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  1. Just a little workaround with the Vanilla Exile Altis Trader. You have to find out the class names of the buildings or fence doors (infistar => spectate yourself to see the classnames on your screen) Mission File => initServer.sqf Let`s take for example the Locker House at the Sideras Trader. Change : ["Land_GH_House_2_F", [23333.5,24196.3,3.91706], [[0.998867,-0.0475825,0],[0,0,1]], [false, false]], to : ["Land_GH_House_2_F", [23333.5,24196.3,3.91706], [[0.998867,-0.0475825,0],[0,0,1]], [true, false]], change the first "false" ... to "true"
  2. War auch nicht mal die Rede von Bohemias Seite aus , dass die zukünftigen Updates sich nur noch auf Performanceverbesserungen beziehen (sollen)? Ich glaube so etwas mal gelesen zu haben im BIS Forum. Falls nicht , steinigt mich ! Und was kündigen sie für 2017 an ? ... zack 4 kostenpflichtige DLC`s und ein kostenloses. Sorry , aber da kriege ich doch schon wieder, als Serverbetreiber, (Und wenn ich Modder wäre , dann erst recht!) einen mittelschweren Kackreiz. Da weiß ich doch , dass es wieder 4 x mindestens dieses Jahr irgendetwas zerschießt. Oder vielleicht spawnen irgendwann mal wieder , so als kleine Überraschung für zwischendurch , tausende Rucksäcke im Meer ? Lassen wir uns überraschen Auf jeden Fall kann man sagen wird die 64 bit Version kein Allheilmittel. Vorallem nicht FPS - mäßig. Was es (hoffentlich) verbessert - ist diese Clientseitige 3 FPS Bug / Memory Leak misère. Obwohl ich da auch meine Bedenken habe. Und sie es mit der 64 bit Version einfach nur "hinauszögern" und nicht fixen. Aber Antworten darauf wird wohl die Version 1.68 bringen. d.h. abwarten und Tee trinken
  3. Did you test the startup times without the additional mods ? Maybe it`s an mod causing the trouble. You run the mods from an SSD or an HDD ? Server specs ? Here`s a little link for debugging. Step 3 could be an interesting one for your problem. Debugging Tutorial
  4. Here's a Vector Script for Free ... Github Link So ... lets end my post with the words of the script author " go , get a job sellers of scripts. This is a modding community. Sharing is caring and douchebaggery is a bannable offense." Greets
  5. Same ... just wait a bit and try it at a later point.
  6. @BetterDeadThanZed Here`s a lil script i`ve found. You can try to combine these. /****************************************************************** Advertise.sqf (from a wasteland release, sorry, cant recall which one) Waits 3 minutes for server to be running for first message then writes a message on players screen every X seconds (_delay) List each message on a separate line [your message], and end with a comma EXCEPT the last message, no comma for last element of an array. Include this file in your mission folder and in your init.sqf add this line if (!isserver) then {[]execvm "advertise.sqf";}; *******************************************************************/ _delay = 300;//5 minutes sleep 180; // 3 minutes delay until first message _messageArray = [ ["The fasted way to contact an admin is to join our teamspeak and ask for help."], ["Join up on our website and take part in the discussions"], ["Dont be a victim, Shoot First and SURVIVE!"], ["The server restarts every 6 hours"] ]; while {true} do { sleep _delay; _msg = _messageArray select (random (count _messageArray - 1)); titleText [_msg, "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; }; greets
  7. Can anyone Upload an non-Steam/Mega/A3L Version for this Forum then ?
  8. They don`t want to troll you. They simply don`t believe , that it works without CBA. (me too) Simply as that.
  9. But ok , back to Topic. If u want an Version which performs better in MP and doesnt cause any Problems use the LITE Version. @ Karma let me Quote something from Armaholic from the JSRS dev :
  10. Did you set verifySignatures to 0 on your Server ?
  11. You can use JSRS3 : Dragonfyre - Lite We got it also on our Modserver an it works without CBA. Here`s the Armaholic Link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28210
  12. Ebenfalls hier die Meldung , von mehreren Spielern auf meinem Server. Dass sie sich in Ihrer Base befinden, dann etwas moven bzw. bauen wollen und dann die Meldung : "You are not in your Territory" kommt.
  13. It was the old Infistar Version. Just updated it and everything works fine
  14. Still got this Issue. Even with Vanilla installation without addons. Mission is Looping ... [17:26:59:445658 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Output to Server: [0,"Error Invalid Format"] [17:27:00:565239 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Input from Server: 9:VERSION [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Output to Server: 65 [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Input from Server: 9:ADD_DATABASE:exile [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Output to Server: [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Input from Server: 9:ADD_DATABASE_PROTOCOL:exile:SQL_CUSTOM_V2:740765:exile [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Error Invalid Format: 9:ADD_DATABASE_PROTOCOL:exile:SQL_CUSTOM_V2:740765:exile [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Output to Server: [0,"Error Invalid Format"] [17:27:00:566240 +02:00] [Thread 1472] extDB2: Input from Server: 9:SHUTDOWN Any advice ?
  15. Same Problem here ... No Solution found ... Changed nothing , i really mean NOTHING ... And after a restart, Server gave me the same Shitty Message