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  1. Well, I give up for now until I can figure it out. In the meantime I just added the objects per the a3_custom.pbo and run the mission without adding the objects during the mission. It seems to be working this way. I have a few tweaks left to make
  2. This is what I get when I export with m3editor. Which still isn't right.
  3. Alright, here's a stupid question. How do I get or launch a3editor? I can't find anything on it. I tried using m3editor but that doesn't get me the correct format either.
  4. I was looking closer to the code for saltflats versus my code and there is a difference in the information. I guess I need to figure out how this was generated. Saltflats Mine More brackets and additional codes. I guess having an understanding of what each group is would help.
  5. That would be true. They are floating in the air. What should I have set to that will correct that? Do I also want to make them simple objects?
  6. Well after studying the files I decided to take my first step into creating a mission. Easy enough, right?... I decided to use Salt flats as the basis for the mission. I created the mission at the fortress ruins on Tanoa. This is what it looks like in the editor: In editor And this is what I get in game: In game I screwed something up with the coordinates apparently. I got my coordinates by using the exile addon and selecting "Save initserver.sqf. I've used this several times for adding custom objects into the map and haven't had any issues. Here's my object file: Object file Where am I going wrong?
  7. http://pastebin.ca/3793141
  8. I placed the AL_roadflare folder and sound folder straight into my mission folder and put the ini_roadflare.sqf and Briefing.sqf into the root of the mission folder. I then added into my init.sqf: I even changed it to this and took out the briefing.sqf to see if that works . I left out the sound info from the description.ext after I had issues with adding it. I struggle sometimes with how to properly add things to the description.ext. I figured since it was just sound it wouldn't matter if it was there or not.
  9. I was wanting to add this to my server since Arma doesn't have flares. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31990 It works, but just not with Exile. Does anyone know what would be causing it not to work with Exile? I'm sure it's probably something simple that I'm missing.
  10. I went ahead and installed ExAd. Works great!
  11. This is why I'm not sure what to do. I don't know what to install.
  12. I have just the basic xm8 so I don't have an xm8 folder. What is it that I need installed to be able to use this? I might eventually go to ExAd but for now I just want to use the old.
  13. It's working for me except for this one issue. Do you know how to get rid of this?
  14. So, if I just delete the "ExileNonConstructionZones" I want then I should be able to build there? Edit. That worked. Thanks.
  15. I just run a small server for me and some friends and we want to be able to build in the cities. When I try to place a flag I get this: I can't find a setting anywhere in the files to allow base building in cities. Is there a setting I am missing?