the problem? thank you in advance
  14. For loot none of the latest update Is at stake. I stuffed my loot of various mod find on the workshop And any impeccable function (clothing, weapons, items ...). The best would be to telecherger the Loot Table Compiler on Exile And leave everything original. And to do a test, it would not take you long You're on what map by the way? I have just passed to Taunus, she is great as she is.
  15. Try to see by deduction. It worked before this mod?