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  1. Hi @Eichi, i got this message from a player. Is this a known bug? There was no modification by me: Regards
  2. Thx a lot
  3. Do you mind to share that because i don't want to fire up the editor
  4. The following was reported by a player. Anybody else have that issue or already a solution?
  5. Warum sollte dir jemand die Arbeit machen ohne Gegenleistung? Ist echt unglaublich dass man da ne Gegenleistung erwartet wa?
  6. It's hard to go trough your filters with those unformatted post so don't expect to much. !"if(call fnc_check_if_enemy_base)exitWith\n {\n player setDamage 1;\n\n _log = format['WALL GLITCH CHECK (getIn) - @%1"
  7. I have MySQL servers since over 15 years and NEVER was in use of migration tools nor ever see it is "fragile" but there is always someone out....
  8. I do not wonder about that. There are just to many servers out. People spread. There are 1.5 players per server so....
  9. Roamin AI, DMS and VEMF? Guess that performance will not be the best. If you don't have any mods that needs to be loaded on the client side when joining, it is strange. The disconnects should not happen then. But it can also be that the users are loading mods which ARE NOT on your server and therefore are kicked so. Hard to say
  10. First of all would it be useful if you post your addons you installed. But as i guess you have additional addons, plugins, whatever this is a normal behavior. Player who does not have the required extension is getting kicked. Nothing to worry for....
  11. Create spawnpoints!!!!!!1111elf TriggerPositions. Go some pages back to see an example for Tanoa
  12. Das sieht nicht komplett aus
  13. scripts.txt line beginning with createUnit
  14. You did not search anything my friend. its EASY to add BE filters. And that's what you need to do. So check the board how to make BE filters as nobody will do every single BE filter for you Especially that BE filter is listed 1000 times here: http://www.exilemod.com/search/?q=player+removeItem+%22Exile_Item_DuctTape%22%3B%22
  15. Why don't you just research how to generate BE filters? That's a basic when you want to have an arma server !"_tmp={missionNameSpace setVariable[(_this select 0),compileFinal(_this select 1)]};\nif(isNil 'FN_infiSTAR_F')then{FN_infiS" Happy weekend