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  1. do you have enable simulation and disable it as simple object? or just disabling simple object make the loot work?
  2. Does exile loot spawn if you add custom buildings to your map that are simple objects and simulations is disabled?
  3. Yea even with this it doesnt work, it works fine in editor but not in the server . Here is the code that is in the mod code, loaded server and client side, using mission.sqm to call the module that has this code.
  4. Unrelated to this, but any ideas why Object addaction or addplayer action does not work with infistar and exile? I can share code here once i get home.
  5. just need script to spawn them in the world would be good start.
  6. Yea I tried by removing everything that's not animal related as a test and removed some code lines from each in the events.pbo files, I didnt get errors however I am not sure any have spawned, I dont think they did because I didnt see anything related in the .rpt after having the server own for 30 mins.. I am guessing exile code has animals but its still work in progress? they are not currently configured to spawn by default correct?
  7. Is there way say to add the animal spawning and heli crash feature? I dont really like Ryan zombies and i dont like the AI or wage system, is this possible to do on say Chernarus server?
  8. I see the code in @exile for animals however are they spawning in ? is their a way to spawn them in by default using Exile configurations?
  9. Hi All, how do I replace the default spawn GUI (map and marker location zoom) with my own .hpp ? The .hpp file I have includes the action that I can tie into spawn markers, so I am only changing the look of it.
  10. is the website down or has this mod been discontinued ?
  11. I can see Arma going down the garbage, if Arma 4 doesnt use unreal engine they have no hope in hell to survive, i tried to do some terrain work, I downloaded some of the tools and they crashed on me 3 times before i could do anything i shut it down and uninstalled all the tools!
  12. wow sound like they really fucked up again! what is the status of hot fix?
  13. Is this easily adapted to other maps or is this something only you can do?
  14. what map ?
  15. I moved this file to ExileCustom and added to MPmission, I made the following changes: Do you see anything wrong here? it doesnt look like they are spawning, also what is the Min and Max time? does that define start of the events?