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  1. In your logs is there anything else infiSTAR is telling you when a player tries to open it?
  2. Get the class name and add them to the price list and aircraft trader list.
  3. Just go into the mission.sqm and double click on the map to get the markers to show up. Use the shapes to find what you want. Then play with the settings on them to stretch say a square into a thin line for your bridge.
  4. Then you're either running an older version or you aren't calling the right mod.
  5. Ignore the colors. You can't go by them. You should try joining the server and see what errors you get on your screen and in your RPT
  6. You need to remove the miniguns too. So you can mix both of these together to make your own, but the way i do is: //Pawnee if (typeOf _vehicleObject in ["B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F"]) then { _vehicleObject removeWeaponTurret ["missiles_DAR",[-1]]; _vehicleObject removeMagazinesTurret ["24Rnd_missiles",[-1]]; _vehicleObject removeWeaponTurret ["M134_minigun",[0]]; _vehicleObject removeWeaponTurret ["M134_minigun",[-1]]; _vehicleObject addWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_heli",[-1]]; _vehicleObject addWeaponTurret ["LMG_Minigun_heli",[0]]; _vehicleObject addMagazineTurret ["2000Rnd_65x39_Belt_Tracer_Green_Splash",[-1]]; _vehicleObject addMagazineTurret ["2000Rnd_65x39_Belt_Tracer_Green_Splash",[0]]; };
  7. But you would still need to keep at least a waste dump trade so players have a source to make money in order to pay for protection, upgrades, and ransoms.
  8. You would have to add a custom interaction to the flag pole. Example class Upgrade: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Upgrade Flag"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileFlagStolen',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "_this call ExileClient_gui_upgradeTerritoryDialog_show"; }; All you're looking for is the Show dialog sqf file. So if you wanted to add payment it would look something like this: class Protection: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Pay Protection"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileFlagStolen',1]) isEqualTo 0)"; action = "_this call ExileClient_gui_payTerritoryProtectionMoneyDialog_show"; }; And then if you wanted to keep flag stealing in you could add the pay ransom option to also: class PayRansom: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Pay Ransom"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileFlagStolen',0]) isEqualTo 1)"; action = "_this call ExileClient_gui_payFlagRansomDialog_show"; }; Or just get rid of the steal flag option and not worry about it. Because the only benefit to stealing a flag without traders is speeding up the deletion time of the territory.
  9. You can setup territory payments and upgrades to be done via the territory pole. Look at the pole, scroll wheel, and select the option you want which will sen you to the prompt window.
  10. You aren't loading your database
  11. In the past all I did was change all the weather variables to 0 in the mission.sqm and it worked for me.
  12. Go find that servers web site and post this there. This is the Exile forums. Has nothing to do with whatever server you were banned from.
  13. It does download everything for you.
  14. I didn't ban him. I saw it and was curious what it was because this was the first time I was seeing it.
  15. You don't lock crates. And explaining this here isn't going to do anything for you. Just gonna have to go find another server.