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  1. @Noughts | hellcase.com usually this is happening when you have not defined the RemoteExec function in your description.ext class AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest { allowedTargets = 2; }; I recommend to check out the readme and follow the instruction carefully from the video. Also, try disable battleye for time being to make sure BE filter are not the reason for the error
  2. @Noughts | hellcase.com this should fix the "}" issue https://pastebin.com/fz4Ekumh
  3. @Noughts | hellcase.com The is one extra "}" or a missing "}" in the config.cpp - use the pastebin service to show us the complete config.cpp - So we can help you futher.
  4. @e01234589 @Zippy do you know more details about the differences between setdamage and the Weapon dmg?
  5. @e01234589 I am sorry to hear that you have issues with the god mode. A known issue to me is when you leave the safe zone you may need to re-enable the god mode from the ATK. Other than that the god mode should work. How about spawn some vehicles, etc.. Dies this work for you?!
  6. @Rebellion Have you tried the below remoteexec.txt !"AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest" scripts.txt !="remoteExecCall ['AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest',"
  7. @Coffee really nice to know that player UID may change when you use a different windows login!
  8. @[RSO] Will I Am ☠ Hi Scripting function 'admintoolkit_network_receivere...' is not allowed to be remotely executed This error is often the cause of the missing entry in the description.ext class AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest { allowedTargets = 2; }; One user reported a similar situation where he just forgot to put the right missionFile onto the server. Does this maybe applies to you?! Also I have seen you are using infistar (according to the description.ext) - This can also block the remote commands as far as I know.
  9. @MooseV CSGOGem.com Copy the folder @AdminToolkit into your Arma 3 game directory (E.g. C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3) Load the mod through Arma 3 Launcher when you run the game
  10. @MooseV CSGOGem.com then you possible have not enabled the AdminToolkit mod when launching the game (client side)
  11. I have finally tested the AdminToolkit with the latest Arma 3 version (1.70.141838) and Exile 1.0.3 "Lemon" and can confirm it is running.
  12. @Arkviper @sparkymark1976@live Sorry, I did not had the chance to test probably. Can you provide me with the server log just to make sure there a no script errors..
  13. @Jordoncue I am missing an entry of the admintookit_server.pbo. It's loading the admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo but not the main pbo. Check the server path for that file in folder @AdmintoolkitSever\addons and if it's missing please add it properly
  14. @Jordoncue As you have read all the post million times it should be clear to you that we can not easily give you a solution when not server.rpt or client lgo file is attached to. Please attached it and we can have a closer look into it.
  15. @q-p well, the profile file can be "unpack/unbinarize " I guess - It can of course contain other settings (especially) for other mods... Try to use the command "CfgConvert" (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgConvert - please find yourself). Once you have unbinarize search for "ATK_PERSISTENT_ " and this part can completely removed. PLEASE NOTE: This part is only for very advanced users. I really hope I will have more time to get extDB running for the buildings, so you guys can easily manage it through sql. @Rebellion the first versions (until v1.8) ATK had only a place in the @ExileMod/addons folder (+ the client). Since version 2.0 we change it to be in a stand-alone server mod directory on purpose.