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  1. You just need to edit the exile.ini queries to be compatible with extdb3 format.
  2. What have I just read...
  3. Right.... Here goes. So.... You need to assign the getIn event handler to the vehicle. _vehicle addEventHandler ["getIn", {_this call FUNCTION};}]; The unit that triggered the GetIn can be accessed through the call arguments from the eventhandler. _unit = _this select 2; the group of a unit can be accessed by: group _unit; You want to store the the group they're in, and then change them over to your AI Group. You can then add another event handler to the same vehicle "getOut" and have that function put them back in the group they were originally by doing something like player join _oldGroup; _oldGroup could be stored as a variable on the player object or even just a global client variable. There's way too much to be done here to sit there and go through it line-to-line. But this should give you a rough idea.
  4. That donations page isn't exactly accurate either to be honest... mine says 0
  5. Couldn't find a cookie big enough... so here's a Pizza.
  6. Swinging an Axe 3 metres.... Seems legit to me
  7. That's always the best thing to do
  8. Well, Infistar AH is accusing him of having additional classes in some pbo's but I'm not sure how @infiSTAR checks the difference. So it could be (if he has a list somewhere) that the list is out of date bearing in mind there was a recent update. But I'm pretty sure he uses the server to checks it's own version and compare the two.. in which case, yeah.. this guy is hacking.
  9. Not sure what you mean?
  10. @Ambu5h Yeah. Changing the players group will remove them from their current party. Store the current group of the player when they enter the vehicle (can use getIn/getOut event handlers to trigger this), Switch them to the AI group, once the player has decided where they're going and gets out, reassign them to their original group. Not exactly clean.... but... eh... Arma.
  11. Pahaha!
  12. Prior warning; off-topic posts or asking things like "why does my status bar not work" or anything else irrelevant to 'EXILE' and 1.68 will result in warning points.
  13. You mean... "What BIS say it does?"
  14. Wow... Gender assumption in 2017.... really dude... not cool.
  15. I think you have a Wirus on your Dextop.