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  1. Hello ppl. How do i remove virtual garage (default from exile server), icon from xm8? Thx in advance.
  2. I found the solution.. a .pbo backup in the same folder.... THX ANYWAY. This post can be closed as SOLVED
  3. Hello and thanks in advance for any help. my server has two problems and i cant solve them. 1) Even with "vehiclesDebugMarkers = 0;", orange markers still show the orange dots on map. 2) Im using Deniland map, as Deniland is a map made with altis, chernarus and takistan buildings, i've set the default loot table (altis/malden) and included another 2 files *.h one for chernarus and another takistan buildings, but i dont have any loot on that structures. Tried to add just one building on my exile server config, didnt work too... Ive doubled checked everything and still dont work.. Thx Very much in advance!
  4. Ok. Here is the Deal! I want to run a server (dedicated box) with deniland map. Searched for a long time in google for a mission file for it, but no good! I wanna make a mission file from scratch and im having a lot of problems. Started with exile.altis.pbo, and open it in 3d editor, i can move spawn points and stuff, all is ok, but i cant login, server kicks me everytime. I did something wrong for sure. Can someone help me? in the past i was able to make mission for alrayak, but it was a long time ago and the game was in another version. Can someone points me to the right direction on it? It will be best if someone knows how to do it and share the info with me, from zero, im outdated on the procedure. Thanks a lot in advance! ps: here is my rpt file https://pastebin.com/vqYL3hj9
  5. Skype live:chiconanni
  6. I have a server, ready, with missions and all stuff, but it is on taunus... I got no place to host it.... Let me know if you are interested
  7. What you have in mind?? Let me see if I can help
  8. opa, diz ai exatamente a tua idéia! Eu tenho um server pronto e nao tenho aonde colocar! Abraço
  9. solved

    So i tried this, using -ip=, when i set that, server says that cannot use port 2302, and without, server runs, but when i choose it from "internet" tab of server list, gives me "connection failed". No one can login into my server, unless they use direct connect. Any thoughts? Thx in advance
  10. Ok, so i need help! Ive builded a server on Taunus, everything is pretty good at the moment. But i have a major issue. Players cant connect. Me and 2 friends are able to connect, all ports are forwarded, server (dedi-box) is in DMZ... When a player trys to connect, he receive "connection failed", and just that. No info on RPT or server log.. If they use my ip or dynamic ip adress, all work fine.. i really need to fix this! Thanks a lot for any help!
  11. i got the same thing! Did you fixed? How? Thanks in advance!
  12. So all is working, but when i click "Deploy Quad" on xm8, character starts to deploying, i can see message saying "Vehicle Deployed" and right after that, i got kicked, RemoteExec Restriction #0. Ive tried many things, include using BEF tools to convert, inserted this line !="exadserver_fnc_clientrequest [\"spawnDeployableVehicle\",[\"2:1804\",\"ExAd_Quad\"]]" without success... so, here is my error: #0 "exadserver_fnc_clientrequest ["spawnDeployableVehicle",["2:1804","ExAd_Quad"]]" I really dont know what else can i do. Many thanks in advance!
  13. So i need some help! Ive deleted all filters on battleye folder, left only dlls.. and everything was working like a charm, then i decide to make my server more secure, then i bring back all of be filters. Made about 15 modifications on scripts.txt (using scripts.log and bef page to convert), now my client hangs when i try to connect on my server and Kicks me without showing the reason. I really dont know what else can i do. Sorry about bad english! Thx in advance!