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  1. @kryptedbbkick can you show what marking you meant. @MrDynamite ATK uses the profile from Arma to store a set of variables which are the coords. it uses the AdminToolkit_saveProfile.sqf to store the array being built in AdminToolkit_savePersistent.sqf - Which is nothing else then profileNamespace setVariable {...} saveProfileNamespace More info: profileNamespace saveProfileNamespace
  2. @KSS can you please pastebin your config.cpp of the AdminToolkitServer.pbo (just to double check from my side) You can also send the content through PM due to privacy reason. THank you
  3. @JOJOWWW make Sure you have properly copied the atk folder into your Mission File or it has been patched properly throuh the PS script
  4. @MrDynamite they are stored in the servers profile file. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Profile Instead of unbinarize that file it is easier to remove the building and set a new one from the ATK. Unfortunately ATK has not yet the extDB implemented
  5. @Finnbat good idea - will think of it @snorp i will have a closer look into the god Mode - best would bei YouTube can Tell from which Thing you geht the damage... Maybe food/drink issue?!
  6. @snorp Hi snorp - the god mode may not work and needs to be reenabled when you leave a safe zone. Can you please explain me more, when you have the situation the god mode does not seem to work?!
  7. @snorp most often the mission file gets corrupted when the same classes are defined or brackets are missing. This is then shown as error in the server RPT @KSS Have you uploaded the the admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo into your Arma3\AdminToolkitServer directory? Have you also added the "-servermod=@AdminToolkitServer" when running arma3server
  8. Dear Everyone, I have updated to ATK to version 2.0.3 which addresse some issues to be solved now v2.0.3 * fixed setup.ps1 to build signed (client) pbos properly * improved player list performance and display players primary weapon #23 * fixed issue giving a vehicle to a selected player Regards, Ole
  9. @Arkviper Can you tell me what it is?
  10. Dear Everyone, thank you all for being part of the AdminToolkit community. These days I have worked a bit to make the process of configuring, building and installing the ATK even more easier. These are the powershell commands to several things # Used to build the all the pbo files (except mission file) .\setup.ps1 -Build # Used to patch your favorite mission file (automatically) - it will prompt a dialog to choice the mission .\setup.ps1 -PatchMission # Install the AdminToolkit and run arma3 (you might pre-select the mod once) .\setup.ps1 -Install -Run Please also checkout the README.md for further info
  11. Version 1.4 is available 1.4 - improved installation by using patch concept (mission files) - fixed counter when pressing "Buy" or "Use" So, from now on you can patch any Exile.*.pbo mission file automatically using the powershell command .\setup.ps1 -PatchMission A dialog box will appear and you can select the mission file. Each mission file you are patching will be stored in the @MissionFile directory of this project (extracted zip)
  12. @manOwar_AFD thank you for reporting your issue. I think its ok to change it to Box_NATO_Wps_F for everyone. So I am going to update the source and come up with a scratchie update soon
  13. @Noughts | hellcase.com usually this is happening when you have not defined the RemoteExec function in your description.ext class AdminToolkit_network_receiveRequest { allowedTargets = 2; }; I recommend to check out the readme and follow the instruction carefully from the video. Also, try disable battleye for time being to make sure BE filter are not the reason for the error
  14. @Noughts | hellcase.com this should fix the "}" issue https://pastebin.com/fz4Ekumh
  15. @Noughts | hellcase.com The is one extra "}" or a missing "}" in the config.cpp - use the pastebin service to show us the complete config.cpp - So we can help you futher.