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  1. @red_ned just saw in the RHS that HK416 etc wasent in there when i looked in virtual training :3 and i thought to myself that there was so few guns when ik RHS has a tons of guns etc and its weird that sigh dosent show u anything tho.
  2. @GolovaRaoul The File dropper dosent work can u upload on google drive or mediafire or something Thanks For Sharing
  3. @red_ned i found documentation of rhs class list. http://class.rhsmods.org/ so ppl can add more stuff to their trader or loot spawn
  4. @QGS is this still dead or is this something i can get if i get a gameserver or something ?
  5. is there an easy way to get loot table too ? would be awesome with 3-4 big mods with them looting around chernorus :3 was thinking about RHS both Niarms complete MAS vehicles, MAS weapons Extended Building Mod VSM for trader. etc Cheers and now i will download this mod in a bit :3 i might come back again :3 This mod will defently help a ton. but loot table would also be awesome if someone can point me in the right direction
  6. Happy New Year !!! and Merry Christmas !!!
  7. oy jeg og en kompis av meg ser etter gruppe. jeg kommer til å være så aktiv som mulig. usikker på kompisen min jeg er iallefall intresert Takk TimRambo
  8. @Razor77 ya it was i dont have any other files than that idk why its doing that O_O should i just try to reinstall my arma 3/update my arma 3 server ? might help idk tbh i dont wanna redo my server EDIT: I AM REDOWNLOADING AND REDOING MY SERVER!
  9. soo i am launching my server it stops on either UPNP and if i turn UPNP off it only goes to game port and steam query port. soo i am asking for some advice thanks EDIT: when i join my server i just get kicked off the server wth no error. EDIT: Added new RPT file Sheria
  10. ok i did reinstall my server and only started arma3server and i can see my server but my friend cant
  11. ya i hope soo too i am redoing my server gonna launch arma 3 server at first and see if that works if that works i gonna do exile if not ima just gonna wait for an fix or something thx again @berzek
  12. Soo i launch my server on my laptop in my eyes it looks like it works, but it dosent i check ingame in Lan Tab NOTHING! thats my RPT file THX IN ADVANCE!