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  1. Just FYI, Isn't fixed if you have more than one HC. MariaDB [exile]> select logentry from infistar_logs where logentry REGEXP 'PLAYER-OBJECT' LIMIT 5; +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | logentry | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | HC3(HC26284) | WRONG PLAYER-OBJECT HeadlessClient_F with netId 5 308 @[7758.93,2769.53,-5.10453] | 0h 29min 25s [30-10-2017 23-45-10 - v87] | | HC3(HC26284) isAdmin? false SLOG_SKICK HC3(HC26284) | WRONG PLAYER-OBJECT HeadlessClient_F with netId 5 308 @[7758.93,2769.53,-5.10453] | 0h 29min 25s [30-10-2017 23-45-10 - v87] | | () isAdmin? false HC3(HC26284) isAdmin? false SLOG_SKICK HC3(HC26284) | WRONG PLAYER-OBJECT HeadlessClient_F with netId 5 308 @[7758.93,2769.53,-5.10453] | 0h 29min 25s [30-10-2017 23-45-10 - v87] | | HC3(HC26653) | WRONG PLAYER-OBJECT HeadlessClient_F with netId 9 4 @[7758.93,2769.53,0.251542] | 0h 34min 41s [30-10-2017 23-45-10 - v87] | | HC3(HC26653) isAdmin? false SLOG_SKICK HC3(HC26653) | WRONG PLAYER-OBJECT HeadlessClient_F with netId 9 4 @[7758.93,2769.53,0.251542] | 0h 34min 41s [30-10-2017 23-45-10 - v87] | +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 5 rows in set (0.00 sec)
  2. Replace line 27 in: ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_apps_onOpen.sqf // FIX: xm8 show current balance //_popTabsValue = (player getVariable ["ExileLocker", 0]); _popTabsValue = (player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]); Add file as an override to mission config.cpp class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_apps_onOpen = "overrides\ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_apps_onOpen.sqf"; };
  3. Irregular Apocalypse

    If you are looking for something that is quality over quantity, and doesn't spoon feed players, this might be for you, a relaxed environment for mature people. I was asked to build a what appears to be a niche survival experience by some friends, the project is still work in progress (went "live" on the 1st Nov) but functional to the level of most other servers, our advanced features will take some more time. No loot spam. No Traders. (only p2p trading, and base upkeep) No 3rd person. No laggy scripts. No extra mods that don't add to gameplay. Powerful items are actually rare. Headless clients running AI so YOU don't have too. Features are being added over time, we are open to suggestions provided it has meaningful gameplay potential (another gun/shirt for the sake of another gun/shirt adds nothing). Current big ticket item is custom AI for Zombies, other prospective features include game masters, greater depth than one button press mechanics, custom client side mod with HUD replacement, improved flashlights/flares, full ACE integration, web based player stats tracking and possibly more. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  4. HeliCrashes.sqf // Create the wrecks //_centerPOS = EZC_centerPOS; <-- Dumb can be automated as below _middle = worldSize/2; _centerPOS = [_middle,_middle,0]; Also for EZC_maxDist maxDist (Optional): Number - maximum distance from the center position. If -1, the world's "safePositionRadius" entry will be used Adding a var for terrain elevation, and blacklist array would prob be a reasonable suggestion also.
  5. I'm in the process of re-writing my project from the ground up as the proof of concept I hammered together has out grown the scope of the parts used to test it. I have a working prototype that as full advanced ACE medical system database persistence as a core feature, But the mod is some way off any public release. If you interested there is info on about the proof of concept here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zxile but is no longer maintained.
  6. If you login to the server directly it will postfix the player name with admin, this is done using #login <rcon pass> in chat. This can also be done using the login option from the infiSTAR menu its in white near the middle/bottom of the list. This doesn't require a password. Obviously people that haven't done this won't me marked in the player list. I'd suggest your admins enable the infiSTAR option when they have the panel open, the use the save option state button at the top of the screen so it is enabled upon login, to save forgetting todo it. Although I'm not 100% sure that option would be saved, haven't bothered to go that far myself, I'll test it later.
  7. Type !admin in chat, you'll be thrown to server browser, when you rejoin you'll be a regular player. Or you could set yourself in the infiSTAR config to start as a normal player, you'd then use the same !admin command to access the panel.
  8. Sadly I cannot offer further insight, haven't taken to looking at it further. What I can offer is what I might try to debug the issue, make a loot table exclusively of small items, matches etc.. slap on some debug, and manually inspect in what instances they appear and don't appear. Then as an ugly work around tune the spawning to account for a "failure" rate. This is a example of what I'd do to get on, I'm not in the habit of letting small things get in the way of the larger project as a whole and as iterating on your balance is the goal here, I'd find an interim method such as above to achieve that and return to the issue later. Chances are the problem will evaporate in a later patch which will be obvious by the over abundance of matches, at which point you can just cut back on the drop rate. Hope this gives you at least another perspective on the issue. Solving a problem isn't always worth the effort, Just in my opinion.
  9. I have several other methods of spawning items in world, and only with the Exile spawn system do they "not appear" I've already looked at the asset, there doesn't appear to be any issues with it. This also happens with earplugs, can openers, screw drivers, etc.. I imagine issues like this are why the Arma assets for things like the compass, map etc.. are standardized as an ammo pouch. Not only saves time but removes issues finding fiddly small items in world.
  10. Take a look at my group, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Zxile Its easier to point you to what has already been written than restate. There is a "guide" posted that explains in more detail. We are running an experimental concept that tries to address each one of your concerns. The whole premise of the project is to build a workable solution to current mediocrity, and your issues are in large part the driving force behind starting the project. If you have any other gameplay/mechanics issue that isn't already being tackled by the project I'd be interested in hearing your points.
  11. I believe the issue you are having is that they spawn below ground level, I have noticed this with several of the smaller items. I have taken to placing spawn positions slightly higher, its fugly and immersion (what little there is) breaking. But somewhat negates the issue.
  12. I take it you edited the mission file with Exiles 3DEN editor tool? When saving the mission Arma writes 3DEN as a dependency, thus I take it the server didn't have the mod loaded and bombed each time saving missing content. Either add 3DEN to your server mods, (dumb imo) or edit the mission file and remove the 3DEN dependency from the addons array. addons[]= {} or simpler yet, just use the tool to write out the required files. Don't use it to edit the mission directly. Its all a guess based solely on you mentioning "3DEN".
  13. This is old and boring now. I'm only replying because there's so much stupid floating about lately, read, react, but they don't comprehend. My post was never the issue up for debate, nor did I give two fucks. Somehow the content from this thread was dragged in here in some attempt to invalidate my points about threads being deleted without warning or notice, I made the mistake of mentioning several posts of mine that had been removed as EXAMPLES of the point I was making. Thus people took it upon themselves to assume I was complaining. If you had read the post above your last it would be perfectly clear. It seems people have forgotten what an example used to illustrate actually is and the fact its totally possible for someone to comment on a concern without "crying about it" If my posts where an issue, I'd have done something at the time!
  14. Something is broke, Check your .rpt log. Most likely a typo in a config. If you open your mission file in the editor for example it'll prompt you if there's a typo somewhere.
  15. Its an example, I wasn't doing the work for him! There is more required for a complete working UI replacement solution. I have just pointed out where in the code you need to poke to get at the root of the Exile UI, and given an example. Its by far not the best or most elegant way to do it. Forgive me if I hand people just enough rope to hang themselves, and little more.