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  1. I vote you!
  2. It could well be... but I'm yet to find somebody that disagrees with what I said
  3. No thanks. I have no need to... the explanation to my post is within 90% of his posts.
  4. Me telling him the truth is the reason for him being childish?
  5. ^ No idea what he's talking 'bout open up bootstrap/fn_preinit in exile_server and add your new function name and it's path to the init.
  6. I don't work for either company either.... but I can assure you, every GSP is shit.... get a Dedicated Machine
  7. Vanilla Exile server?
  8. I'm away at the moment, I will have a look once I'm back.
  9. Yes. Have a look at github/mezo There's a framwork repo on there for client/server addons.
  10. What was this project, just out of interest? @MinkiSan
  11. Nobody will do it, it's way too late.
  12. ^^^ This I only searched for notifications lol.