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  1. If you want to store stuff in the exile_client config you need to make another mod. (pointless). either store it in the server or the mission file.
  2. eXpoch
  3. Anyone know how to reduce the number of support posts in general discussion?
  4. Honestly, if I see this same comment on one more thread I'm banning you... seen it on about 10 threads now.
  5. @Grim in 2017 LUL
  6. You wouldn't be hosting Arma 3 if you wanted a simple life
  7. You can't have tried very hard if you didn't manage to find a tutorial on how to schedule a task through wts bud.
  8. #Mike4Mod
  9. so is my.....
  10. Works fine for me?
  11. Well if a building is identical only a different colour, you can just copy the entire class and change the class name. Exile is built to support Altis, Tanoa and Namalsk, it's up to server owners to make it work with the other maps they want to use.
  12. Have a look at the loot table compiler wiki page
  13. I don't know which part disgusts me more... the fact you use addactions or the part where you genuinely believe you can be banned by infistar in single player