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  1. Might be the entry in the array with the "." in
  2. You can place it there and manually call it in "serverMod" or just drop it in @ExileServer/addons
  3. All purchased and world spawn vehicles with a license plate, such as SUV's, hatchbacks, pickup trucks etc will have custom license plates in exile_server\code, open ExileServer_object_vehicle_carefulCreateVehicle.sqf then, after clearWeaponCargoGlobal _vehicleObject; Add _licPlate = selectRandom [ "SH1T C4R", "P155 0FF", "C4R L055", "4ND R3W", "3X 1LE" ]; _vehicleObject setPlateNumber _licPlate; You can change any entry in the array, but keep it less than 14 characters each or it may end up wider than the license plate. Pack you server pbo and it's good to go
  4. Link dead
  5. Highest setting terrain grid can be on and still have grass is 48
  6. ExileClient_gui_escape_abort.sqf Change _abortTime = diag_tickTime + 10; To _abortTime = diag_tickTime;
  7. If you have players rolling up to other vehicles in trader, then flipping theirs to launch other players vehicles, made a simple fix Pull ExileClient_object_vehicle_flip.sqf from the client files into your mission folder In class CfgExileCustomCode add ExileClient_object_vehicle_flip = "ExileClient_object_vehicle_flip.sqf"; Open that file, after _vehicle = _this select 0; Add _nearestVehicles = count nearestObjects [player, ["LandVehicle","Tank","Air","Ship"], 10]; if((ExilePlayerInSafezone) && (_nearestVehicles > 1)) exitWith { ["ErrorTitleOnly", ["Other vehicle in close proximity"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; false };
  8. Working fine for us Open Xm8, open health scanner, close with 6, then bandage Xm8 re-opened fine afterwards
  9. https://discord.gg/ZP6thn
  10. in config.cpp in your mission file In class CfgInteractionMenus you need a tank class. Copy all of class Car and paste it underneath, then change car to tank, i've included it in a spoiler below so you can copy pasta it
  11. Add admins puids in AccessUIDs in settings.hpp, pack the pbo and drop it in @ExileServer/addons folder
  12. If that's output from M3E then it looks like simulation is already false
  13. Make sure to change any simple objects to normal objects if they are craftable from EBM and disable simulation on them
  14. Just pushed a fix to GitHub https://github.com/Mezo/MostWanted/pull/3/commits/dd06a6376799c787212a84abbcf4a3f03b9ad1b8
  15. Copy the xm8_server_info.html from your mission file to make a new file in your mission file, name it xm8_server_donate.html Use that file as a template and in Xm8 apps add it like this HTML_LOAD_URL_DONATE = "xm8_server_donate.html";