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  1. Some constructive "construction" criticism Has anyone managed to block this practice of stacking building items within each other?
  2. Already did, but it seems to only effect some maps, such as Tanoa if(_vehicleObject isKindOf "Air")then { _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal true; _vehicleObject enableDynamicSimulation false; } else { _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal false; _vehicleObject enableDynamicSimulation true; };
  3. Purchased and owned air vehicles still freeze https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation The only way to fix it and use the dynamic simulation edits is to change persistent vehicles to global simulation in ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle.sqf Change _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal false; _vehicleObject enableDynamicSimulation true; _vehicleObject to _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal true; //_vehicleObject enableDynamicSimulation true; _vehicleObject In ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf change _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal false; _vehicleObject enableDynamicSimulation true; to _vehicleObject enableSimulationGlobal true; //_vehicleObject enableDynamicSimulation true;
  4. init.sqf in mission file (executes on server and clients) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Event_Scripts
  5. Updated OP to include an Exile toast notification on the log
  6. Nothing on Origins forum to back this up
  7. What's your player id beginning 7656?
  8. Take any of the missions in the bandit (or static folder) copy it, rename it and change it to your liking, then add it in missions array in config
  9. Probably a commanding menu
  10. Nearly all (don't forget logging), after I mentioned piggybacking it to handcuffing
  11. Worked with @StokesMagee to bring combat logging punishment to Exile. This will kick in and kill the combat logger if they leave the game whilst in combat, either through alt+f4 or end mission, leaving their lifeless corpse there to loot. Players cannot logout normally whilst in combat as the option is blocked in escape menu CLIENT Pull ExileClient_gui_hud_toggleCombatIcon.sqf from client files into your mission file and change it to the following:- private["_display", "_icon"]; disableSerialization; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RscExileHUD"; _icon = _display displayCtrl 1008; if (_this && {!(player getVariable ["ExileIsInCombat", false])}) then { player setVariable ["ExileIsInCombat", true, true]; } else { if (!(_this) && {player getVariable["ExileIsInCombat", false]}) then { player setVariable ["ExileIsInCombat", nil, true]; }; }; _icon ctrlShow _this; true What this does is set a variable on the player that can be read from the server Don't forget to add it into config.cpp in class CfgExileCustomCode { ExileClient_gui_hud_toggleCombatIcon = "ExileClient_gui_hud_toggleCombatIcon.sqf";//assuming changed file is in mission root }; SERVER Next, crack open exile_server.pbo and find ExileServer_system_network_event_onHandleDisconnect.sqf In that file, find the line if (_unit getVariable ["ExileIsHandcuffed", false]) then and change it to if (_unit getVariable ["ExileIsHandcuffed", false] || {_unit getVariable ["ExileIsInCombat", false]}) then Then find the line ["systemChatRequest", [format["HANDCUFF LOGOUT: %1 has been killed.", name _unit]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast; and change it to (If you run infiSTAR for Exile, uncomment the customlog line by removing the // at the start private _message = [ format["HANDCUFF LOGOUT: %1 has been killed", name _unit], format["COMBAT LOGOUT: %1 has been killed", name _unit] ] select (_unit getVariable ["ExileIsInCombat", false]); _logOutlog = format ["%1 %2", name _unit, _message]; //["COMBATLOG",_logOutlog] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG;//uncomment this line for infiSTAR logging ["systemChatRequest", [_message]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast; ["toastRequest", ["InfoTitleAndText", ["Logout!", _message]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast;//Toast request too Then repack exile_server and your mission file and you're done. Updated: Added Toast request 7/11/17 Battleye edit required thanks to @Monkeynutz Battleye restrictions will need !="exileisincombat" added to setVariable.txt
  12. Dll still blocked?
  13. 这个给你
  14. Check junk/spam mail
  15. Watching Beard play too much Exile can cause this