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  1. Hosting 32bit
  2. DMS, Infistar, Anti-theft trader, enigma, exad core-view distance-grinding-hacking-virtual garage, Advance towing and vector chernarus, exile, cup map and core
  3. Hi me too need help pls
  4. Hi, I have to look at the 11 page post by post. nothing.
  5. Thanks, but the conversation is closing and its not talking about my problem: S
  6. Thx my friend
  7. Hello!? I know there is the fix but I did not find it. help me please. thank you
  8. Hello everyone. I am looking for the fix for the problem of vehicle which disappears after the restart and which appears in another base pls. thx
  9. hello guys, what is the fix pls?
  10. crash again. i need help pls.
  11. Is filtering to work for me:+ !="ENIGMA_SpawnVehicleChkRespect\" = [R Alpha 1-3:1 (x) REMOTE,\"x\"]" = [R :1"
  12. 1 more probleme "<infiSTAR.de>CONNECTLOG| #1 Connected: fred45(76561198128238649) Owner: 6, SteamName: [SOuL]fred45 [UpTime: 1h 58min 54s - ServerFPS: 17.1674] [30-Mar-2017 02-26-17 - v0075a]" 6:57:41 "ExileServer - Starting session for 'fred45' with ID 'dIdRNyux'..." 6:57:42 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'dIdRNyux'..." 6:57:42 Error in expression <0,30584,0,5,1,"Team Souls",37,0,59511]]]> 6:57:42 Error position: <> 6:57:42 Error Missing ] 6:57:42 Error in expression <0,30584,0,5,1,"Team Souls",37,0,59511]]]> 6:57:42 Error position: <> 6:57:42 Error Missing ] 6:57:42 Error in expression <10; _player = (createGroup independent) createUnit ["Exile_Unit_Player", _positi> 6:57:42 Error position: <createUnit ["Exile_Unit_Player", _positi> 6:57:42 Error Type Any, expected Number 6:57:42 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf, line 20 6:57:46 Error: Object(6 : 3) not found And anyone has an idea for the lock vehicles that appear in the bases of other players? And I wrote to my hosting and after them I have no database error
  13. I place the filter. I am waiting to see. thx
  14. my log: https://pastebin.com/zJa1x47k my error in my database: https://pastebin.com/euEXCJdT
  15. i have 2 probleme. probleme #1 BE kick the players with code: #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [R Alpha 1-2:1 (PopCorn) REMOTE]" I fix it with its: #4 7"" !="bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries" but its not working. probleme #2 After each restart the vehicles of the players intermingles. The vehicle of one appears in the base of the other and insi forth. A solution please? thank you in advance