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  1. You are going to have recheck you done everything or start adding debug diag_log lines of code the various database functions were it calls ExileServer_util_fill_fillMagazines . So you can see what is going wrong
  2. Err you should never been seeing those errors regarding ExileServer_util_fill_fillMagazines. Note i use a similiar exile overrides to Clouds/Brett repo. But if you guys are seeing those error messages, something is broken prob in one of the database load sections that calls that function Also extDB3 is faster than extDB2 and less memory usage
  3. @TroyT You should pastebin your entire server RPT. You prob an error beforehand or an override mistake. WIth new Exile it loads the default file if it can't find the override file, should be an error in the rpt.
  4. Ahh that makes more sense lol
  5. AVS is blocking the extension ? Which Anti-Virus ?
  6. Try waiting until (ExileClientSessionId != "")
  7. Exile Deadlock warnings you can pretty much safety ignore. Its just a database warning saying it cant remove something from the database, because the table is locked by another query running async. This really doesn't effect exile server at all, and it will attempt to remove on the next restart. setAccountMoney isn't in your exile.ini, some custom code of yours is prob using that a custom query. Exile Database saving / updates has afew bugs in SQF code, but this has been in there since exile started. You are prob just noticing more as you are looking for database issues Hopefully this will get in next exile update
  8. Exile doesn't support extDB3 outof the box. You need to make some custom overrides, you can find info @ ---------- If you already followed this, then you made some mistakes with the overrides, best off to ask for help in the thread i linked above
  9. @DeathInc You need to follow the instructions on the github page. First post of the topic There isn't a simple switch. Exile Override is basically replacing an exile code with some other custom code so it can do something differently.
  10. Note this topic is how todo custom changes to use extDB3 with Exile & also so you can run 64bit server aswell. There should be no calls to extDB2 when you have it done correctly
  11. Because you made a mistake with the overrides + it is still calling the old extension instead of extDB3
  12. extDB2 is still redist by Exile + is in the ExileServer files. extDB3 is available at https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/downloads/ There is a link for it on https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile
  13. Somone would need togo through all the Exile code, and replace all the english strings using https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/localize & stringtables. It would be nice, but unlikely to happen unless one of the developers decides todo the tedious work
  14. A2OP has been removed from steam workshop, please note warning was nearly 2 months ago. If your server still is running A2OP, you should switch over to CUPS Core + Map. Note: If you are running Chernarus, you should check out Chernarus Isles. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/202922-chernarus-isles/ Really just drop & replace Required Addons: "Chernarus_Utes_Fixes" + "Chernarus_Utes_Config" + "Chernarus_Utes"