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  1. Should do. Can't think of anything that would be affected.
  2. unlucky, it was a lot of fun while it was popular. Epic work from @Vishpala
  3. All over Twitter and announcements were made on this site for weeks....
  4. Play the track on your pc while playing? Damn I'm so clever.
  5. There's far too many people involved in 3rd party development of Exile for that to happen.
  6. From this point on, please don't report bugs with third party addons. Post them in the release posts. This is strictly for Vanilla Exile.
  7. Anyone know why my League of Legends client won't open? Fix it please.
  8. Anything abnormal in RPT's?
  9. Arma is not even capable of counting to the number that Grim would have in mind to download it again
  10. It's most likely outside of the "CfgCraftingRecipes" class. But no, there is no limit.
  11. <<--- This is the unlike button. It requires verification via credit card
  12. Maybe when Eichi Level 1 reaches Level 18 we'll see Exile Mod for Arma 50 - (64-bit)
  13. Sad... But understandable. Lmfao ^
  14. I think at this point Grim would need to be paid to download it
  15. Always wanted to own Arma 3