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  1. I am assuming this but it should work in config.cpp inside your mission file find class ExAd_Info { title = "Server Rules"; controlID = 50100; logo = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\Info\Icon_SI.paa"; onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\Info\onLoad.sqf"; onOpen = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\Info\onOpen.sqf"; onClose = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\Info\onClose.sqf"; }; change to class ExAd_Info { title = "Server Rules"; controlID = 50100; config = "xm8Apps\Apps\yourscript.sqf"; point this to you XM8 server rules sqf file logo = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\Info\Icon_SI.paa"; onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\Info\onLoad.sqf"; onOpen = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\Info\onOpen.sqf"; onClose = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\Info\onClose.sqf"; };
  2. inside mission pbo find folder ExAdClient\VirtualGarage then file customize.sqf find ExAd_VG_CLEAN_ON_STORE = true; and change true to false.
  3. Here ya go just create a folder inside your mission file called Overrides if you don't have one and add this line under class CfgExileCustomCode ExileClient_action_repairVehicle_condition = "Overrides\ExileClient_action_repairVehicle_condition.sqf"; then create a .sqf file and name it ExileClient_action_repairVehicle_condition paste this inside that .sqf
  4. So 216 views has anyone tried them out? I am still a client with them and absolutely love them!
  5. If your looking for dedicated at great prices and excellent customer service look no further than Joe's Datacenter. They have a wide selection of servers and if you want to upgrade the server I.E. memory, SSD they are super fast and really cheap per month. I have been with them going on a year and I have not had a single problem with the server, connection, speed and I have tried a lot of providers out there. You can even have them hook up a KVMIP unit to remotely install your OS for FREE or they will install your OS for free as long as you send them the ISO I really cant say anything negative about them because when I have to open a ticket which is very rare and mainly for upgrades they respond so quick and helpful!
  6. You don't add it to ExAd but I can say it does work, I would post how to get it working but it is not my code. It would replace your Server Info button in XM8 so at the bottom you would have XM8 Apps and then More.
  7. Good to know I will check that out thanks man!
  8. Yes god mode doesn't work until you receive damage then heal yourself
  9. I updated my servers to v80 and they informed me about every 8 secs they would stutter so after looks at other changes I made I rolled back my test server to v79 and the stutter has went away so it appears there is something going on in v80
  10. This requires the admin to type into chat !admin to login and use their admin same goes with turning them off startAsNormal[] = This one means they are always logged in as admin hiddenSuperAdmin[] = This is the top tier admin level adminUIDandAccess[] = There are 2 other options below this that can be edited to limit access to certain abilities.
  11. There is no performance loss with verify signatures=2
  12. Couldn't get the option to do it
  13. Within 50m of the trader, I had issues with planes not taking off the carrier though