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  1. video deleted?
  2. You are missing the point again, we are not talking about 79 dollar servers we are talking about what was mentioned above, we are talking about 37,000 dollar every three months. Sorry to be direct this time but I am giving up explaining it to you. You seem to think 37000 is used to cover for server cost! Please do me a favor for the sake of this community stick to moderating for exile and not kissing up to communities and try to justify the huge profits as cover for server cost. You can get more than 2 popular servers in that box, but lets just assume 2, that is about at least 200-300 unique players (since we are assuming its popular community). My point is, if you can't get 79 in donations from 300 players then you are doing something wrong and this is not a job for you, if you can afford 79 a month stick around longer, communities are justifying thousands of dollars as cover for server cost, it doesn't take a clever brain to workout what is going on... you only need 8 players paying the 10 dollar subscription fee to pay for the full cost of the server for the month, never mind two full servers (100 - 200) paying that.
  3. and this is a great example, to the moderator who was still arguing to me about communities lol
  4. dedicated server that hosts 4 servers are around 49-59 dollars a month, if you cant afford it then maybe you should stay away and leave it to the big boys that have heavy pockets rather than turn it into business with income. I think you are new or have no idea about communities how much certain ones make. I have an idea!
  5. I was referring to the above.......
  6. morally wrong in my opinion especially when developers of mods work endless hours for free. I don't blame developers that don't release their server files. Even game play experience is much better ( less servers = higher player per server = more fun ) instead of 1000s of servers with low populations because everyone can host a server.
  7. Na that was just reaction to your reply and interest in my post, which was kind of weird as you seem to be forgiving towards some but not others, it makes sense now that you said you are friends with them!
  8. OK understood thank you for clarifying, I didn't know I had to be be on your Skype friends list and mention it to you before posting. I thought the smiley face at the end of my sentence would give it away!! My bad! I apologies for my mistake ;-)
  9. OK so now its weird not disrespecting? Just curious did you find the comment after mine weird or disrespecting too ? you know the one about them being Anti - American? or maybe this comment: If you want to moderate me for no reason just go ahead, but at least be consistent about it, and make your mind up about the reason!
  10. So maybe you should help me understand how this is disrespecting : Here is my original comment: did you make a donation?
  11. I think that's what some communities were charging for each player to get on a server.
  12. I honestly think you should have not made the server files public, you work for free while certain other community make a top dollar out of it, and even then offer servers that are crappy low in FPS because they fill one box with as many gaming servers to maximize profit..
  13. No I rather make the jokes about it, if you it's not breaking Exile forum rules ;-) I am guessing you either work for them or a fan boy; else you won't be this butt hurt about it .
  14. Eichi were you hoping Bohemia was going to pay for Exile? I thought it was pretty clear they were not going to do that from start?