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  1. Just remove _instigator to fix it
  2. The animals are default Arma 3 animals, you can turn yourself into an animal using code if that's your thing.
  3. Thanks, i've unbanned it now
  4. Player id?
  5. Need as many to join as possible so we can refine the Battleye filters for the new update http://www.exilemod.com/announcement/125-test-server-updated-to-103-rc5/ All players now have 500k poptabs in their lockers and at least 25k respect
  6. Download for RC5 now fixed, thanks to @maca134
  7. Sorry for the late reply in exile_server/code/ExileServer_object_vehicle_createNonPersistentVehicle.sqf and ExileServer_object_vehicle_createPersistentVehicle.sqf
  8. Have spoken with Maca to resolve this asap, the download I had direct worked fine, as did A3Launcher last night, today, got half way downloading and said "needs checking"
  9. Needs to be _carrier enableSimulationGlobal true;
  10. I'll bump the starting money to 100k and give existing players a boost to 100k shortly
  11. A little heads up, if you run DMS underwater missions, players can hotwire the submarines without clearing the mission. To stop this, add this to your Exile Custom code via mission file ExileClient_action_hotwireVehicle_condition.sqf
  12. Fixes the 5 digit bypass