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  1. You've been accepted into the exile meme team!
  2. Accepted wait patiently in ts for a tag with move ability.
  3. +1 to this guy
  4. My group might be a little to big for what you are looking for. Ill add you though. Either way was just curious, is your name a referance to the lead nofx singer?
  5. I'll add you on steam when I can I'm at work rn
  6. Accepted join teamspeak wait patiently.
  7. If you are still looking we might be the one for you, many of us are long time veterans to Arma 3 and Arma 2.
  8. Accepted, join the teamspeak. I have work tomorrow and I get home kinda late so if you wanna afk in ts till I can get a hold of you that would be the easiest way to go about doing it.
  9. Apply to us if you are interested.
  10. Unfortunately IMO milsim tactis don't work well on experienced players. Every milsim group that my clan has fought gets railed.
  11. You still lookin for a group?
  12. Currently Looking for a server refer to this thread
  13. Please read what I said below before commenting or PMing Any exile server out there that is preferably U.S and chernarus or altis that has pvp which is mostly based on gunplay and not having all the easy mode point and click crap(titans, easy to find 12.7/408, etc). Also no launchers of any kind is a must. I'm looking to bring a decent sized group there. High population is nice but as long as you got a steady 10+ people in the server I can live with that. It's worth mentioning the server I am looking for is skill based meaning no thermals and higher caliber weaponry (.338 +) is very expensive and hard to find comparatively speaking. I would also like to add that I would like to get other clans and large groups on there to have the all out wars I use to see in dayz epoch and overpoch. If you have a discord or teamspeak pm it to me or put it in a comment below. Edit: the group I would be bringing are experienced veterans who thrive on pvp and some salt in sidechat from their victims, don't bother replying if you or your staff are feint hearted.
  14. It would be nice if you gave the option to admins/server owners to have either or.
  15. Bump Recruitment Open