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  1. Thanks for the reply @Zupa. Haven't managed to play lots to test but more than happy with the mod. Keep up the good work :-) Peace n Zeds Sav
  2. @Razor77 I also have found private _ZCP_S_terrainGradient = 20; Though I still get spawns on the sides of steep hills. Gonna try @Heavy post and see how I get on. Will report back once Ive had a good time of testing. In fn_config.sqf the is also this -1, // max terrainGradient -> when specific static basefile is used (9) -> put -1 if you want to use the corresponding one from the ZCP_Capbasses array). So I'm guessing it can be set 'per cap point' or as @Heavy posted :-) Oooft, learning curve, but getting there.................slowly. Peace n Zeds Sav
  3. I have experienced this though haven't built in a while. It possibly hasn't disappeared but is in fact just sitting under the ground, try raising its elevation to see if it appears. Peace n Zeds
  4. Sent you a PM dude
  5. Quality
  6. It's actually on the first page :-) Range Finder / Laser Designator functions have changed. Press # to lase now (or check your personal key bindings)
  7. Thank you. I shall add this to my ever increasing Exile notes ☺️
  8. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/21761-168-bugs-megathread-discussion/?page=1
  9. As @Beowulfv says , your calling CfgExileCustomCode twice. Once at line 1181 and again at line 2731. Hope this helps you :-)
  10. Just remember, 1. It's Arma 2. It's Mod's 3. It will be a headache but 4. When you fix it, you will be enlightened Peace n Zeds :-) In case your error is 'Failed to purchase vehicle :13' have look here. Helicopters : Failed to purchase vehicle 13 AND Failed+to+purchase+vehicle ALSO failed-to-purchase-vehicle-3-and-prices-is-set-to-0
  11. Sorry. Wasn't trying to be rude. I'm new to servers also. This was the only info I could find but i do notice from your config that all your Heli's, Planes have prices so I am unsure what/where the issue is. I am just trying to point you in a direction that may help you out. :-)
  12. A quick Forum search is always the way forward for help
  13. I'm no expert. Though at end of 'class Planes' it looks like you have an extra }; "CUP_I_SU34_LGB_AAF", "CUP_I_SU34_AGM_AAF", "CUP_B_SU34_LGB_CDF", "CUP_B_SU34_AGM_CDF" }; }; }; Someone correct me if I'm wrong :-)