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  1. @iamkaarp it does log it - Through STDOUT So you can do the following: ./arma3server -config=config.cfg -mod=@exile -servermod=@exileserver;@admintoolkitserver >> serverlog.rpt
  2. @iamkaarp have you setup the argument "-servermod=@AdminToolkitServer" on the server?! Also, please post your server rpt (log file)
  3. Hello Everyone, I am sorry for the delay - was on a short trip of vacation. Trying to answer all of your questions in on reply @Capt_Kirk answered you through PM @tinboye sorry, not yet - but feel free to create your own extension ;-) - And yes, infistar can possible block things (but ppl. got it to work - Most important is the remoteExec command being used by the AdminToolkit) @Capt_Kirk BE restrictions are always pain in th a** - Try it please yourself (I remember there was a tool online: maaybe this helps: @Dawso please, provide us with a server log (and client log maybe as well) Thank you
  4. @MrReklezz can you please be more specific when the god mode seems to be disabled?! we know one issue, where the god mode becomes disabled - And that is when you leave the safe zone(s)
  5. @MrReklezz Once again - without a LOG FILE I can only GUESS If you provide me with the server log and the client log I can help you out much more quickly. As this seems to be more client related, please try to get his client log. Make sure that the "No Logs" flag is UNSET in the ARma 3 paramters of the Launcher, see screenshot below: LogFiles are located here (Win 10): %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3
  6. @Dawso please make sure you have configured and started the server properly. What is missing in the Installation instruction video, is to set the -servermod parameter arma3server.exe -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer Also, please provide us with a server log, so we can better troubleshoot the issue.
  7. @MrReklezz please make sure you are using the version 2.0.2 as it fixes a possible login issue EXILEMOD: fixed issue were NEW players cannot connect
  8. After pressing the mod menu "Exile Mod" what do you see in the lists? (screenshots?)
  9. @DillingerTM I dont see a problem actually... It just tells you that the Exile Mod extensions is available in the missionFile. And when the atk\extension\ExileMod.sqf exist in your missionFile it should show you some actions below
  10. Make sure you have copied the atk folder in your MissionFile
  11. @→Fuxthis as this might be a part of the server side you can build your own extensions and put one action to it (the crate spawn process). In my other mod (a3-exile-scratchie) I have made a crate as kind of a price they can win... You can take it as an example (Link LINE 75 / Link) UNTESTED EXAMPLE 1. Create your extension and put it into admintoolkit_servercfg/extension/MyCrate.sqf // File: MyCrate.sqf // Destination: admintoolkit_servercfg/extension/MyCrate.sqf private['_playerObject','_request', '_params', '_position', '_object']; _playerObject = _this select 0; _request = _this select 1; _params = _this select 2; if (_request isEqualTo "mycrate_spawn") then { _position = getPos _playerObject; _object = createVehicle ["Land_MetalCase_01_small_F", _position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object addWeaponCargoGlobal ["LMG_Zafir_F", 1]; }; true; 2. In the missions config.cpp, add the "MyCrate.sqf" extensions into the Extensions[] located in "CfgAdminToolkitCustomMod" (not sure if this part is actually needed / if you only use the quick button / I think you can skip this) // config.cpp (MissionFile) -> CfgpAdminToolkitCustomMod Extensions[] = { {"My Crate Ext", "MyCrate"} }; 3. Then, let us use the quick button again to spawn the crate, once button pressed (it should spawn at the exact position where you are standing) // config.cpp (MissionFile) -> CfgAdminToolkitCustomMod -> QuickButtons[] {"Spawn Crate", "['mycrate_spawn'] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}
  12. @Ghosto I am not sure if this will work on server - It is not pretty much explained on which side the command should be execulted but you can try it on client side by using the QuickButtons, I was mentionin in my previous post. So something like: {"OpenArsenal","['Open',true] call BIS_fnc_arsena"} Of course if you do from client side, battleye might kick you?!
  13. @ThePinkOrange I have two things in my mind for this You can either build your own extension (Link) Or you can use the CfgAdminToolkitCustomMod section in missionFile config.cpp and chance the quick buttons class CfgAdminToolkitCustomMod { /* [...] */ /* 4 Quick buttons allowing to add any action you want - See example below*/ QuickButtons[] = { /* send a chat message to selected player containing 'Test 123' */ {"Chat", "['message', [AdminToolkit_Player, 'Test 123']] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, /* send a message to everyone using the parameter text field */ {"Msg To All", "['messageall', AdminToolkit_Params] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, /* Quickly get a Helicopter */ {"Heli", "['getvehicle', 'B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F'] call AdminToolkit_doAction"}, /*4 button*/ {"Empty", "['Command', 'Variable'] call AdminToolkit_doAction"} }; }; As you can see, there a one free button where you can fully create your own action ... for example: /* will only shown when you close the dialog afterwards */ {"Hint Me", "hint 'Very useless'"}
  14. @Bonux Hi Bonux, Pretty strange - IS it at least shown in the top menu?! Also, check the server and client log for possible errors. You can also post the log files. So ppl. can help you out. UPDATED: Usually the admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo should be ok as it is shipped with all the extensions. You you may focus on the mission file - did you copied the correct mission file (after packing)?! Regards, Ole
  15. @ThePinkOrange unfortunately not Most important file is the remoteexec.txt as it contains the remote call... There you should ad something similar to !="AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest" rest is related to scripts.txt i guess Maybe so. in the forum has it running with battleye? Otherwise I will investigate some time to come up with an update BE filter info within the next 2-3 days.