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  1. @Chainsaw Squirrel
  2. cheers @aussie battler I will turn off the fog, I coded so much I really cant be buggered with doing a mod to get over it. will see what I can do thanks
  3. Does any have/know if/when a fix for vivid coloured water for Napf? Kind of funny all purple but would prefer it the usual colour ta
  4. class CfgExileArsenal this loads the price files e.g. #include "TRADERS\Exile\ItemListExile.hpp" class CfgTraderCategories this loads the objects into trader menus using file e.g. #include "TRADERS\Exile\TraderCategoriesExile.hpp" if you load only load CfgExileArsenal then you can sell the objects to trader but they wont be in the trader menu to buy if you only load CfgTraderCategories then you get 0 prices on items in trader menu and cant buy or sell If you get no images in the trader and possibly 0price or cant buy then your mod hasn't loaded or you loaded wrong classes of items
  5. v6.3 Update Added 100+ vehicles into RHSV Added some missing Arma3 vehicles About 170 new items in total
  6. the main thing is just to make sure that for each mod you have the 2 calls for files and in the final trader file any mods you don't delete in the trader list you just get rid of. usually people forget to delete lines which do not apply.
  7. found this so thought I would post it here: copy into console in editor to list all sounds to your rpt file
  8. are all your mods loaded correctly? then follow instructions and it should work
  9. something like this in description.ext Place this in your description.ext in your documentary>arma3>mission>YOURMISSIONFILE "Then place your music files in your mission folder in a subfolder named music, so sound1.ogg would be placed "C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\Documents\Arma 3\missions\YOURMISSIONNAME.Stratis\music\sound1.ogg" Then to trigger the sound create a trigger in the editor, choose effects and music. scroll down to the bottom of the music list and you will see 01 and 02 the names of my music files as defined above, choose which one you want. Then just set your trigger to what ever you want to trigger your sound and preview your mission. You should hear your music files when you activate the trigger. you can adjust the volume of your music by editing the bit in description.ext "db+10". totally "Googled" that
  10. pushed minor fix for breaking point mod, and you can stop laughing now @Chainsaw Squirrel
  11. @Austin well I really like this port but would like to know if there is a fix for some of the water which turns pretty colours depending on where you are... cheers
  12. Pushed an update: v6.2 Update Added BREAKING POINT Mod - thanks to @Chainsaw Squirrel
  13. I tried getting weapons to work in crafting so we could upgrade but the classes used for tools and items are fixed so you can craft using a weapon but as far as I know you cant craft any weapon larger than the backpack space but I could be wrong (and hopefully am)
  14. take a look at this one of mine: https://github.com/redned70/DMSBanditMissions/blob/master/missions/bandit/nedbtrader_mission.sqf
  15. if its a prize vehicle make sure the DMS config : DMS_GodmodeCrates = true; // Whether or not crates will have godmode after being filled with loot. and that in mission _missionObjs contains the vehicle and also you call the vehicle by DMS_fnc_SpawnNonPersistentVehicle or DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle as mapped vehicles don't work properly for a prize as they will take damage