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  1. did you get a chance to test it in the latest update? i have not had a chance yet.
  2. Your MPmission file should end with .Chernarus_Isles I believe chernarus_Isles is the cfg world name and I don' think there is a winter or snow version of it! and you dont need to load : @CUP Terrains - CWA;
  3. Where is the addaction for those boxes controlled? in the other words if I change the boxes to other Arma vanilla containers where is it best to add addactions? i.e "Search".
  4. .
  5. Thanks, I will test it out when the new update comes out, if you think it will be plug and play?
  6. Thanks man, so I guess we would just call this in MPMission, like a Exile Custom override ?
  7. I remember earlier in Exile's life one of the releases had all loot spawned in a small xmas gift box, is this code still included and can be implemented ? or its obsolete ? anyway this can be re-introduced as an option?
  8. If the work is creating female uniforms you dont need to worry the community already provide a mod :-) i am sure many server owners will be forced to use mods like: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32091
  9. agreed, after all most of exile trader and building ideas originated from a mod like epoch, why stop there. Making traders only have items sold to them by other players with price dropping depending on quantity left would make it more fun :-)
  10. I am just saying it works very well in epoch, which is another arma 3 mod, never had issue finding clothing there for female or male including gillies, but i understand it may be extra work for you guys at this stage.
  11. Eichi, has retired, I am asking the new group! It can't be that complicated or hard if Epoch have already implemented very early in their mod and it works well.
  12. Awesome, love the construction items, would you consider introducing gender selection? I think that will be cool, maybe yes/no?? I think the medical / health system could do with an upgrade as well. Bandages and pain killers should not increase health but rather stop further drop of health or stop player shakes. Eating and more advanced ways of increasing health would be very welcomed instead . I think this would compliment the weather system and temperature introduced earlier but just feels unfinished with those touches :-)
  13. video deleted?
  14. You are missing the point again, we are not talking about 79 dollar servers we are talking about what was mentioned above, we are talking about 37,000 dollar every three months. Sorry to be direct this time but I am giving up explaining it to you. You seem to think 37000 is used to cover for server cost! Please do me a favor for the sake of this community stick to moderating for exile and not kissing up to communities and try to justify the huge profits as cover for server cost. You can get more than 2 popular servers in that box, but lets just assume 2, that is about at least 200-300 unique players (since we are assuming its popular community). My point is, if you can't get 79 in donations from 300 players then you are doing something wrong and this is not a job for you, if you can afford 79 a month stick around longer, communities are justifying thousands of dollars as cover for server cost, it doesn't take a clever brain to workout what is going on... you only need 8 players paying the 10 dollar subscription fee to pay for the full cost of the server for the month, never mind two full servers (100 - 200) paying that.