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  1. if they set their server to kick the player after 15 minutes of idle, then so be it. them being logged into the server and not playing is just taking up player slot, where it could be free'd up for another player. and effect FPS. just means they log back in once back at their keyboard.
  2. What @Z80CPU makes sense, would be better to setup anti idle with battleye. so if they stop playing for so many minutes, then they are kicked.
  3. I would think you will need to add a new class under class Respect { in config.cpp and then also add something to the overrides to give negative rep.
  4. I found with A2 Maps, certain areas just will not work with radiation, never could figure it out, but I have my namalsk map, have 3 rad zones, 2 work, the 3rd does not. markers show on the map and everything. I believe it has to do with terrian and elevation or possibly the surface of the terrain that causes this issue.
  5. i think thats a normal issue with cup weapons.
  6. zeds will only spawn in the triggers you leave true, if you do not want to show any markers on the map change Show Trigger On Map */ true, to Show Trigger On Map */ false,
  7. just disable each trigger except #4 /* 0 Use this trigger */ True, set to /* 0 Use this trigger */ false,
  8. disable the trigger labeled mission,
  9. fn_init.sqf is the file you want to edit
  10. to limit the number of spawn points, just place a // in front of each set of coordinates you do not want them to spawn. like if you only want main cities then change trigger 1 to Trigger_1 = [ //Cities /* 0 Use this trigger */ false, // Self - explanatory then in triggerpositions.sqf change the section to
  11. look at the Trigger_1 through 6 you can customize, the color of the circle, or turn it off completely. each trigger you can customize, if you see the 1 Trigger Positions */ Cities, each trigger will show what it is then look at TriggerPositions.sqf and you will see chernarus section with the trigger names. which match those. once edited, repbo the exilez folder, start up the server
  12. upload this file in place of the old file under @exileserver\addons\exilez.pbo https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5CNJXtxfDbENDlMaDYzRDUxQTA
  13. yes, just change what settings you want in the fn_init.sqf, go into TriggerPositions.sqf file and change to
  14. looks like your using the original version not kuplions. you need to download https://github.com/kuplion/ExileZ-2 and install this version, instead of what qgs installed. if you need assistance on doing this lmk and I will compile a pbo for you to upload in place of the old