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  1. That actually worked. Thanks!
  2. So i tried setting up an Exile server on Tanoa. So far so good until i try to connect and get kicked for steam authentication failed. What is this and how can it be fixed?
  3. I'm wondering how im supposed to download Tanoa on a server using steamcmd. Is there a way?
  4. Hvis du fortsatt spiller ser jeg også etter noen å spille med. Er 19 år hvis det har noe å si og har 320 timer i arma på 2 forskjellige kontoer.
  5. The thing is. it isn't aircraft. It's boats cars AND aircraft. Even in open fields.
  6. I tried that aswell. put a trader in the middle of a huge open field. still error 13. I think there is something wrong with the file " ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf" so i need a new one but i dont know where i can get one
  7. Tried that. I put it at 175 to test. still didn't work. Can you give me that file? I think mine might be broken and i cant find a new one anywhere.
  8. Removed ALL buildings and only traders left. still says error 13. wtf.
  9. The thing is it works on a different server... same exact trader positions and building positions... there is plenty of space for them to spawn.
  10. Anyone got this working on chernarus? I have a problem with failed to purchase vehicle: 13 with the custom traders i made so im thinking of using this but i dont wanna have to remake the traders.
  11. So i got custom traders to nearly work. my only issue is Failed to purchase vehicle: 13 on the chernarus map with custom traders. It happens with ALL vehicles. Air, Boat Car. I had no problems 2 weeks ago but now suddenly it doesn't work. any tips?
  12. zombies

    How do i prevent zombies from spawning in custom traderzones?
  13. Yup. Maybe im missing some software or something?
  14. @nark0t1k -cpuCount=8 -maxMem=4096 -enableHT -malloc=system I don't actually know if theese work properly but they seem to work fine.