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      We are happy to announce that the Arma 3 Edict Mod made the decision to base upon Exile Mod in the future and has been granted permission to do so. We have only had little contact so far, but we are looking forward to a successful cooperation. We will post more information as soon as we have them. You can read more on their website here. Welcome to the Exile family!
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      Read about Exile's future here:  
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      If you ever find yourself being asked to pay for a script, consider it a spoof. Especially if you are being asked to discuss the details on Teamspeak, think twice. Do not fall for these persons. Make sure your provider is legit and avoid fishy services like Contract Coders. Instead, report them and prevent being fooled. This community is not a marketplace. People offering their services are being tolerated, but be certain that there are black sheep amongst them.


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  1. Attach your CfgServerInfoMenu.hpp here
  2. thank you dear @yesyesjo for your prompt reply and availability <3 now i check and i tell you
  3. Hello @yesyesjo and @Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear The first tank you for this job <3 i love it <3 i have this problem ... all the walls, floors wooden and fortified wooden (exile base not extended base mod) can be easily destroyed with any explosive and after restart server restore ... I know that every wall needs his specific charge ex: woodwall = chargewood, concret wall = BigMomma I use in server Exile REBORN whit 2 mod: Extended Base Mod and CDAH mod Pack . I uninstalled your mod and the problem has disappeared ... can give me some clue and help? Thanx <3
  4. thanx dear <3
  5. Hello comunity, i have this problem ... all the walls and floors can be easily destroyed with any explosive and after restart server restore ...I can not understand where is the problem ... I know that every wall needs his specific charge ex: woodwall need chargewood. I use in server Exile REBORN WHIT 2 mod: Extended Base Mod and CDAH mod PAck . anyone can give me some clue ? Thanx <3
  6. I can not understand why the walls of the base of exile (vanilla wood wall) are destroyed with all explosives and after restart server you restore ...
  7. Hello guys, hello great @Freakylein, Thanx for your fantastic job <3 i have this problem ... the destructible walls with any explosive ... Freack It can be problematic for your mod ? any idea how to fix ? I want the base can only be destroyed with specific charges ... cgarhe wood, charge metal, bigmomma. Thanks for any help <3
  8. Gentlemen, dear @IT07 may I have a simple guide on how to enter this wonderful script in XM8 (Exad) ? Thank you in advance <3
  10. Hello guys, hello great @infiSTAR , i use Reborn Exile with spawn points other than Exile Vanila ... whit UAT = "true"; who buys a vehicle (spawn points moved much further away from the trader) after a second him back on the trader's position ... I finde this message in my RPT: POTENTIAL-TP 1: Moved 89m in 0.307983s (from [20826.8,7209.92,0.0014267] to [20875.5,7284.84,2.75607]). TopSpeed of Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Wasp is 245 speed was 1044.64. Player FPS: 38.7409. Alive for 109.658s | 0h 10min 50s [15-Jan-2017 10-43-43 - v0071]" for this reason I have to disable UAT ... You can politely tell you how to customize the spawn points ? Thanx <3
  11. same problem .... if the player has 100% health and lights the fire does not die ... if it is injured and lights the fire does die ...
  12. Thanx for answer @yesyesjo <3 so for the moment dont have solution ? block only the earthquake ? Thanx again <3
  13. Hello guys, @Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear @yesyesjo Thanx for your great work <3 I have an unusual problem ... after inserting the mod on the server the earthquake destroyed the base ... a little time to come down the walls ... you have any idea what can be ? Thanx <3
  14. I dont use Extended Base Mod ... verry verry strange my isuse
  15. Thanx for excelent work <3 and GOOD LIFE <3 <3 <3