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  1. Hi hollow, i was wondering if its possible to turn on the camels 7.7 minigun on? it used to be a lot of fun and on the new version of HVP i cant seem to find out how.

  2. Hey Hollow,  i was just wondering if there is a reason to not having the mod on steam? it would be really nice if it was.  I would be willing to load it up there if you would give permission to do so. Thanks for your time either way.

    Goose   znl.enjin.com/ts.znlgaming.com

  3. I can help u all right now. You can ONLY use HVP through A3Launcher, i have NOT given anyone permission to host my mod anywhere else. I have given ONLY A3Launcher exclusive hosting of my mod. any other hosting WILL be DCMA'ed.
  4. 2000th Reply!
  5. Meow
  6. app pff, im looking into models and animations, for now just throw smoke grenades at cows...
  7. if your married to the idea of running zombies, you really shouldnt have more then 40 player slots.
  8. we have 3 threads, to give u an example
  9. prior to this update you may have had your mission set to custom instead of exileregular or exile hardcore, try changing that if applies
  10. The issue is that its on Altis, not many can stomach the map. I've noticed when i try to stream it we would lose 20-30 viewers because tanoa is over-shadowing it. but theres no choice unfortunately, Cannot properly test if its done on other maps as we cannot fully know if the bugs caused by the RC build or from the map. Basically if anyone bitches about a single bug when 0.9.8 releases they only have themselves to blame. with an exception to the loyal few who have been testing tirelessly like angels, to you i say well done good sirs.