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  1. If you guys want donations then you should add more content to exile itself and work with the community like how the old team did in the beginning when the mod first came out you guys had plenty of donations back then, this 1 update every 4-6 months is not how you earn donations.
  2. Anyone have a working exile.ini for virtual garage my vehicles are duping i followed the instructions but i think i did something wrong.
  3. Anyone have issues with the ai roaming vehicles not moving there just stuck. Happened a few updates ago i switched to occupation but i really don't like it much.
  4. Something is wrong with the airport trader first 2 helicopters bought blew up they spawns under the awning and other times it says code 13 i am running all vanilla have not changed one thing any help would be much appreciated
  5. It seems any time the temp goes below 1c is when the icon turns black anything above the icon turns to what it should be.
  6. love this status bar but had just 1 issue the outdoor temp icon turns black after a few minutes when you log in and stays like that. I reinstalled the script and still having this issue. Other than that i love the icons nice work.
  7. I think this is the edited exile version if not tell me and ill remove it https://www.dropbox.com/s/k8aohq1sv9n7o07/paintshop-master.zip?dl=0
  8. Any one having issues with loot spawns some stuff you cant pick up and there is no icon same happens when you die the gun is laying there but you cant pick it up. Running vanilla
  9. I noticed when you put SC_occupyPlaces to fALSE it stops driving and flying ai from spawning is there a way to fix this? I only want to use roaming land and flying vehicles.
  10. Sorry if someone has asked this before but i made my own AI city as a static mission and for some reason the ai keep spawning inside of objects that you cant go in so there is no way to kill them i made sure the cords are plenty far enough away but it still happens do you know of a way to prevent this from happening?
  11. This script has worked great till v1.0 and the only issue we are having is after you revive you still have the count down up on your screen if you log out and come back in its fine but if you leave the timer up you die again. Is anyone else having this?
  12. I tried all formats and i still get error 13, only on land traders on tanao I spent about 8 hrs and still could not get it to work so i gave up and found that i just had to update infistar to use there way to spawn in vehicles and they stopped blowing up.
  13. Still not working boats spawn in and heli planes traders but vehicle traders pop up error 13 its 30 m away and i doubled checked the name if i had it wrong i don't think boats would spawn in i even changed from helipad to a sphere on all and all still worked but vehicles sorry for bothering you with this but i tried everything and its on tanoa.
  14. Ok helis spawns are fine but when you try to buy land vehicle error 13 pops up.