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  1. did you make a donation?
  2. its a nice map, but i feels very naked like its straight out of blender and still not done yet, not sure if there is a plan to populate it but it does seem like every update has another island added rather than populating the same ones, I must say I prefer the layout of esseker, it has that natural growth of grass and trees, Isla is missing.
  3. I already made this suggestion in another thread, I didnt know of a way to spawn land or island in the game via the editor? is there another way to do this? I dont think the actual prison buildig is available in A3 or CUP?
  4. I think so far no one has been able to crack it yet, I believe DirtySanchez is still using it on his new mod?
  5. I had a conversation with him and in his words, exile missions are the worst mission files in terms of errors and format, nothing can be automated to fix it. The mission file must be fixed first.. For that reason I am looking for an idea of where to fix them before I commit to purchasing the tools ..
  6. hmmm... in that case, can you share your file minus your personal edits so you only share a file where the changes are needed, not your own work which is what you are obviously wanting to protect ?
  7. Thanks for taking time to explain this. So we basically need to change the mission file to that same structure of an addon? any chance you can highlight the missing semicolons and ones that need removing on original exile mission file, so that you dont share your edits?
  8. Dayz SA prison please .....
  9. so how did you fix it? just changing the file name above does not go with your comment " But it was a long work to get all error"
  10. does this map crash in editor for anyone else or is it just me? I dont have this problem with any other maps.
  11. That list seems rather small, are you sure this covers all the new buildings that are now enter-able using the addon?
  12. OK, so how much do we have to pay CCG for the next update? hopefully not 10 dollar for each land fish removed!
  13. I am not over complicating it, I know you are trying to help but you are answers are mostly too short, when am I trying understand what option does what. Making items simple objects improves performance if you add large number of objects that are non simple it could impact your server performance greatly.
  14. That was quick, so let me get this correct. if I make it simple object but enable simulation exile loot would spawn in there?
  15. I think you miss understand what am saying, there is an option to enable simple and object, option to enable simulating, and option to enable dynamic simulation. so my question is what is needed to spawn loot?