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  1. In the default Exile Client sqf ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show the _spawnButton controller is already set to false. It's not until you select a spawn that it becomes functional. Usually what's happening is a Server owner is using a new spawn system where at the end of the sqf you find _spawnButton ctrlEnable true; not within a statement so the control is active 24/7. What you need to do is remove that and add it to either the zoom to spawn statement or to the function that was created to display the new spawn. This is all based off custom spawn systems i.e. xtreme, Super Jerome, Stokes, ect. Bottom line is there is a line of code enabling the spawn button before a selection has been made. Need to fix that and it will never happen again.
  2. That UID is currently banned by infiSTAR
  3. post RPT
  4. Z80CPU is correct, this would be a server side issue that the owners would have to fix. However, you are sure that you are selecting the spawn first, allowing it to zoom in on the location, this ensures the server has it selected, and then clicking spawn? Try it like that and see if it still spawns you in the bottom left corner of the map. If it does, then it is on them to fix it. If this fixes the issue then it has to do with latency between you and the server where the server is not detecting your spawn selection before you click spawn. There is an easy fix to this that the owners can do where the disable the spawn button until it is ready for the player to spawn at the selected location, but I won't get into that here since it is out of your power.
  5. There has been an issue in the past with Exiles loot compiler where it was giving the wrong class name for the loot class. If you class says: class CfgExileLoot then you you need to change it to: class CfgExileLootServer and try again. If that is already how it is posted, then make sure you have your loot table posted in the correct config file, which is your Server side file. Loot table and loot positions both are posted server side.
  6. You'll need to go back and make the corrections and then run the PBO again, then return with the new errors. You have made more work for yourself so we'll need to chisel away at this or you can start over with a fresh copy.
  7. Wow, okay. You have to go back and take out all those semicolons, or this will never work. First lesson in writing code, a semicolon means stop, or the end of a function. Lets break this down so you can start to understand what you are looking at. class GroundWeaponHolder { lifeTime = 10; interval = 5; }; This is how a class should be properly written. Each class is given a unique name to be called on later. When the class name is called on anything written in brackets will be executed. For this example we are setting values to the variables lifeTime and interval. We let the program know we are finished telling it what to do with closed brackets and a semicolon at the end. What you have done is tell the program to stop as soon as it reads your class name, which is nothing. You. Are. Talking. Like. This.
  8. Post the error.
  9. I have the dialog, there is no colorText in any of the classes for the logo or background. I have always used TextView2 to convert PNG to PAA.
  10. Who gives a shit. Move along.
  11. I'm having issues with adding a new logo or background. The color of the image is off, much like the negative of a photograph. I have resized the images to match that of the original, and I have tried other images just to test/debug the issue. Anyone have a similar problem in the past and found a solution?
  12. Anyone looking for a point in the right direction, here you go:
  13. And we're back to the re-purposing dilemma of the XM8 home screen apps. I am trying to figure out where the text is for these apps. I can alter the icon, and I can re-purpose the buttons functionality, but I can not for the life of me figure out where it is pulling the text for the title from. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.
  14. Just to add to what WURSTKETTE shared, what you are doing is writing a check for X when purchased and spawned into the world. To figure out the weapon systems of each vehicle you simply climb into the vehicle and open Debug. When in Debug console you will use the following to pull all the weapon systems of that vehicle: vehicle player weaponsTurret [-1] vehicle player weaponsTurret [0] vehicle player weaponsTurret [1] vehicle player weaponsTurret [2] which you will get return values like this: This was from a Venom gunship and I can see that using vehicle player weaponsTurret [-1] shows me where the Flare Launcher is. So now I take this information, along with the SQF provided by WURSTKETTE and insert my vehicle: if(_vehicleClassName == "CUP_B_UH1Y_GUNSHIP_USMC") then { _vehicleObject removeWeaponTurret ["CMFlareLauncher",[-1]]; };
  15. Not sure if it would be easier, but you could accomplish the same thing using the community customs traders.