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  1. I have finally tested the AdminToolkit with the latest Arma 3 version (1.70.141838) and Exile 1.0.3 "Lemon" and can confirm it is running.
  2. @Arkviper @sparkymark1976@live Sorry, I did not had the chance to test probably. Can you provide me with the server log just to make sure there a no script errors..
  3. @Jordoncue I am missing an entry of the admintookit_server.pbo. It's loading the admintoolkit_servercfg.pbo but not the main pbo. Check the server path for that file in folder @AdmintoolkitSever\addons and if it's missing please add it properly
  4. @Jordoncue As you have read all the post million times it should be clear to you that we can not easily give you a solution when not server.rpt or client lgo file is attached to. Please attached it and we can have a closer look into it.
  5. @q-p well, the profile file can be "unpack/unbinarize " I guess - It can of course contain other settings (especially) for other mods... Try to use the command "CfgConvert" (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgConvert - please find yourself). Once you have unbinarize search for "ATK_PERSISTENT_ " and this part can completely removed. PLEASE NOTE: This part is only for very advanced users. I really hope I will have more time to get extDB running for the buildings, so you guys can easily manage it through sql. @Rebellion the first versions (until v1.8) ATK had only a place in the @ExileMod/addons folder (+ the client). Since version 2.0 we change it to be in a stand-alone server mod directory on purpose.
  6. @Rebellion yes, the primary argument is independency by keeping the most comfortable way of growth. But also, the admin toolkit should only be relevant for admins and of course moderators. So only admin and moderators need the client version installed in their arma 3 folder, while the server will always have its separately as a mod permanently running. Annnd, one more thing to say.... To keep some things working for the "normal" (non-admin) users it is required to put "some things" into the mission files as well. The best example is the "Global Messages". To display global messages the "normal" player must know where the display the "global messages" that is why is being loaded in the mission file. Regards, Ole
  7. @q-p it stores the buildings in the profile file of the server, which is binary stored. More info: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.armaprofile My ultimate goal of course is to store such info in the database using extDB2. But this is (as ussual) a mater of time which I unfortunately have less these days. Regards, Ole
  8. @Remoz is this what you posted the complete output of the scripts.log?
  9. @q-p the RHS extensions are not properly update I guess.. For the RHS Vehicles you can try putting the parts from the ExileMod.sql into the RHS extensions. Example (important line to list RHS vehicles is at bottom): private['_result']; disableSerialization; // Use the foreach to add some actions into the action list, once EXTENSION is selected { _x call AdminToolkit_addAction; } forEach [ ['Repair', 'exile_repvehicle'], ['Destroy', 'exile_destvehicle'], ['Remove', 'exile_delvehicle'], ['Perm Spawn', 'exile_getvehicle'], ['Temporary Spawn', 'getvehicle'], ['Get Money', 'exile_getmoney'], ['Get Respect', 'exile_getscore'], ['Heal Me', 'exile_getheal'] ]; // overwrite the OnExecute code from AdminToolkit_OnExecute AdminToolkit_OnExecute = { AdminToolkit_Params = ctrlText RscAdminToolkitParam_IDC; //systemChat format["Parameters: %1", AdminToolkit_Params]; switch (AdminToolkit_Action) do { case "exile_repvehicle": { ['exile_repvehicle', cursorObject] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "exile_destvehicle": { ['exile_destvehicle', cursorObject] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "exile_delvehicle": { ['exile_delvehicle', cursorObject] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "exile_getvehicle": { [AdminToolkit_Action] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "getvehicle": { [AdminToolkit_Action] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "exile_getmoney": { ['exile_getmoney', 10000] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "exile_getheal": { ['exile_getheal', ""] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; case "exile_getscore": { ['exile_getscore', 1000] call AdminToolkit_doAction; }; default { systemChat format["Unknown action %1", AdminToolkit_Action]; }; }; }; // IMPORTANT LINE FOR RHS VEHICLES // IMPORTANT LINE FOR RHS VEHICLES // IMPORTANT LINE FOR RHS VEHICLES _result = "(getText(_x >> 'VehicleClass') in ['rhs_vehclass_apc','rhs_vehclass_ifv','rhs_vehclass_car','rhs_vehclass_truck','rhs_vehclass_tank','rhs_vehclass_artillery','rhs_vehclass_radar','rhs_vehclass_targeting','rhs_vehclass_launcher','rhs_vehclass_aircraft','rhs_vehclass_helicopter', 'rhs_vehclass_aa']) and (getNumber (_x >> 'scope') == 2)" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); _result; Save it into"atk/extension/Vehicles_RHS.sqf" in your mission file and use the following part for the Extensions // shorten it to only include Vehicles_RHS Extensions[] = { {"RHS Vehicles","Vehicles_RHS"}}; This should do the trick
  10. @iamkaarp it does log it - Through STDOUT So you can do the following: ./arma3server -config=config.cfg -mod=@exile -servermod=@exileserver;@admintoolkitserver >> serverlog.rpt
  11. @iamkaarp have you setup the argument "-servermod=@AdminToolkitServer" on the server?! Also, please post your server rpt (log file)
  12. Hello Everyone, I am sorry for the delay - was on a short trip of vacation. Trying to answer all of your questions in on reply @Capt_Kirk answered you through PM @tinboye sorry, not yet - but feel free to create your own extension ;-) - And yes, infistar can possible block things (but ppl. got it to work - Most important is the remoteExec command being used by the AdminToolkit) @Capt_Kirk BE restrictions are always pain in th a** - Try it please yourself (I remember there was a tool online: maaybe this helps: @Dawso please, provide us with a server log (and client log maybe as well) Thank you
  13. @MrReklezz can you please be more specific when the god mode seems to be disabled?! we know one issue, where the god mode becomes disabled - And that is when you leave the safe zone(s)
  14. @MrReklezz Once again - without a LOG FILE I can only GUESS If you provide me with the server log and the client log I can help you out much more quickly. As this seems to be more client related, please try to get his client log. Make sure that the "No Logs" flag is UNSET in the ARma 3 paramters of the Launcher, see screenshot below: LogFiles are located here (Win 10): %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3
  15. @Dawso please make sure you have configured and started the server properly. What is missing in the Installation instruction video, is to set the -servermod parameter arma3server.exe -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer Also, please provide us with a server log, so we can better troubleshoot the issue.