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  1. You just need to go digging thru Exiles files and educate yourself. But yes, once you found the function you were looking for, you would just copy and paste basically to create a new XM8 button. Most of what you are doing is Client side, so you will look in Exile code and not ExileServer code. Also you are looking for User Interface functions, so you would stick to the GUI sqf files. Lastly anything with "show" at the end does just that, it shows the UI to the player. So ExileClient_gui_registerClanDialog_show Exile Client side > Graphic User Interface > Register Clan > Show to the user.
  2. Not familiar with the config setup for infiSTARs XM8, but what you are trying to do is simply call the SQF file that executes the UI for purchasing a family which is ExileClient_gui_registerClanDialog_show. I've played around with a few but the one I am currently running is the ExAd system, so I'll setup and Example and you might be able to interpret what goes where for your config. So here I have a blank canvas, and I want to create a function to purchase a family remotely. class CfgXM8 { extraApps[] = {""}; }; I crate a class name for my new fuction, then tell it what I want it to do. I tell it what I want it to display in "tittle", I give it a "controlID", I created a directory for the logo I want attached to it, and I use a quickfunction to call on the SQF file that brings up the Family purchase UI. class CfgXM8 { extraApps[] = {"Family"}; class Family { title = "Purchase Family"; controlID = 50100; //IDC:50100 -> 50102 || These need to be unique and out of range from each other logo = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\Info\Icon_SI.paa"; quickFunction = "call ExileClient_gui_registerClanDialog_show"; }; }; The big thing to take away from this is the call function and what file you are calling. The rest of it is mix and match really.
  3. What XM8 setup are you using?
  4. Server RPT
  5. SERVER 1 2302 UDP (gameport + VON) 2303 UDP (STEAM query port) 2304 UDP (STEAM master port) 2305 UDP (VON reserved port but not used atm.) SERVER 2 2312 UDP (gameport + VON) 2313 UDP (STEAM query port) 2314 UDP (STEAM master port) 2315 UDP (VON reserved port but not used atm.) Create a new Exile Databse (DO NOT call it Exile) Edit SERVER 2 extdb-config.ini Line 13 Port = 2312 Line 16 Password = (RCON Password for Server 2) Line 68 Name = Exile_Test (Or whatever you name the database) Line 69 Username = (Databse Username, same as the old one) Line 70 Password = (Database Password, same as the old one) However you start your server, make sure you start it on port 2312. If you want to run a 3rd server, repeat the steps and increase the port by 10. Example: SERVER 3 2322 UDP (gameport + VON) 2323 UDP (STEAM query port) 2324 UDP (STEAM master port) 2325 UDP (VON reserved port but not used atm.)
  6. Run the Exile mod: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ Better yet if you have no idea how to run mods use A3Launcher: https://www.a3launcher.com/
  7. No, no. The sharpest knife in a bulb drawer.
  8. Are you using VehicleWhiteList_check
  9. You're not the sharpest knife in a bulb drawer.
  10. Server RPT
  11. Post an RPT of when it starts. You're doing something to cause it, and it's not changing those values. I just tested it a few times, and all started normally.
  12. The only other file I see it being enabled in is the ExileClient_system_radiation_event_onPlayerSpawned.sqf so you could just take the same steps and apply them to that as an overwrite.
  13. I never played around with it, it was to point him in the direction of where to start. But if it's throwing errors at you when removing those lines, you can try another approach of turning the effects off by changing tire to false like it's declared in onPlayerDead. So in ExileClient_system_radiation_initialize we would alter lines 16, 20, & 24 so that they read false removing all visual changes. ExilePostProcessing_RadiationChroma ppEffectEnable false; ExilePostProcessing_RadiationColor ppEffectEnable false; ExilePostProcessing_RadiationFilm ppEffectEnable false;
  14. What do you mean it doesn't work? Nothing pops up when you press 6? It won't power on? What?
  15. When in the main menu for Arma in the top left corner click the player icon. Create a new player profile and rejoin the server. See if the problem continues. If it allows you to place objects then there is an issue with your profile custom controls.