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  1. config.cpp have killfeed and loot spawn that you can turn off /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // KILLFEED MAN! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class KillFeed { // Shows a kill feed for well kills showKillFeed = 1; }; /** * Notify players that loot spawned for them * * 1 = Yes * 0 = No */ notifyPlayer = 1;
  2. works nice on linux Linux users, don´t forget to read the logs and readme files included! Get the new version of extdb.so // https://github.com/Torndeco/extDB2/releases
  3. and check the SQL mode on the server to
  4. Had the same typ of issue with ASDG_Joinrails, removed it and my prob. was solved
  5. restart script

    no.. i don´t use user root
  6. restart script

    Yep, my bad.. at least we learn everyday.. correct line woud be crontab -e -> 0 */6 * * * script.sh for every 6h hour // thx for the link Crazy Harry
  7. restart script

    his crontab -e --> 0 0,6,12,18 * * * /home/arma3/./reboot.sh restart is correct, that way it restarts the server every 6hrs 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00 source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11562804/running-cron-job-on-linux-every-6-hours
  8. restart script

    the result shoud show like this: /home/arma3server/serverfiles$ ./start.sh check ArmA 3 directory: /home/arma3server/serverfiles OK Server executable: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/arma3server OK CFG directory: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc OK Config file: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc/config.cfg OK Basic file: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc/basic.cfg OK Battleye directory: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc/battleye/ OK Arma3Profile: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc/users/sc/sc.arma3profile OK Log directory: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/logs OK Old Log directory: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/logs/old OK Profile directory: ~/.local/share/Arma\ 3\ -\ Other\ Profiles/sc OK Arma3Profile symlink: ~/.local/share/Arma\ 3\ -\ Other\ Profiles/sc/sc.Arma3Profile OK Port number will be: 2530 PID file will be: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/2530.pid RUN file will be: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/2530.run Start cmd will be: /home/arma3server/serverfiles/arma3server >>/home/arma3server/serverfiles/logs/port_2530.15.09.15_0120.log 2>&1 -config=/home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc/config.cfg -cfg=/home/arma3server/serverfiles/sc/basic.cfg -port=2530 -name=sc -pid=/home/arma3server/serverfiles/2530.pid -mod=@exile;@ryanzombies;Kart;Mark;Heli -cpucount=4 -maxMem=2047 -nosound -nosplash -noLogs -world=empty -noPause -noCB -autoinit If you got something MISSING, you have to work from the top to the bottom, fix the top issue and start the check again!
  9. restart script

    LGSM is nice if you are new to linux and want a easy setup. you can still use the bin/bash script. If you read at the bottom you have following commands you can use with the script to check if everything is working or if the server is on. start | stop | restart | status | check | log so run the sh file like ./script.sh check
  10. zombies

    Finally got it working. re-downloaded v22 of Ryanzombiemod. ( used the same version i uploaded on the server with lowercase letters before ) load the script from init.sqf instead of initPlayerLocal.sqf and it worked. Thx again for getting Arma 3 back to as it was on Arma 2
  11. zombies

    The only diffrence is i load it in initPlayerLocal.sqf, worked with the onld one but not in the new version, dont use HC so i checked that it´s off and it is i know all files have to be lowercase in linux to load but this a mission file and is loading on client side not server side..
  12. zombies

    yep i did that and still no zombies
  13. zombies

    Same issue for me, running linux server and with the old script it worked fine but when installing the new version no zombies spawn? is there a limit how many players have to be online before they spawn?
  14. restart script

    If you want restart every 6hrs you can use crontab -e 0 0,6,12,18 * * * /home/exile2esseker/arma3server/serverfiles/./script.sh restart and the script i use armaserver: ArmA 3 Linux Dedicated Server Control Script http://pastebin.com/Zq0kt0xS The nice thong about it it clears logs once every week and keep the server going