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  1. Just a few clips from iBB's new server located on Isla Duala:
  2. Well I tried a few different things, but could not get the crate to spawn the mission defined loot list (SuperGear), so I'll wait for @Super Jerome's input.
  3. No rush, thanks for the quick response. I had been solving problems by including some of ned_red's code here and there but couldn't figure out the box issue.
  4. @Super Jerome Hello, I've been using your base mission, but I've been stuck on trying to figure out how to make the crate that spawns for the static mission spawn the same way other DMS crates do. As of now, the crate spawns in with both the items it will have (instead of being empty) and since we have R3F installed, it is movable (when normal DMS crates are not). Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem?
  5. It's probably an issue with uncommenting/commenting out DLC or otherwise. DMS is pretty bad for telling you what went wrong. Separately: I want to make the spawned missions have simulated buildings, there is no config for this in DMS even though I've seen github discussions regarding adding in a config for it, people in this thread saying to do a fix by enabling it, but none of it is readily doable. How can I correct this issue?
  6. I mean, Epoch already had this system, you'd just have to steal their work. Most disliked the system and it had a ton of complaints, but as my boy Cosby (who is innocent) likes to say, hey hey hey.
  7. I love the Stamina/Weapon Sway system in base Arma 3. It constantly reminds me that I'm playing a game instead of a game that's also a realistic military simulator.
  8. They probably don't want to be reminded of the intelligence level of fellow Exile players.
  9. If I'm a prisoner and I escape, why would I not be a bandit by default? It would be better to put a mission up every time there was a player who gets killed without killing another player 5x in a row so the rest of the bandits can come and teach him a lesson (by killing him more).
  10. Isn't there an item that grants (near) instant access to all safes though?
  11. This is a great point. If only the same logic had been used in the past instead of the DEV Team ruining the Nightstalker.
  12. BISim is actually leagues ahead of BIS in terms of content and capabilities both inside the engine and in what the individual infantryman can do, what his assets can do, etc. The only drawback to BISim is that it's a Military Simulator and it has comparatively poor graphics. Nothing BISim does will ever 'automatically' become what BIS does or vice-versa, and in many cases it cannot.
  13. The same features were already posted on these forums awhile ago.
  14. Getting that HMG Strider work in