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  1. change the displayID to something smaller maybe? like 42069...
  2. class s_buttonclose: RscButton { idc = 1600; text = "CLOSE ALL MESSAGES"; //--- ToDo: Localize; x = 0.355625 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.731 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.28875 * safezoneW; h = 0.044 * safezoneH; colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0.7}; action = "(findDisplay 99887766) closeDisplay 0;(findDisplay 998877662) closeDisplay 0;(findDisplay 998877663) closeDisplay 0;"; };
  3. closeDialog NUMBER is not the displayID, it's the exit code. closeDialog just closes the upmost dialog, when this code runs, it closes the same dialog 3 times, because the dialog won't close until the next game tick. 0 just exits, without emulating a button press. #define IDC_OK 1 //emulate "Ok" button #define IDC_CANCEL 2 //emulate "Cancel" button what you're looking for is closeDisplay. //Find the display from it's ID, and then close it without emulating a button click. (findDisplay 99887766) closeDisplay 0; (findDisplay 998877662) closeDisplay 0; (findDisplay 998877663) closeDisplay 0;
  4. can be ignored makes little to no difference
  5. EXILE_AH.sqf line 1565, change the displayCtrl idc Besides, it's already on "FIELD MANUAL"
  6. @HawkTheKid Please only create one thread for the same issue... But.... have you tried turning off your anti-virus, restarting your computer and or search for fixes on the forums?
  7. then add allowedVoteCmds[] = {}; ??
  8. Server.cfg replace the allowedVoteCmds with this: allowedVoteCmds[] = {};
  9. you don't need both, just the one
  10. "lazy man fix"
  11. For those that are using Vector Building by me or anyone else: inside ExileClient_construction_thread find: if !(([configName ExileClientConstructionConfig, ASLToAGL (getPosASL ExileClientConstructionObject), getPlayerUID player] call ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere) isEqualTo 0) then and replace it with: if !(([configName ExileClientConstructionConfig, getPosASL ExileClientConstructionObject, getPlayerUID player] call ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere) isEqualTo 0) then
  12. .... Check your extdb_conf.ini database settings, and read the extDB logs.
  13. It stays but when you click the button it says "This server has Virtual Garage disabled! Ask the server owner to enable it!" you can always replace it with something else, or override it with the ExAd one. as for converting them to the "new format", i've not done much research on it but i think you can just generate a random "nickname" for each vehicle that is in the ExAd garage and players will be able to take them out.
  14. config.cpp class CfgVirtualGarage { /* Enable or disable virtual garage on the server Options: 0: Disable virtual garage 1: Enable virtual garage */ enableVirtualGarage = 1;