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  1. Not technically preventing logging out as players could just alt+f4, but moving them if they log out in an enemy territory. The X and Y amount the player is moved is based on territory radius plus a small amount In ExileServer_system_network_event_onHandleDisconnect just below if !(_unit getVariable ["ExileIsDead", false]) then { Add the following _territory = _unit call ExileClient_util_world_getTerritoryAtPosition; if!(isNull _territory)then { if!((_uid) in (_territory getVariable ["ExileTerritoryBuildRights",[]]))then { _radius = _territory getVariable ["ExileTerritorySize", 10];//if your level 1 radius is less than 15m adjust here _radius = _radius + 10; _pos0 = (_pos select 0) + _radius; _pos1 = (_pos select 1) + _radius; _pos2 = _pos select 2; if(_pos2 > 0.5) then //prevent player spawning back in the air if they logged out above ground in base { _pos2 = 0.1; }; _positionnew = [_pos0,_pos1,_pos2]; _unit setPos _positionnew; //_logoutenemy = format ["%1 %2 logged out in enemy territory @ %3 %4 now moved %5m to %6 %7",_name,_uid,mapGridPosition _pos,_pos,_radius + 10,mapGridPosition _positionnew,_positionnew];// uncomment this line if you want infiSTAR logging //["LOGOUTENEMYBASE",_logoutenemy] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG;// uncomment this line if you want infiSTAR logging //["toastRequest", ["InfoTitleAndText", ["A prisoner logged out in enemy territory @",mapGridPosition _unit]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_broadcast;// uncomment this line if you want to broadcast logout to whole server }; }; Then pack up your server pbo and you're good to go Edit: Updated to include better coordinates in logging, also option to alert whole server with a toast
  2. Exile Escape uses the client version of Exile 1.0.4, it's the same thing
  3. It will make it a lot better. To test if it is simulation causing it, open debug console and run this _this = cursorTarget; _this enableSimulationGlobal true; If the door then works, simulation is the culprit
  4. Yep, same as it's been for every release, everyone wants the update NOW, but are not willing to give their time up to test. Already, from the few players we've had on, we've been able to find some bugs (that are now fixed)
  5. Yes
  6. Want to speed up release of Exile 1.0.4? Download the RC client files from http://www.exilemod.com/downloads or https://a3launcher.com Then go to and test Exile Escape on 1.0.4rc2 And get testing!
  7. You will always have to update any customised stuff you have added to the server, otherwise you risk breaking it completely
  8. And here's why you shouldn't use Enhanced Movement in Exile. The mod runs onEachFrame, so blocking actions is tricky, I worked with infiSTAR for a few days to try and block animations at enemy bases, didn't work
  9. 1.0.4 isn't released yet, but will be soon™
  10. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Crash_Files#Arma_3
  11. It will be fixed in Exile 1.0.4 update when that releases soon™