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  1. and gold bars?
  2. Is there brief cases by chance in this mod? I have been looking and can't seem to find it, if there is.
  3. +1 like from me! thanks man!
  4. @kuplion Is this working for lemon 1.03??
  5. Hello I was wondering if someone could help me find the mission,sqm addons portion for this, I can't get it work for some reason. Thank you!
  6. Hello all, I am looking for a few coders that would like to join my Exile Dayz style server. Its not necessary role play but it is keeping the aspect of the loved Dayz Epoch alive. There is a lot of work needed to be done, and im mostly looking for people to help code, then help run as admins. I need about 2-3 people, pm me with some info about you and well talk! Also question would anyone like to play on a Dayz style Exile server, combing the best parts of both?
  7. Hey thanks for the reply, I was thinking of writing a windows C# application that changes the exileserver.pbo (where ever time is held) and switch it out and restart the server for me. Do you think a simple command line application would be effective way for server restarts and doing this? I am coming over from Arma 2 where it was much easier to do this.
  8. So for my server id like to configure a weird night and day system. Id like just one (3 hour) server restart to be completely night and the rest of the 21 total hours of server restarts to be day time. I was wondering if there is a easy way to configure this! Thank You!
  9. anyone have a solution i might just destroy the server and restart
  10. I won't be home for the next week but I haven't done anything with it. In pretty sure it's the same, but came from a altis download or something. Maybe that's it.
  11. Nope I have nothing installed, the only thing I can think of is switching over altis to chernarus mission file, but I read a post and it seemed to switch over with ease, but maybe the database was made for altis idk
  12. Yeah here you go exile.ini
  13. anyone find any solutions?
  14. I assuming the my.ini file in MySQL (Run, c:/programdata) then yes I did if it helps I did attempt to switch it over to chernarus, it originally worked on atlis. But now it doesn't. Maybe that info helps, thanks for the responses btw!
  15. So I have begun by looking through around a 100 different black screen posts couldn't find anything except for one guy who had the exact same error as me. But he was told to give more info and he never did, so he didn't help me. Anyways my error involves having to physically delete the entire database each time I want to join the server, if it restarts it posts up a black screen and the (Group Channel) Icons load at the bottom, then it goes fully black. So I delete the database and then restart and i'm all good to go, then it restarts again and same problem as before. Troubleshooting (gone through): I have updated every file and everything should be good. VCredist x86 and x64 installed. RPT exTDB Thank you for helping if you comment I have been going at this one error for hours now, and its probably really dumb tbh. Thank you!