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  1. the trouble is that the DMS-safe-position command doesn't know if some building types have no inside but there may be some way to work out how to free these trapped AI but it is going to need some DMS scripting updates. If someone with INFIstar could run the mission a few times and see if its one specific AI or a random 1 that could be removed it would be good. Unless people test this, as I said originally, I don't run this map and did it as a favour and they tested at the time and it all seemed to work fine
  2. _trader = [ "Exile_Guard_01", // Guard Type "", // Don't give it a trader interface "WhiteHead_17", // Head type - select from usual list of skins ["InBaseMoves_patrolling1"], // Animations [X,Y,Z], // Co-ordinates Rot // Facing direction (rotation) ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; instructions: https://github.com/redned70/CodeAddons/tree/master/Building Missions/Mapping although there is more in there about things
  3. _vehicle setFuel 1; increments of 0.1, 1 being full 0 being empty
  4. check ExileClient_object_portableGenerator_switchOff and ExileClient_object_portableGenerator_switchOn as this seems to be where it sets if a generator is next to a floodlight so these 2 files would need adjusting and overwriting.
  5. sorry tbh I have given up trying to keep up with all the mods I don't use but I think it is the Nato Rus Vehicle mod but don't take my word for it. sorry
  6. pulled in some submitted CUP fixes, no clue what they are but they seem to be missing commas etc so should fix them
  7. the spawn in took me a little time to figure out but basically the same lines which go into a3_custom just get put between [] but in the same exact format so it turned out to be simpler than I expected. that Napf mission should show you the way and it was easier than I expected so good luck
  8. you either need Fums with headless client or use Zeus mod, I have been trying to work on one for inside DMS but got slowed down doing other missions and making my new server. Eventually I will go back into my code for convoys once I finished my other release batch of bandit missions with twists
  9. @Riker2335 could I make a small suggestion which I have recently learned making new missions: 1. Use the export function and make a full file of the objects you want to spawn on server start and use the a3_custom.pbo technique, it allows for a mix of simulations/simple objects and helps lighting effects etc - but then remove some objects out of the start mapping which can be - 2. loaded inside the mission - things like barriers, extra burning barrels and some little bits and pieces to change the area on mission start, it means people may walk around the place to scavenge but on mission start it changes slightly, I would recommend on having 20 or so on mission spawn to prevent lag etc. the only thing to be aware off is loading the non-server-start mapping really high up in the mission file so when AI spawns on top of objects that it actually exists. If you look at https://github.com/redned70/DMSStaticMissions/tree/master/Napf/Napf Castle Mission then you can see how I set it up but I have found it to be fun to change the area when mission is on and also have the ability to properly load the simulation objects and simple objects at the start in the a3_custom.pbo (which I have included in the Napf mission so you can see how that all works). You can ignore me as I know its a painful process to export mapping etc but it should be fairly simple with @m3e_3den as the export all function produces the required code style for both the static and mission start mapping using the call DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_3DEN_Static; function
  10. added Tank DLC into trader files, thanks to @ItsDutch for sending me the files first
  11. 1. yes you can add sellprice= to anything or use the normal %sellprice that's in the cofig 2. quality is what level off respect you also need (on top of having the cash) in order to buy a specific item (respect levels are set in the config) this means you can basically force people to actually do missions for a weapon/item as they will need the experience of killing AI. also - great as usual @hogansheroes will look into merging the dlc into mod and also the pushes someone has submitted once I check what the changes are
  12. Working on new missions to add into pack but hit a few snags and a lack of time but will be adding more soon
  13. You can think of percentage easily if all the mission chances add to 100 in total but in general they just don't and you could work it out with maths and all that or do what I tend to do, 1. which mission do you think is standard - set it to 5 2. compare each mission to that one and increase if it should be more common or decrease if less common You should then get a sliding scale which should be basically the same no matter how many missions you add. 1 - Rarest 2 - Very Rare 3 - Rare 4 - Slightly Less Common 5 - NORMAL MISSION CHANCE 6 - Slightly more Common 7 - More Common 8 - Very Common 9 - Most Common 10 - DOUBLE NORMAL MISSION CHANCE Setting them all to same number is fully random as nothing is weighted to be more or less likely
  14. I found it easy to use this instead: https://github.com/redned70/CodeAddons/tree/master/Trader Mapping edit: you do need to add markers after in your mission.sqm class Item22 { dataType="Marker"; position[]={5402,117,5657}; name="bucktenmixericon"; type="ExileConcreteMixerZoneIcon"; id=22; }; class Item23 { dataType="Marker"; position[]={5401,117,5656}; name="bucktenmixerzone"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileConcreteMixerZone"; colorName="ColorBlack"; fillName="Border"; a=10; b=10; drawBorder=1; id=23; }; one defines marker icon and the other the circle and zone
  15. check your database for the following: player table - if a player is listed in the table with damage=1 - > they shouldn't be able to be dead in this table so I use a 5 minute clean-up of the table looking for dead players in the live table and auto delete the dead version of the player: https://github.com/redned70/CodeAddons/blob/master/MySQL/Events.txt check out "B. Player De-duplicate" this is not a fix for what is causing this issue but it will sort the issue out for the player automatically within 5 minutes (if the problem does manifest like this for your specific issue). it may or may not help but I put it in automatically now to be safe as it used to be an intermittent issue