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  1. getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> WeaponClassName >> "magazines")
  2. Hey Shix, hows it goin?

    I sure love the Vector building.. nice addon to my servers.

    I was curious if you knew of any databases that have vehicle skins.  or a good mob for vehicle painting?

    I've been trying to add stuff for my donors..




    1. Shix


      PM me if you want to talk pls. 

  3. hey i added you on skype i was wondering about vector i came across the files i would just need the pbo if you dont mind getting back to me i would appreciate it thank you

  4. Hello Shix,

    I am the owner of Hammertime exile Esseker and was talking to one of my players, they told me you came up with a vector building system like what we had on Arma 2, would it be possible to get some details on this? I would love to include it on my sever if you are open to releasing it?



  5. its always the same... people are crying while doing fuck all for the community ... because they have a single-digit IQ
  6. Hey dude :) how much is your wunerfull vector building script :D ?

    1. Shix


      PM me if you want to discuss vector building 

  7. Yes there are multiple ways to do things. But when people spread misinformation while clearly not knowing what they are on about it does not help anybody now does it.
  8. Also I would love to know how you have seen the code as its all server sided .... but hey.
  9. #1 - These 'images' must be downloaded from the DB - Wrong the textures are stored in a separate mod and all the database does it tell the server what texture is assigned to that object. And this is only done once on server start. #2 - These 'images' are overlaid on every piece in a base - the bigger the base, the slower and lower FPS - Wrong again. All it is doing is reassigning a texture. All base objects already have a texture assigned to them so all this does is change what you see. So why would it affect fps. #3 - Every time a player looks/moves, will be slower due to the redrawing of these images. - Still the exact same situation with normal base objects. Source ... I'm the guy that made it for EXO.
  10. I do not suggest using this script anymore as it is no longer actively supported. So if Arma updates and breaks something within it well ... you're fucked. Source: Im the guy that made it I would suggest using the ExAd virtual garage because as far as I know its still actively supported, And supports accessing it via the XM8 .... which is what you seem to want ?
  11. Video Encoded with a potato ?
  12. Hey Shix, It's '45 off of Omnicidal. We, the old Admins, have some new servers of our own and we miss your vector building so were wondering if we can buy a copy of it or trade something? We have a scripter who's been working on some Matrix style safe cracking and other stuff but he's new to Arma and also not very motivated so never seems to finish anything. Our TS is Nemesis Corps:
    ts3.cbox.ovh:9989 if you want to drop by. I hope Exodus is coming along nicely, keep up the good work mate and hope to hear from you soon!

  13. Not possible using exiles network messages system as the function that is being called needs to start with either ExileClient or ExileServer and I'm guessing you don't have control over what the functions are called if they are in another mod ?