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  1. @Super Jerome the problem line is: DMS will automatically fill the crate on win partly using the following this is also used for mission clean up but the DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate has win values which trigger in the type of win (almost always "kill") just don't fill it twice with having the 2 in the same mission files
  2. is the mod loaded correctly? usually that error is the mod didn't load cleanly so check the files and RPT for errors
  3. for lockers try: https://github.com/redned70/ExileDynamicLocker
  4. this is how to make dynamic buildings in missions, we have posted it about 10 times
  5. sorry don't quite understand, pastebin rpt files etc and post links so we can look
  6. thanks I looked at zcp and other missions which used paradropping stuff, the trouble seems to be in the loop function that detects height and detaches chute then the box lands on ground, mine just goes through it without that loop. I could trigger the prizes to drop after the win but that doesn't add anything to missions as I really want to drop troops and prizes basically at the same time (maybe different heights) but I also want vehicles to fly over and drop stuff then get protection (like the old a2 plane drop mission). I have reinforcements flying in from distance on a static mission and I am also looking at reinforcements actually travelling into missions from a single direction to try and mix up some of the way things happen to give more variation. I am also looking into proper convoy missions (land sea and air maybe) but I think some things may require me to build extra functions which takes more time so this is about how fast I can knock out another rook of missions, then I will release whatever I can support
  7. @Defent wondering if you could help on this one. I have started to develop some more bandit missions to see how far I can push some stuff so decided on para drop mission with crate dropping from skies, I have managed to use DMS function to spawn crate in sky along with a chute attached and everything seems to function as expected on the way down, it glides etc and if you complete the killings then smoke goes off, but when the crate lands it goes through the floor. I don't seem to be able to put in the loop which releases the chute from the crate without it producing errors so I removed the loop but the crate and the chute disappear through the ground no matter what. Chute is spawned through normal createvehicle this is my call for crate creation this is my detach I am wondering if I am asking too much in the standard functions and maybe I need an extra function for chutes or if there is something I am missing elsewhere. cheers
  8. let me know when youre there as I spent an age going though some things yesterday to try to make the infistar vehicle list have a price on everything (excep parachutes) cheers
  9. if you read instructions first then ask for help if it goes wrong
  10. https://github.com/redned70/Trader-Mod/tree/master/TRADERS/RHSV https://github.com/redned70/Trader-Mod/tree/master/TRADERS/RHSW I originally made them in vehicle/weapons format for the original 2 RHS mods, will eventually get round to separating them out into mods
  11. added separate file for JETS DLC plus added into price list all the AA/Ground/artillery RHS items - not added to trader but it includes quite a lot of extra items for militarised servers. Cleaning up other bits and pieces in arma/apex/dlc/rhs to try to cover all working items/vehicles
  12. the mod has all of that included
  13. its how you spawn AI into a heli in DMS so thought it may work for standard vehicles
  14. some commands are set like this (below the lines you quoted and after any defined local variables like _group) _group setVariable ["DMS_ai_freezingDistance",2500]; others are done just by adding a line like this to the top of the mission DMS_MinSurfaceNormal = 0.5; and it carries those settings through the mission running it/them but you may be able to add this one into _extraparams line ["DMS_MinSurfaceNormal", 0.5]
  15. did you teleport in? with DMS freeze often you need to give the AI a little time to start up if you teleport in as admin it doesn't give the distance trigger enough time to have everything moving.