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  1. @Bogs Arma3 doesn't support ponds, so chances of that bug getting fixed are basically zero. To avoid the bug you need to disable fog altogether. There is a version of chernarus (with no ponds) in A2OP if you want to use fog. Hate to break it you, but i haven't received any donation. Last donation i received was for 2 euro back in november, and before that was one in September. I think you sent that donation to MGT, there was a link at bottom of MGT post about A2OP to donate. Anyway i have edited the first post with a direct link to donate Anyway have a nice christmas
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    @yesyesjoThe 3DMap is currently broken, and may be removed in near future. It had to many limitations, but was very cool. If you are pay for subscription there is a 2d map. The Player count is due to arma3 latest bug, when you are doing selectplayer & delete the original player it broke allplayers / couple of eventhandlers. mARMA is mod agnostic, so we cant be implementing workaround fixes that are specfic for a particular addon. If you like you can use custom metrics, look at the help section. And you can write some sqf code and try use playableunits instead if you like. Or you can try use the latest perf build from arma today. (No idea if both client & server need the perf build) That apparently has fixed some/all the issues with select player etc
  3. Thats old code, not even sure it still works. I assume you wanna force database updates, which is a really bad idea for performance reasons. Regardless Exile Database Sqf code is bugged, that is why people notice vehicles not saving. (edit: A good few people just assume the server didn't get enough time to shutdown, but this isnt the case. There is very little in the database queue for any long length of time in practice) Think there is a similiar issue for player syncing but it isn't as bad. Due to it syncing on player d/c (atleast when the eventhandler fires correctly)
  4. Just because he is happy for CUPS to have it, doesn't mean its the same for A2OP. As i need to get author permission that it is ok for BIS Server Monetization, as APL-SA license doesn't include this. Plus Arthyc hasnt been online on arma forums since June.
  5. You must be doing something wrong then. In M3Editor do a search for Hanged, you will see Hanged & Hanged_Doctor.
  6. @Choppra CfgVehicles configs request is very vague. If you mean define it use inside eden editor with screenshots, there are no plans for that. Due to fact its very time consuming. Besides you can just use M3Editor - 3DEN Edition and you be able to see the assets there. If there is something missing or not defined at all, but is in CUPS/AIATP then give me a classname or p3d filename & i will have a look at including it next version..
  7. The no ponds version is just another map If you loadup A2OP and use the editor, pick the no ponds version & use worldname in the editor debug console to get the worldname. edit: Then you just need to edit your mission etc to use the different worldname
  8. A2OP Updated Changes/Fixes includedFloating Guard Tower at Balota now obeys gravity.Redone the ground textures for Chernarus + fixed one of the textures.More fixes so you can drive over + not through rubbish junk piles + railroads models etcAlso removed over 1000+ duplicated objects on Chernarus, mainly trees/bushes & the odd wall / unenterable building. Some more lighting configs are done including lighthouses are now working again There is also a chernarus (no ponds) map aswell for those that prefer to have fog on there servers
  9. There is already an extra enterable building from vanialla assets. More will get added when i can get some done. Unfortunately i cant use argument wip Until i get permission that it is ok to use his work on BIS Approved Monetized Servers. Even if i get some permission, most of the hard work is done with the buildings. But there is still some various bits of work needed to be done to the actual models & lods etc.
  10. There should be an A2OP Update in the next 48 hours. If i get time i will try quickly put together an extra chernarus version without ponds, for those that want to have fog etc.. Changes/Fixes included Floating Guard Tower at Balota now obeys gravity. Redone the ground textures for Chernarus + fixed one of the textures. More fixes so you can drive over + not through rubbish junk piles + railroads models etc Also removed over 1000+ duplicated objects on Chernarus, mainly trees/bushes & the odd wall / unenterable building.
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    @BotCreon Have you confirmed your rcon is working + firewall is working correctly using a 3rd party application yet ? Like EPM etc If yes and you still cant get mARMA Rcon to work, submit a bug report in mARMA. Bug Button Top Right when you are logged in.
  12. tool

    @BotCreon Wrong rcon details / firewall / or battleye rcon not setup correctly i.e If your server port is 2302, then you >>> can't <<< use port 2302->2306 for rcon. Recommend you try using a 3rd party rcon application and make sure you have rcon working correctly on the server. Then you can check you entered the details correctly into mARMA.
  13. mission.sqm
  14. He will need todo them all, here is an example, it depends on what weapons/ni arms addons he is using "hlcweapons_core", "hlcweapons_aks", "hlcweapons_ar15", "hlcweapons_AUG", "hlcweapons_falpocalypse", "hlcweapons_fhawcovert", "hlcweapons_ar15", "hlcweapons_mp5", "hlcweapons_g3", "hlcweapons_g36", "hlcweapons_m14", "hlcweapons_m60e4", "hlcweapons_M134", "hlcweapons_mp5", "hlcweapons_SAW", "hlcweapons_stgw57", "hlcweapons_Springfield1903",