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  3. but but my useless post wont be seen
  4. @Flosstradamus
  5. @BradPlays well damn..LMAO
  6. kappa
  7. Fruitloops and garbage is what makes a good exile server
  8. i think i can garbage it up
  9. Helloooooo, this is something i made for my EXP servers but i havent used it yet cause well. idk. lol but i got some good feedback and thought i would share it with everyone here so you may use. Basically its just a recreation of DayZ standalone's tent city. Iv done my best to get it looking as good as i can and it looks fine to me. I will prob release the loot positions for the buildings used here at a later date once i get more time. But for now this is what you got! Enjoy! In Game DayZ Standalone In Game ArmA 3 Exile Screenshots Have any more ideas? Let me know ! Download! Requirements: CUP Core CUP Maps Exile
  10. im 13 LA Male
  11. Notice anything?
  12. So recently iv wanted to change up the NWAF on my servers and wanted to do something special. I got in game in DayZ Standalone and went to NWAF and saw the new tents they just added. And was like dope then game crashed and was a bambi so i quit. I managed to recreate it to the best of my ability. Here are some screenshots. It wasn't hard at all but something to keep me busy. Anyone interested in using this on there server? If so ill release it for peeps to use on your server. For the servers like the DayZ recreation servers that crazy mike or some others might be running they might like this IDK. In game DayZ Standalone: In Game ArmA 3 Exile: