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  1. The terrain gradient is kinda buggy. Something i never really could solve without writing functions to check stuff yourselve : ) it's a general arma problem. Maybe they fixed it by now, idk : )
  2. https://github.com/DevZupa/ZCP-A3-Exile/wiki/Configuration#mission-config Mission Config entry 27
  3. The problem is at your server: You might want to read this topic carefully:
  4. The bot can't really know when the servers going to restart. The only way to do so is defining times when the server restarts: eg: 2am, 5am, 8am
  5. If Dart & EPM don't work. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with your BEserver configs. Check if there is a BEserver.cfg file in your profiles/battleye folder
  6. It should work out of the box. For the Cities you need to add every city manually to the list of cities for the map. You can't get a decent center with arma configs : ) ( The name on the map is the center according to arma ).
  7. AH ya i forgot. I add it manually on city points in https://github.com/DevZupa/ZCP-A3-Exile/blob/master/server_addon_code/a3_zcp_exile/functions/fn_start.sqf#L211-L215
  8. Hmm, did DMS change it's loaded value? Otherwise DMS is not initiated correctly.
  9. Strange it should pick a different one. I'll look into it. in citymode there is no flag unless you place one as a city object file yourself.
  10. Sorry m8, they are just the default bases from the Arma Editor. Go into the editor & take the compositions & place them to see which ones are which. I didn't take notes on the sames regarding the pictures.
  11. I want to put some usefull info here: someone pointed this out to me, but can't remember who said it. The easts AI were sometimes attacking eachother. This was caused by them being spawned in with a west uniform unit class name.
  12. Newly added features: Automated messages. ( If it contains commands for actions, these are ignored). Player list with country flags.
  13. Hmm yes it seems the rcon instances duplicated over night. I need to look why this happened. Last time it was an internet connection issue. ( ovh servers )
  14. I found the issue with reconnecting. The rcon instance was recreated in a new way which resulted in not rebinding the events to the new instance. Silly me. Updating bot soon.
  15. Can you add me on DIscord for faster communication? Can't seem to find you