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  1. I have decided to discontinue maintaining this script. Now that Virtual Garage is built-into Exile, this script is pointless.
  2. We do some custom logging of kills, but I'm having trouble with explosive kills. Currently, the weapon that killed is retrieved using this: _weapon = currentWeapon _killer; _weaponTxt = (gettext (configFile >> 'cfgWeapons' >> _weapon >> 'displayName')); if (vehicle _killer != _killer) then { _weaponTxt = (gettext (configFile >> 'cfgVehicles' >> (typeOf vehicle _killer) >> 'displayName')); }; If I place a mine and walk away, then you get killed by it 15 minutes later, then weapon is whatever I'm holding at that time, not the mine. How can I get the "killing" weapon, or the weapon that caused damage last?
  3. I'm having a little trouble figuring out what you're asking. Do you want to be able to remotely explode your car on demand? That is something completely different than what this script is intended to do.
  4. You could probably add some if/then logic to the end of ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_update.sqf. If ExileIsLocked is true, set _vehicleObject allowDamage false; otherwise true. Replacing my _vehicleObject allowDamage true; line.
  5. Technically yes; however, there was a minor change to ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf in the 1.0.3. update. It didn't break this script, but I have now updated the scripts to make sure there are no issues.
  6. If this wasn't an April fools joke, Exilemod would need to claim royalties.
  7. Has anyone figured this out? Something definitely changed with the updates that occurred around the time this thread was started.
  8. This tweet makes it sound like we need to do something in preparation for 1.0.3. Do we have to do anything if we are using vanilla loot tables?
  9. That is crazy. Our community only asks for donations, but our goal is only $40 per month to cover the server rental. We don't want to make money off of this, we just want to break even and have some fun. I personally have spent dozens and dozens of hours writing and testing custom scripts or tweaking config. I do this because I want to make our experience unique and attractive, not to make money.
  10. I did both steps here, but still get a log flood on server startup as snipped below. I support databases IRL, so I'm sure the change was applied properly and the script executed. 20:40:39 Error compiling '' in 'HitPelvis' 20:40:39 Error compiling '' in 'HitAbdomen' 20:40:39 Error compiling '' in 'HitDiaphragm' 20:40:39 Error compiling '' in 'HitChest' 20:40:39 Error compiling '' in 'HitArms' 20:40:39 Error compiling '' in 'HitLegs'
  11. Working on a custom kill log table in the database. We run DMS and A3XAI. I want to log the killer as NPC_DMS or NPC_A3XAI as appropriate. Is there some variable set on DMS AI, that I could check for the presence of, to know that a specific killer unit was DMS controlled or not?
  12. We see this group-markers-can-be-global behavior too sometimes.
  13. I'm part of @Omen community. I've figured out the issue. In our init.sqf, I call ExecVM to a custom init.sqf. That custom init then calls another ExecVm, which executes code to setup a scheduled task in the Exile threading system. Like this: [60, ExileServer_ZSTools_system_createZSToolsAccount, [], true] call ExileServer_system_thread_addTask; It almost seems like a timing issue of some sort, because I know for sure that this worked before, but now this is failing, and the resulting scheduled task is not occurring. I added this to my custom init to make sure the Exile server is ready and the errors stopped: diag_log "ZSTools Core INIT Start"; waitUntil {!isNil {PublicServerIsLoaded}}; waitUntil {PublicServerIsLoaded}; diag_log "ZSTools Core INIT Continue";
  14. I'm trying to setup a static mission to launch rockets on mission failure. I'm trying to use the parameters of DMS_fnc_AddMissionToMonitor_Static to call my custom function when the mission fails. The section of my mission code is below which calls DMS_fnc_AddMissionToMonitor_Static, but here's the specific line of note: [[],[[5],DMS_fnc_SpawnRocketsOnFail]] Once the mission times-out, this custom function is not called at all. Have I formatted this line incorrectly, or is this functionality bugged? The mission runs fine otherwise. Thanks, Moose // Parse and add mission info to missions monitor _added = [ _pos, [ [ "kill", _group ], [ "playerNear", [_pos,100] ] ], _groupReinforcementsInfo, [ _time, DMS_StaticMissionTimeOut call DMS_fnc_SelectRandomVal ], _missionAIUnits, _missionObjs, [_missionName,_msgWIN,_msgLOSE], _markers, _side, _difficulty, [[],[[5],DMS_fnc_SpawnRocketsOnFail]] ] call DMS_fnc_AddMissionToMonitor_Static;