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  1. The problem you're having, at least when I had it, has to do with the server database cutting off the player hit points table. The fix is here: You'll need to run both of those sql queries to fix it. One modifies the table to allow more characters in hitpoints column and one modifies the existing players to have the same changes.
  2. It turned down minimumdistancetospawnzone to 400. If I set a gps point at the center of the spawn icon at Nicolet (standard exile tanoa map) then I am standing 2593m from that point according to the gps. If the center is 0 and spawnzoneradius=400 then that means I'm 2,193m from the edge of that zone roughly. The spawn zone south of me is Regina which the gps says is 2059m away and places me 1659m from the edge of that spawn zone The nearest trader safe zone center point is 2,799m away. It still doesn't work. This is the message I get when I try to plant a flag in this particular area:
  3. Solved. For reference: you have to add "Land_Can_V2_F" to the attachto.txt, which isn't listed on the readme or github and was not showing as the cause for the kick. Battleye only showed createvehicle restrictions. I found a reference to the attachto.txt in another post from several years ago. Hopefully this helps anyone else encountering this message.
  4. Thank you so much. Worked like a charm.
  5. If you find out what the script is then let me know. I'm interested in running something like this on my server.
  6. I believe somewhere in the occupation thread that Kuplion stated that it was not currently possible. I had the same question and encountered his statement on the official release thread for occupation.
  7. So to clarify your problem: are you seeing the virtual garage app in the xm8? if so, when you click it does the app load on the tablet screen? if so, when you get into a vehicle, get out, pull up the app and try to store it does it simply not store? I ask because I've experienced each of those above problems and there's a separate, seemingly predictable fix for each of them. And the obvious, over-used question: are you certain you ran the sql query for the database properly?
  8. It's a condition of the v1.68 arma update. See this :
  9. I have two signs that I need to create. One that designates a building as a paint shop, the other that provides server information that can be posted at the entrance to safe zones. 1) From looking at this I assume that your method is great for creating the safe zone server information sign since it replaces the image on pre-existing signs. I'm sort of trying to conceptually understand how to go about doing this before I attempt it so please bear with me. I would first create a billboards.sqf script in the mission file using the script you've graciously provided. In this script there is the following line: ["Exile_Sign_TraderCity", [11465.8, 7498.07, 228.429], [-0.299485, -0.954101, 0], [0, 0, 1], false, [0, "Custom\Logo\FPS_Logo_Loadscreen_Chernarus.paa"]] I'm guess this invokes Exile_Sign_TraderCity object along with its position and that to get this data you would copy the lines from the initserver.sqf associated with this item. As far as the photo goes, I've got a photo that I've turned into a .paa an placed inside my mission file in a folder named "custom" and "logo" with the following path exile.tanoa\custom\Logo This is the code I've changed based on yours: Am I on the right track here? Will this replace the image on all 4 signs? Is the file pathway for the image correct if the image is placed inside the mission file? 2) I'm guessing because this seems like it universally replaces the image on all signs of that name that this wouldn't be helpful for a second sign for my paintshop. I'm guessing I would need another sign name and I'm guessing it would have to be placed inside the editor (next to the paint shops). If that's the case, is it a simple matter of creating it, looking at the initserver.sqf (using that e3den plugin that exile produced) and going about doing this the same way? Or am I way off base? @M6mal , @C][G GhostTown™ if you guys have any insight too that would be great. Thank you in advanced for any help, I know this was long winded but I wanted to make sure I understood it all.
  10. So I've, as best I can tell, installed Advanced Rappelling. Getting into a helicopter and going up gives the scroll menu option to rappel. Upon selecting it the animation to rappel will start but then you'll be hit with a battle eye restriction for 6:30:47 PM | CreateVehicle Log: #2 [RDG Staff] Fifth (ID#) - #0 "Land_Can_V2_F" 11:217 [11760,3026,4] Now I know what you're saying, "Fifth just add the exception" and you'd be right. I've added the following to createvehicle.txt to line 0/2 (depending on what you want to call the line) : !"Land_Can_V2_F" !="Land_Can_V2_F" I added both just to cover my bases. And I added the line with keyword: 1 "Land_Can_V2_F" at the bottom of the .txt because I am under the impression that I'm supposed to do this for createvehicle.txt. The readme also mentions adding !"AR_" to setvariable and setvariableval which I have also done. Here's the server.rpt from the moment that I was kicked for rappelling: So why is a) Land_Can_V2_F having anything to do with rappelling since it's a soda can and b) how do I fix this A pastbin of the full createvehicle.txt is here : https://pastebin.com/JEejMjy7 Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Getting the exact same one.
  12. Yesterday a player brought it to my attention that the Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Green can lift/tow all objects. Every other heli seems to cap out around what the normal weight limit is supposed to be. The hummingbird, however, can easily lift a strider, infrit and hunter with no problem. Which is incorrect. My first thought was that this was the fault of r3f, but I can't for the life of me find where that script maintains the settings for the weight capacity of each helicopter. Then I thought maybe it was an exile setting and I'd messed something up. Where should I be looking to/comparing to find out what the weight class of each heli is and how to alter it?
  13. tow

    So I've had this working for awhile and it works great but a player brought up yesterday that the Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Green can lift all objects. Every other heli seems to cap out around what the normal weight limit is supposed to be. The hummingbird, however, can easily lift a strider, infrit and hunter with no problem. Which is incorrect. I've been looking over the files and I can't for the life of me find where to set the weight limit for each helicopter. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  14. Where would I find this guide?
  15. What is the other way you do this? I ask because I too have been looking for custom signage for some buildings without having to rely on a mod.