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  1. I have pushed a fix as it was missing a bracket, cheers for the heads up fix is this line: a [ after ,format cheers
  2. im no expert with CUP but doesn't at least one of the mods rely on having CUP Units installed? Plus usually if the price is 0 then the itemlist files haven't loaded correctly, check they are in the PBO and are in the correct path
  3. you can change the global sale price in the main mission config or use this template: class Exile_Uniform_BambiOverall { quality = 1; price = 1; sellPrice = 1; }; you can set sell price per item like that
  4. I bought the new DLC so I can take a look into it. Moving house atm so a little tied up so if anyone else comes up with the main Exile files please let me know
  5. the CUP stuff is pretty up to date as people donated the updates, I am still working on Exile core itself though
  6. if people have ideas for bandit missions (that don't include a convoy or zombies) then let me know as I kind of ran out of ideas, hence the last beta "multi mission" which tries to be about 100 different missions in one
  7. oh yes, I did try to make a beta zombie mission for DMS but had no feedback plus there are a few themed variations to some missions so they fit a little better onto zombie maps. All are in the GitHub download just feedback any issues as the zombie attempt was very recent and I have never tested it as I didn't use zombies but was constantly asked about it so I gave it a first go
  8. Cheers, will adjust into main package when I get a chance. DMS bandit missions work on all maps (remember to have the correct centre point in your configs and that the install instructions will need to be adjusted to match your map configs in DMS) also remember that AI from different mods can fight each other (including DMS and zombies) but apart from that everything should be fine
  9. this can be done by doing something like this: _crate_item_list0 = ["item"]; _crate_item_list1 = ["item2"]; _crate_item_list = [ _crate_item_list0 + _crate_item_list1]; you can basically add string together so do the random choice from the selected possibilities then just add what you want as a definite with the variable you use to fill the crate. this is why I would usually add cash to vehicles in the mission instead as they are locked unless the mission is complete so cash is safe just change to : _vehicle setVariable ["ExileMoney",25000,true]; cash will then go into locked vehicle, if no vehicle then add to crate as if not completed AI will be around to kill anyone who tries to steal cash
  10. just got server files so should update this week, just finalising my house sale so need to finish stuff soon as I will probably be offline while I move and get new inet
  11. with regards to the Exile forums: #myopinionnotworthmuchbutheregoes Early on when I was learning about Exile I found almost everyone helpful but with 1 caveat : you need to have at least tried to do things for yourself, I didn't understand the attitude sometimes but then as I took out of the community I felt I had to give back and published some scripts and useful stuff plus helped out where I could then I realised I got bombarded with questions which people hadn't bothered to see if were already answered ( mostly they hadn't read install instructions at all) or people hijacking threads for other questions to be answered because this thread was more active and people were discussing and helping. The moderators are human (well mostly) and mostly sober (not always) and generally good natured and protect useful threads and forums from hijack so people can actually find things, I know from the 1000's of hours scripting and testing and the 100's of hours answering questions about what I have given away for free that sometimes the patience of a saint could wear thin so throw people a break. Lastly if a server is good, has high fps but low population then tell people how good it is and get the population up, don't just keep shopping around and settle and give the server owners/admins feedback if to gain players or make the server even better, just don't expect everything at once
  12. you are right, thanks for info and pushed fix into github, must have mis-pasted when updating all the missions, I have checked the rest and they seem ok. cheers https://github.com/redned70/DMSStaticMissions/tree/master/Altis Static/Mayor_DMS_Mission