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  1. @Kurewe Thank you very much, works perfectly for what I was hoping to achieve You folks are all so helpful, much appreciated !!
  2. Did you ever get this working as intended? I would like to reduce the % chance of buildings spawning loot but seeing as spawnChancePerBuilding is not available I'm at a loss as to how it can be done. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hi, Since the CUP update yesterday all Land_Ss_hangar doors are closed on server start. Is there a script that can be run in order to open all of the Land_Ss_hangar doors when the server is started? Thanks for any help
  4. Thanks for the code @aussie battler , worked great for me Really appreciate your help with it ! Do you know if it's possible to incorporate a % chance for a rare item in the box you created ? A random rare item from a list. I wanted to limit the chance of weapons at the crash site if possible.
  5. Thanks for the help and point in the right direction Would I need to call the ExileZ_Mod zombie spawner (SpawnZombie.sqf) here instead of the DMS Ai (DMS_fnc_SpawnAISoldier) ? Thank you for this I will check it out as soon as possible and report back !
  6. This works perfectly for what I wanted to achieve to be honest !! Thank you for the information regarding the condition Do you know if I can remove action the 'Pump Water' that comes up on scroll wheel when at a pump ?
  7. Thanks for the reply I thought it might be possible to have something like: iF Empty Canteen in inventory = run script else iF Empty Bottle in inventory = run script
  8. I have butchered LordRampantHumps Apple Picking script in order to come up with a simple'ish script for filling water at pumps via scroll wheel and playing a sound. I'm sure it contains some unnecessary bits and also lacks some more but could anyone offer some help in order to differentiate the canteen from the plastic bottle? As it stands, the script does the following: - Must have an Empty Plastic Bottle and also an Empty Canteen in your inventory - Menu comes up to 'Fill Water Bottle' at pumps - Empty Plastic Bottle is removed / Empty Canteen is removed - Plastic Bottle (Dirty Water) is added / Canteen (Dirty Water) is added Ideally, it would check if you have a plastic bottle or canteen in inventory and fill one of them separately. Any help is much appreciated
  9. Thanks for sharing this Is it possible to add Exitem_canteen to the water scavenge too so that it would be possible to fill either a canteen or plastic bottle at the source and return the respective item with dirty water?
  10. Thanks for the help and point in the right direction Would I need to call the ExileZ_Mod zombie spawner (SpawnZombie.sqf) here instead of the DMS Ai (DMS_fnc_SpawnAISoldier) ? @Kuplion Thanks for the link, it's a great script that I have tried out and the zombies spawn perfectly. I just much prefer the way the loot spawns from the Occupation script though.
  11. Opening pandoras box..... Some more trash loot would be great.. * Empty drinks can * Empty whiskey bottle * Razor * Rotten fruit * Sandbags / E Tool / Stash * Improvised fishing net * Silencer picture for the crafting menu? Silencers dont show.. Edit: But seriously buddy, love the addon. Keep up the great work.
  12. I really like this addon too, keep up the good work @LordRampantHump Would love to see more additions to it
  13. Hi, is it possible to use DIK KEYS to open the menu ? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes
  14. Hey, is it possible to get Zombies to spawn at the Chopper crash sites instead of armed Ai? I know there is 'ExileZ Crashes', but I much prefer the loot system from Occupation.
  15. I'm assuming it's possible to place tents inside other objects/ground in order to facilitate base building but is it possible to disable this? I do not have base building on the server and would like to make it so that tents cannot be placed inside other objects such as rocks / the ground. Thanks for any help