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  1. thanks for your replies, i think we need to wait for a fix from Exile side and BI side. hopefully they will fix the 10% performance loss. did somone else had crashes with the 32bit arma3server.exe? (tested with dwarden binarys and without) RPT logs are clean, no errors.
  2. Hi, we are hosting a tanoa server with 30-50 players and had some question about the performance after arma 3 1.68 update. before we updated to 1.68 we had a cpu usage of 90-100%, now is the arma3server.exe idling like 50-60% all the time with the same amount of players. did somone else notice this issue or do somone know any fix for that issue? some information: •we didnt change any serverexile files (only the fix from eichi with the doors and the custombuildings). •the server FPS is pretty bad, with 30players we have only 20 server FPS we had much more than 20 server FPS before we updated our server to 1.68 •AllMapMissionObjects Simulated: arround 10k (we had arround 9,5k before the 1.68 update) •We also try the .exe dwarden performance binary (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/582opsto4mmr8d8/AABGmPFGJUK1a0ZmKi_4Tst7a/168perf/perf01?dl=0) but seems not help enough. • i have notice that CPU 1 and CPU 3 and 7 didnt get high, on 1.66 we had all cores up to 100%/90% thats pretty strange. •50-100 AI units without Headlessclient. Startparameters: "-mod=@Exile" "-serverMod=@ExileServer" -world=empty -nosplash -noSound -noPause -high -autoinit -enableHT btw. its a dedicated server, windows server 2012 R2 (Arma3server 32bit) regards
  3. last server rpt?
  4. dedicated server AI units DMS, ZCP, Occupation addons arround 7k objects on the map
  5. 25-35 Server FPS on 30players with 60players 15-20 server FPS. max. 100 ai units on Tanoa map
  6. hi, is there any fix for VG sometimes the vehicles explode,if i fetch it in my base? should i reinstall VG or is this a know error?
  7. sorry i mean did you change the SQL mode? " MySQL server runs on it's own instance. If you are running your server from home or a dedi, Use keyboard shortcut (WinKey + R). Enter “services.msc” and click “Ok”. Search for “MySQL”, right click and stop service (Keep window open). Enable hidden files in Explorer and navigate to “C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.7”. Right click “my.ini” and select “Edit with Notepad++” . Scroll down to and change the following text: FROM # Set the SQL mode to strict sql-mode= "STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" TO # Set the SQL mode to strict sql-mode="". Save and overwrite “my.ini”. Go back to “services.msc”. Right click “MySQL” and Start service."
  8. SQL mode?
  9. yep... sad that arma 3 cant handle objects on water but nice work man
  10. 1.66 "performance binary versucht? https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-166-performance-binary-feedback/
  11. Hey, im trying to make a log into the Server RPT file. so i already try it with diag_log but its only writing in my client RPT. my script is running client side so i just want a log in my server RPT to check if player x is running this script. im searching now 3 days for a solution, can somone help me? i try it with: diag_log_server" addPublicVariableEventHandler {diag_log format (_this select 1)}; diag_log_server = ["=======TEST======= script was executed by player: %1 on Position: %2 and had %3 Client FPS", player, getPos player, diag_fps]; publicvariableserver "diag_log_server"; or with: MyDiagLogServer = { diag_log format ["=======TEST======= script was executed by player: %1 on Position: %2 and had %3 Client FPS",player, getPos player, diag_fps]; }; publicvariable "MyDiagLogServer"; [] call MyDiagLogServer; but still not working... also my global hint is not working, if somone has any ideas please let me know. /************************* PUBLIC HINT ****************************************/ playsound3D ["A3\Ui_f\data\Sound\CfgNotifications\TacticalPing.wss",player]; hintSilent parseText format ["<t size='1.1' align='center' font='PuristaSemiBold' color='#00F7FF'>PLAYER HAS STARTED <t color='#00FF1A' size=1.4 font='TahomaB'>''THE LOST TRADER''<t size='1.1' align='center' font='PuristaSemiBold' color='#00F7FF'>!! <br/></t> <t color='#FFA200' size=1.2 font='PuristaSemiBold'> MAP MARKER IS NOW ON THE MAP!!</t>"] remoteExec ["hint"]; sleep 60; hope someone can help me with my Logging issue & the global hint? regards
  12. New Database -wiped 09.12.2016 22:00 Get NOW a starterkit for free contact our staff on ts3.whocaresabout.de
  13. hmm, reinstalled ExAd on Vanilla Mpmission file and the info app is working perferctly. i think a script overwrite the ExAd Info App on my mpmission file.
  14. hey, i made fresh reinstall of ExAd like 20 times on my mpmission file but still the same "error" all scripts working perfectly but only the server info XM8 app make trouble. i didnt change any code inside ExAd. i will reinstall ExAd with a vanilla exile mission file just to check im not a idiot.