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  1. You wouldn't be hosting Arma 3 if you wanted a simple life
  2. You can't have tried very hard if you didn't manage to find a tutorial on how to schedule a task through wts bud.
  3. #Mike4Mod
  4. so is my.....
  5. Works fine for me?
  6. Well if a building is identical only a different colour, you can just copy the entire class and change the class name. Exile is built to support Altis, Tanoa and Namalsk, it's up to server owners to make it work with the other maps they want to use.
  7. Have a look at the loot table compiler wiki page
  8. I don't know which part disgusts me more... the fact you use addactions or the part where you genuinely believe you can be banned by infistar in single player
  9. Well, when @infiSTAR sees this he'll be able to tell you why you were flagged Were those VAC bans just Gabe Newell's take on "Banta"?
  10. Given that you have a VAC and a game ban on record, I'm reluctant to believe you weren't hacking..... Not to mention the fact a global infi ban isn't added by a server admin, it's a feature of the anti-hack... and it definitely doesn't ban you for "being near a group of hackers".
  11. Deffo could be worse.... could be "Flosstradamus"
  12. By the way, if they haven't already implemented that. It's something I will work on in the near future... always wanted better aviation in Arma. Even with the jets it shit...
  13. There's some ways around it: Delete System32? Buy the game? Follow This Tutorial: https://youtu.be/hiRacdl02w4?t=24
  14. Try performance builds through A3L.