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  1. Sounds good man, Ill work on a new one then!
  2. does anyone have this working with latest update?
  3. does anyone which sqf file the respect levels lead to, I need to change some things in it, thank you!
  4. Im having this issue does any one have a fix for it?
  5. I was gonna look into this tomorrow, possibly update if it needs to be.
  6. So you have it as well, I was talking to them and they said something else has to be overridding their mods. Which would make sense.
  7. can you make it automatic, so when player is killed they're kicked out, or is that what this does, sorry im just confused by the photos haha
  8. So a players body doesnt actually fall from vehicle?
  9. So my issue is most likely server related. I have a error where these vehicles don't work correctly, outside of the server they're fine (eden) but inside, the vodniks windows spin and wheels don't move, basically what happens to the hatchbacks a lot. The mv22 backseats don't load, so their isn't proper room for players. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this weird issue. Right now i'm working withe CUP team to try and figure it out. Thank you! Using all CUP addons and CBA is on as well/
  10. Any way to make it so It just takes away the item in your bag. I dont like the idea of one per restart or alwasy having to pack it. one per life is fine
  11. If you have to add things its not upto date just drop in ready
  12. As much as I would love to say someone would give you their config, I just spent 150 hours on mine, making sure everything is updated and added from a few different mods. I suggest doing it yourself, because there aren't many shortcuts when owning a server
  13. Sadly, no
  14. I look into this man! thank you for the starting point. Basically I just don't want the kill feed that comes in white and yellow letters I believe, I just want it in system chat. So Ill see if your method works, and maybe make a tutorial for others to make this happen!