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  1. I've seen this scalar business when using infistar "god mode" Also I updated the statusbar some time ago - if you have large amounts of pops / respect , the bar isn't wide enough so you can increase the bad width in the statusbar.hpp file.
  2. I am working on something for this for the exact same reason - I will spend some time this weekend to trash it out ...
  3. I use a little script that you can toggle the environmental effects / ambient life on a hotkey. It gives a small boost in FPS as well. Some people use it , some don't
  4. Greetings fellow inmates , I thought it would be a good time to update the statusBar port to include the new temperature variables - feel free to grab and use it HERE! Please report any issues =) All Credits due to the creators of the original script and their timeless efforts making this a great addition to Arma 3. CRE4MPIE OUT!
  5. use AVS - there's a topic posted here somewhere
  6. Don't use the Steam Workshop for downloading mods - either use something like A3L or get them directly from the developers / armaholic ^^
  7. PIzza anyone ? - this would be GREAT for a Hunger Games Style Gametype like ... BR
  8. Don't have that issue at all ^^ perhaps re-download CUP ? CUP + Chernarus
  9. Hi ya

    Just wanting some info about whitelisting on your Exile Winter Chernarus server. i tryed it yesterday before the whitelisting and liked it very much,


    any help would be great



  10. zombies

    I don't think this is being supported anymore btw ...
  11. Can I please request a feature or two ? Great tool - testing it out as I type this ! Lock ALL servers Message ALL serversAllow you to re-size the window ( it's a bit small on 1440p )Remove Global ban Allow customization of columns to show Allow customization on which side you want the chat / player list. Looking good !! CRE4MPIE!
  12. Did you get permission from the mod developer to run this ? Also I heard that it spams some donate message across your screen Looks like a fun mod !
  13. Sadly it's true @Chief Jellybean a Bunch of the server owners in the dev skype group have mentioned this , no-one is exempt from malicious hacking attempts sadly ... Infistar and BE filters are constantly being updated to catch and deal with these spineless script kiddes. CRE4MPIE out
  14. LIVE NOW! http://kadgar.net/live/puhdado/kdwolf77/theloyalpatriot CRE4MPIE GamersInc.NET
  15. Agreed ... some players report falling throught he world and crashing out being unable to log in using certain downloaded versions of esseker ( especially from steam )