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  1. Connect to what ftp? Can I create my own or what? Will a dedicated server have a ftp? I currently go in through "Remote Desktop Connection"
  2. I am looking to transfer my files to a better host, I am not getting the preformance I need to hold 60+ players at once on the server I now have. I contacted my server provider, and they said they would not help transfer my data between their servers. Because of this, and how I found a better deal with another provider, I will be switching hosts. The only thing is, What do I need to transfer? I had someone set the server up for me, so I do not know what is needed. I know to copy the Server file, but how do I move databases and such? And is there also anything else I need to move as well?
  3. So I just updated my servers infistar to infiSTAR.de EXILE ([BETA 1498508639]) but now all components of exad have stopped working. Can anyone help me?
  4. I just updated my infistar now, and virtual garages stopped working. Is there a way to fix them?
  5. The latest beta fixes this issue?
  6. On my server I have a problem where ATVs are getting sucked into the ground while driving them. Also, bikes are randomly getting shot 1000km/h in the reverse direction. Thirdly, when driving vehicles with guns on top, all the players inside will randomly die. I can't find anything like this on the forums, and I have no clue what is going on. When I ask on the discord no one has a clue. Hopefully someone here on the forums knows
  7. But seriously, does anyone know a fix? This is hapening all the time with cars and stuff too. I have a feeling it is infistar or battleye, but I have no clue how to fix it. I have never added any battleeye or infistar stuff when adding scripts that is probably the issue, but I just dont know how to add them.
  8. So on my server, I have a bug where players riding bikes will randomly accelerate and go over 1000 km/h and then die. I am wondering if there is a fix for this, if anyone else has had the bug before, or what I should do?
  9. So I have finished my traders and everything, I have all the prices I want to add to my server, but I don't know where to put the code I have for the prices. I tried putting it under CfgTraderCategories in my .pbo but that didn't work and I don't know where else to put it. I have been asking on discord but no one is answering. Edit 1: I moved it to CfgExileAresenal but now I get this error: https://i.gyazo.com/23957eb1c7ede873691766c99ec2a9a4.png I tried removing that line, but I still get the error. Every time I remove the line that says is the error, it says another line is already defined and the server won't start? Edit 2: I actually had a folder with all my prices in it, which was the problem.
  10. I started my server for the first time with your mission file yesterday though, I have no pre-existing mission file.
  11. They are the updated files you uploaded last night, but I don't know how to disable strict mode.
  12. This is my first time ever running an arma server, but I have ran rust servers before so I wouldn't think it would be to hard, that is where I am wrong. When I start my server up, with Kuplion's mission file, everything loads up, but I spawn in the ground in game, and an unable to do anything just like an admin froze me. I have been looking around for the same problem, I have found it many times, but no post has an answer just other people saying they have the same problem.
  13. Is there a way to take a screenshot, but without moving your head, like when you do when you use ALT?
  14. do you have your own server still? changed maps from that one you had, to tanoa?