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  1. Can you you buy them? and if you can, can you see it in your hands? If not refer to number 1, if it's just the picture that's not there refer to number 2. 1. Probably the client(you) or the server doesn't have the Correct mods (Or not installed properly) 2. it might be this part: class CUPPointerAttachments { name = "CUP Pointer Attachments"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\itemacc_ca.paa"; // MAKE SURE THIS IS CORRECT items[] = { //not used from the items list }; }; PS. i'm sorry if this didn't help i have not been active with arma as a whole so i'm rusty.
  2. Let the games begin! https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00064 @Flosstradamus Time to open the 1.68 Bugs Megathread Discussion?
  3. If its exad your setting up then I'm almost 100% sure that's not how you do it, like I said go over the instructions carefully. (I'm on my phone so I'm limited on how I can help)
  4. Exactly what it says, You've missed a '}' Somewhere, Most likely in one of your includes
  5. Well you're including it twice.... Basically you're including an include? why ? Change your description.ext to this(It may work..) Also Please LOOK over the ExAd Instructions CAREFULLY!:
  6. What does CfgNetworkMessages.cpp contain?
  7. Couldn't have said it any better myself
  8. Please, Raspberry sauce as well
  9. Bro.. Do you even read or acknowledge other posts? I sent you 1 static DMS mission and there is plenty more.. I can even make a custom one if you're needing something in particular.
  10. And if you still want a static missions then i made one not long ago:
  11. I know exactly what you've done. You have moved the wrong folder into your apps folder... You have to move the "BaseMarker" folder in NOT the "BaseMarkers_ExAd" So inside the Folder you have put in (The one called "BaseMarkers_ExAd") there should be a folder called "BaseMarker" So what you could do instead is change this: To This: tbh the instructions do say "Add BaseMarker folder to your ExAd XM8 Apps folder; Exile.Mission > ExAdClient > XM8 > Apps > Place_Folder" Therefore Start again and read carefully^
  12. Found your problem rename your BaseMarker_ExAd Folder To BaseMarker
  13. I see nothing wrong here so it's 100% a file path issue, please screenshot the paths Edit: Actually you have not got a } at the bottom of your file..
  14. I'm sure this is in the wrong section..
  15. That fix isn't related to the issue you're having, Have you got the correct paths? In the class cfgXM8 have you done that part correct? show us your config and such for further help. Try a clean install from my github here, i have edited the Instructions to make them easier to read and with the fix you mentioned above: https://github.com/clarkycal/BaseMarkers_ExAd