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  1. and most of them are pretty bad lol. remember when i ate your whole clan on anonymous during the event spankin? ez
  2. exo

    So many bumps, so little replies. Im an experienced arma player and also set up three exile servers with custom shops and econ plus zombies .. twice altis once esseker. twice Linux once winshit. The reason why those servers arent active and also the reason why i had to do it three times is bad community management. And me putting trust in the wrong people. Im 30 years old, austrian (central europe.. no kangaroos) and an currently unemployed Network administrator. But as i like to say: one TS conversation says more then thousand lines. Shoot me a PM and ill be in touch.
  3. bump! any updates on this? anything?! and @DropBear then tell us whats the range that youd like to see on this instead of just saying, no thats not right.
  4. Hey, For the last 5 days i was playing on a very high pop server and the people there have the nice attitude of mining the high loot and pvp areas right after server restart. I like that very much cause when you catch them while they are at it youll swim in mines. The thing i noticed though is that as soon as the player that placed the mine is in his own territory he will still get a homie bonus for the 2400m kill. Ive been clearing the mines as a bambi to give them negative respect for their mining action to keep them from doing it (since this is the only punishment that can be given to them except for stealing the mines of them) but as soon as they are in their territory the malus turns into a homie bonus. Maybe the whole situation would be solved if the homie bonus gets a range limit of i.e. 300m. I think this needs some work.
  5. zombies

    Are they stoping to move at all or just until you agress them again?! Also please post a pastebin of your rpt
  6. you should start a new thread in the appropriate forum about that.
  7. If it kicks you, its related to Battleye. If its related to battleye, look it up in your scripts.log in the battleeye folder and follow this: http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/
  8. errors

    thats rude .. tz tz tz
  9. scheisse ... forgot about that. Thanks for the headsup!
  10. Ok, then thanks for that! Initial question answered for now.
  11. But afaics "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustom" is just the class name that is defined in the config and it shouldnt really matter how i call this trader?! If it would matter, i would be unable to create more then one trader. Which would suck. Also, if it does matter, there must be a way to add more somewhere else. This basically is the essence of my question: Which files else are used to create traders other then config and initPlayerLocal?
  12. So .. I followed all the tutorials about creating trader zones and placing the predefined Exile traders. Ive so far managed to get the objects for the new zone in game and also placed the armory trader there to test. Now my question is. How would i go about creating a completely customized trader and what am i missing? I so far managed to learn that i have to define in the initPlayerLocal.sqf the position of the trader which is called from the config.cpp in the form of: add new class to initPlayerLocal.sqf /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Blackmarket Trader /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [ "newtrader", "AfricanHead_02", ["anim1", "anim2", "..."], [0,0,0], 0 ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; dont mind pos/orientation which looks in config.cpp class newtrader { name = "newtrader"; showWeaponFilter = 1; categories[] = { "custom1", "custom2", "and_so_on", "defined_in", "config.cpp", }; };
  13. I got a problem which i cant get my head around. When i try to load the script it tells me: http://pastebin.com/VTEpxhFt which is good and all. But a little later it tries to initialize the DB and fails. "AVS - Connected to database!" "AVS - Database connection error!" "AVS - Database Error: Failed to initialize database protocol: [0,"Failed to Load Protocol"]" my DB log tells me [01:20:58:119404 --7:00] [Thread 9388] extDB2: Input from Server: 9:ADD_DATABASE_PROTOCOL:exile:SQL_CUSTOM_V2:AVSDB:avs [01:20:58:119404 --7:00] [Thread 9388] extDB2: Failed to Load Protocol: SQL_CUSTOM_V2 [01:20:58:119404 --7:00] [Thread 9388] extDB2: Output to Server: [0,"Failed to Load Protocol"] ive allready fired up the extDB wiki and looked a little over at the wasteland community, but was unable to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated
  14. Its written there clearly what the problem is. 19:24:33 Error in expression <l = Round(_totalCapacity * _fuelEmpty) _totalCost = AVS_RefuelCost * _litresToR> 19:24:33 Error position: <_totalCost = AVS_RefuelCost * _litresToR> 19:24:33 Error Missing ; 19:24:33 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\AVS\AVS_fnc_getRefuelCost.sqf, line 31 which means in mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\AVS\AVS_fnc_getRefuelCost.sqf, on line 31 Theres an Error because im Missing this symbol ;