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  1. This is awesome! I loved this on my A2 server. Will defiantly be adding this!
  2. Just checked and its all done right. I have done many other overrides in the past. It however is still using the loadOut in the BambiSettings class. I can spawn just fine and no errors. It just is not using the overrides classes.
  3. Hi, That is located in the class Markers I do not have a class Radiation in the mission.sqm I think that's why it is not working.
  4. Hey, I just tried installing this on my server and it's still using the default load-out in the config.cpp. I did edit the file to remove some classes and updated the respect values for my server but I don't think that would caus it to not work. Any idea? Here is my edited file.
  5. Yah that means it's not saving the ammo. It's not a issue with anything else. I wounder If I can look at both sripts and see if I can call the save ammo to db function from this new script.
  6. Thanks for this! I wonder how to get this working with avs where avs saves the ammo...
  7. Without logs I can't see whats going on. This scrip dose not work completely anyways. It fails to rearm tanks. It's too bad because this script is really needed with saving the ammo to database.
  8. So like this? Because this was already in there. Do I need to delete the pos from the config.cpp? class Item24 { position[] = {2383.57, 0, 14375.3}; name = "ExileMarker25"; text = "Contaminated Zone"; markerType = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileContaminatedZone"; colorName = "ColorBlack"; fillName = "Border"; a = 500; b = 500; drawBorder = 1; }; class Item25 { position[] = {2383.57, 0, 14375.3}; name = "ExileMarker26"; text = ""; type = "ExileContaminatedZoneIcon"; }; class Item26 { position[] = {7260.04, 0, 3017.12}; name = "ExileMarker27"; text = "Contaminated Zone"; markerType = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileContaminatedZone"; colorName = "ColorBlack"; fillName = "Border"; a = 500; b = 500; drawBorder = 1; }; class Item27 { position[] = {7260.04, 0, 3017.12}; name = "ExileMarker28"; text = ""; type = "ExileContaminatedZoneIcon"; };
  9. Try mine. dont comment anything out. If your still getting kicked post a updated server rpt.
  10. Hi, I am having a issue with contaminated zones. The first position in the code below works but the second one dose not. I must be missing something here lol. class Radiation { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 1; /* Defines contaminated zones in a specific map. You can define multiple zones per map. The format of the zones is: [Position ASL(!), Full Radiation Radius, Maximum Radius] The radius works as follows: |-------------------------------------------------------| Maximum Radius |------------------------| Full Radiation Radius Within the full radiation radius, radiation factor is always at a maximum. Outside of this, it lowers down to no radiation smoothly. Radiation: |------------------------|------------------------------| 1 1 1 1 0.75 0.5 0.25 0 */ contaminatedZones[] = { {{2383.58,0.00152588,14375.3},150,250}, {{7259.98,0.00135422,3017},150,250} }; }; I am not sure if its because i used { and not [ ? Thanks in advance!
  11. Since you have the other maps commented out you need to remove the comma at the end of the Altis line like this: // This array contains world center and radius for maps supported. AVS_WorldInfo = [ ["Altis", [15360, 15360, 0], 15360] //["Esseker", [6150,6150,0], 6150], //["Chernarus", [7700,8500,0], 11000], //["Lingor3", [4968.00,4938.00,0], 10000], //["Tanoa", [7680,7680,0], 7680] ];
  12. Can you post your AVS_configuration.sqf? Looks like line 21 has something wrong.
  13. Mind posting your server RPT? I had the same issue with the most recent build of AVS.
  14. 1) Yes I do realize that. What you don't realize is that EXILE_YOURMAP is a placeholder for your actual mpmission pbo name. Everyone uses different maps so the developer made one folder called EXILE_YOURMAP signifying you need to put what ever is in there into YOUR mission pbo. 2) It dose not wok because you don't have the AVS folder in your actual mpmission pbo rather the folder EXILE_YOURMAP.
  15. 6) Exile.Yourmap means to put it in your mission pbo. So for example if your running Chernarus your mission folder and pbo would be called Exile.Chernarus. You do not need to create a folder as it's already there. 7) If you don't have a init in the root of your mission then create it and paste the code in there newly created init. For description.ext you can merge the contents in that file or if you use infiSTAR you need to put that code in infiSTARs CfgRemoteExec.hpp.