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  1. so i don't see where the prob is with our mod. it work quite well on our server. I can't guarantee that it is working with all other mods direct from the start. Good Luck
  2. i think u forgot the override for this file!
  3. u are sure u have added all code in the config correctly?
  4. No u don't have to update anything, it's only intresting for people how make a fresh installation of the MOD.
  5. @Riker2335 loock here:
  6. which map?
  7. is FUMS updated since the last post of @Horbin??? or is there a new version in some of the 70 pages?
  8. it's what @hogansheroeshas posted up there!!!!
  9. @yesyesjo is my mate and it works perfect on our servers! he just worked the last month with the RC and found out some issues!
  10. could you craft the "craft devices" like a Tool Trolly or a engine Starter?
  11. hm strange. worked on our DEV-Server
  12. we have chaged it to "nearestObjects" cause u can change the distance (150m in this case) . the radius in "nearestObject" is by default 50 m
  13. i will rework it in the next days. sorry for that. the reason why we have added that, is for safty cause the crafttime could be longer than the next restart! and the loot is gone but the vehicle won't spawn...
  14. PM . thx!!!