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  1. The animal rate does need little increase
  2. I am guessing your experienced scripter since you are able to estimate 1 hour for all this work and $50 worth. Well ............... do you it yourself then
  3. I hate to ask, how low did this drop your fps? I honestly can not see it working out very well on a busy server. Fire wrecks are bad enough as they are, walking fire zombies .. hmmm ..... May be good option and cool addon for low population servers?
  4. Not tested but try this: null = [_jomombie,5,3,0.01,false,true,1] remoteExec ["Effects\eff1.sqf",2] If it doesn't work you may need to turn off remoteExec so set mode to 2, it's been a while since I messed around with arma 3 so sorry can not add more to this atm.
  5. Well if they can't and it is true its broken why are server owners still using it?
  6. For god sake if infistar does not reply or explain and prove that the bans are correct and legit, someone should report them to BI! and end these posts!
  7. try pink too? I remember visiting eastern European , I don't recall seeing bright yellow or orange trees , in fact I think DayZ SA FINALLY realized and removed most of them at last !
  8. Nice to see some snow on new map Crazy, however not fan of the autumn trees and vegetation you used, in fact I fucking hate it and hate Chernarus for that reason too. It looks even more stupid with snow maps. Snowy maps has to have dark trees or grey. my 2 cents!
  9. WOW, I wouldn't buy the game again, until you get your answers. Who is to say it will not happen again! IF this is a real issue with infistar someone needs to confirm and possibly remove it from servers until this issue is addressed!
  10. GUI

  11. GUI

    I wonder if anyone know what the attached pop up error is, I have made a custom spawn gui , it includes pictures and buttons i have finally got it working. BUT I keep getting this pop up error now I have checked my dialog.hpp and there are no references to anything called gamer card at all. my GUI script is inside a standalone pbo that i made from scratch. any one know what this is? the other error pop i get is when I click on map see both attached screen shots. I can dismiss the pop ups and continue but my OCD and curiosity why this is happening when my custom dialog does have anything to do with this. PS: where is the exile defines.hpp? maybe conflict of defines?
  12. lol what I just read? ExileHuntingLifeMod? make medicine from dead animals lol! what?
  13. I want to use this but I want to change the gift boxes to other containers can you do that with replacing the classnames here alone: _presentClasses =[ "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Blue", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Gold", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Green", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Mint", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Pink", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Purple", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Red", "Exile_Loot_XmasPresent_Magenta"]; is there any way to specify medical , residential , military loot to spawn in different crates?
  14. Hi Devs, I wonder if you can help me, I did look every where to find the answer, but I need help. I have created a GUI from scratch and I would like for it to replace the current default one that of exile where you select spawn locations on the map. I have removed all spawn markers so it doesn't show but, I have no idea where I can find it and look at the code and maybe override it with mine. My GUI is working as far as seeing it on the screen and clicking the buttons while in Editor and I know it loads to the server fine but I have no idea how to make it the first thing player sees when they join or respawn. I have it set to run from ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse.sqf in the case 0 section however when the GUI is displayed for the respawned or new player its after he already spawned in the map (yes I could change the position of the spawn so they are spawning off the map with no background sound like ocean) but would then have to add teleport scripts for each button to take the player to that location. there must be a better way? Your help is very much appreciated.
  15. did you get a chance to test it in the latest update? i have not had a chance yet.