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  1. @ReeN36TV Otherwise it ifs a GSP Hosted Server, they might be allowing you to run/upload dlls etc @Deiaros You can try copy the @extDB3/Optional/extDB3.so -> @extDB3/extDB3.so (debug extension) Restart the server + pastebin the extDB3 log file But otherwise there is nothing for use to tell were it has gone wrong on you. Also make sure you have added the preInit.sqf changes i mentioned in this thread, will help debug issues with override typos etc
  2. [getVehicleAmmo] SQL1_1 = SELECT ammo FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? SQL1_INPUTS = 1 [setVehicleAmmo] SQL1_1= UPDATE vehicle SET ammo = ? WHERE id = ? SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2 Don't need to define OUTPUT unless you are altering the value with an option, but is no harm aswell Documentation is at https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/extDB3 - sql_custom.ini Also with extDB3 if you make a typo mistake it will complain about unknown option & refuse to load the ini file till its fixed. Note: It doesn't check the SQL Statement for errors
  3. Call extension 'extDB3' could not be found Make sure you have extDB3 setup correctly etc + tbbmalloc dlls in correct place. Double check you installed the requirements ie vc2015 redist 32/64bit version i.e https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/Installation It is also recommended to pastebin your full server RPT & extDB3 logs aswell. If you don't have extDB3 log, then the extension was never loaded There should been errors before this one complaining about extDB3
  4. The only issue with 64bit server, is you need to override ExileClient_util_string_scalarToString with maca134 fix. There is what causes buildings to rotate etc. Dynamic Simulation is something i need to test myself later today. Best way is to test it yourself, don't forget to grab latest perf builds. Once the bugs are ironed out it should be superior to sqf version. But I can't recommend that Meld program enough. For example, you can compare directories i.e vanilla exileserver code + overrides directory and see what has been changed. That way you can undo the changes back to vanilla exile sqf simulation manager if you prefer.
  5. @DeiarosThat isn't a full Server RPT ouput, on Linux you need to pipe the output to a logfile. i.e https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/arma.RPT#Linux If it was complaining about a bad override it would have happened before your pastebin of your server output starts at
  6. Just to point out Clouds 64bit changes are basically done. The recent changes are because he also included changes for Dynamic Simulation aswell Personally i would recommend you test it out on a testserver. Most of the work is done for you already, its really just some ExileServer Overrides. Some tips i recommend are http://meldmerge.org/ to compare vanilla Exile files with overrides etc, or to compare your own custom changes etc Adding code like this into your exile_server bootstrap preInit.sqf This way it will complain in RPT if you mess up an override (i.e missing file / wrong path) { _code = ''; _function = _x select 0; _file = _x select 1; if (isText (missionConfigFile >> 'CfgExileCustomCode' >> _function)) then { _file = getText (missionConfigFile >> 'CfgExileCustomCode' >> _function); }; _code = (preprocessFileLineNumbers _file); if (_code == ("")) then {diag_log format["ERROR: Exile File Missing or Empty: %1", _file];}; _code = compileFinal _code; missionNamespace setVariable [_function, _code]; } Anyway goodluck whatever you decide todo
  7. Chances are you made a mistake with your overrides Try edit your exile_server bootstrap/preInit.sqf { _code = ''; _function = _x select 0; _file = _x select 1; if (isText (missionConfigFile >> 'CfgExileCustomCode' >> _function)) then { _file = getText (missionConfigFile >> 'CfgExileCustomCode' >> _function); }; _code = (preprocessFileLineNumbers _file); if (_code == ("")) then {diag_log format["ERROR: Exile File Missing or Empty: %1", _file];}; _code = compileFinal _code; missionNamespace setVariable [_function, _code]; } This way you will get RPT error when an override file is missing, or you gave it the wrong path. Failing that you can use the debug extension, that will give more log output. But i would do the preInit.sqf first, its alot more useful especially when you are doing custom changes to exile
  8. tool

    Updated first post with new screenshots But more importantly mARMA Atom Plugin View Server Metrics while you code. Stream mARMA Logs Remote Execute Code & return data This is very handy to use to run/debug code even on a test server. Tip for SQF Language Syntax highlight try language-arma-atom. Check out the video at
  9. @Cloud22 Nicely done. Also for people running Arma 64bit on windows, their are now perf builds for server + client. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/582opsto4mmr8d8/3BSy9PdRGm
  10. Just some linux issues @ https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/issues/51/linux-issues-168-arma
  11. Ok this is important for people that been running a server for awhile (i.e before last christmas) Run this SQL Query your database, its to fix legacy stuff in database with extDB2 + before arma was escaping strings correctly. UPDATE (player) SET name = REPLACE(name, '"', ''); UPDATE (clan) SET name = REPLACE(name, '"', ''); UPDATE (account) SET name = REPLACE(name, '"', ''); UPDATE (clan_map_marker) SET label = REPLACE(label, '"', ''); UPDATE (territory) SET name = REPLACE(name, '"', '');
  12. It is complaining that for a call it got 3 inputs, but it only expected 2 of them. Check the call in exile.ini its defined right etc, and look at the input from the logfile and make sure it is correct aswell. But without the logfile there is noway to help, i.e you cut out all the stuff
  13. If you are having issues with building rotation i.e 64bit server. You will todo the following BI will hopefully start doing 64bit perf builds this week coming, which should fix the issue. If you are running linuxserver, make sure you are using perf 1 or later to avoid issue callExtensions https://www.dropbox.com/sh/582opsto4mmr8d8/3BSy9PdRGm
  14. Issue with buildings rotating been fixed now. New versions of extDB3 getting build atm
  15. File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus_Summer\overrides\db\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingleField.sqf, line 27 Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found Also Notice the call extension not found