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  1. @Restiphani Sorry to hear that this is not working for you. I can double check the *.sign file once I have my server back running. For the time being you can disable the signature check by changing the "verifySignatures = 0" in the server.cfg
  2. the sign file always must match the exact bikey. so better use a previous atk version
  3. which version you are trying. also try a lower version to make sure the sign key is not broken. but actually it is not
  4. @Restiphani usually you only need to copy the .bikey file into servers keys directory
  5. it looks good, just send me the server and client rpt through pm and I will have a closer look
  6. " admintoolkit_network_receivere " is most often the case when the mission file has not customized the way it should. Most important line is in the description.ext: class AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest { allowedTargets=2; }
  7. pm me your client and server RPT... So I can help you regards ole
  8. @Nawre | Jules Winnfield just send me the server and client logs through pastebin or pm (if privacy matters). I can check them
  9. Actually player can only buy and use them You may trick the system from database...
  10. @Wolf_X_Blood you can PM me your server and client logs. I think you are missing the mission file customizations.
  11. 2.2.2 use AAN feature to display messages (makes mission_file\system folder unnecessary) allow using "messageperm" action to permanently show the AAN until another call or game end [DEBUG] renamed the prefix from "admintoolkit*" to "x\admintoolkit*" Updated readme to include Visual Studio Code installation instruction only RELEASE NOTES | ISSUE TRACKER
  12. @SirIsaac [GER] hi, Unfortunately (re)building is removed from the script. But patching the mission file is still available using ".\setup.ps1 -PatchMission" To customize the "admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo" you either download the Arma-Dev extension for Visual Studio Code and use the command "Arma 3: Pack" from inside vscode ( Arma 3 tools are required) or use any other pbo manager. For the "admintoolkit.pbo" and "admintoolkit_server.pbo" file shipped with the ATK I would highly recommend to not customize them, so you can safely update to newer versions (if available)
  13. @Finnbat I like the idea to use AAN. I thinking to implement this in different manner. Continuesly showing AAN info by passing two or three parameters (title / subtitle / scroll text) which may be useful for restart messages i guess Time dependent (in seconds) to display short notices (like "This server is using ATK" for instance ;-) ) This will reduces effort of customizing the mission file (except Exile edition). I am trying to achieve this shortly... Thank you
  14. Version 2.2.1 GODMODE now removes RyanZombies, fixed issue #34 moved packing (for developers) to arma-dev extension for vscode fixed getWeapon having a magazine at start fixed uiList to display (and possible select) the correct items when filtering added an ExileZ missionFile example containing the neccessary atk customizations RELEASE NOTES | ISSUE TRACKER