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  1. @ReeN36TV You are using an older version of infiSTAR that doesn't support 64 bit extensions, you need to update
  2. Done
  3. For the work involved and the gains made, it really isn't worth it, 64 bit server for Exile is not a magic pill. You'e better off spending your time converting Exile simulation to the new dynamic simulation and optimising your code for gains.
  4. We have a massive issue with players using workbenches to climb up and place floating flags, then they wall it off and remove the floor under the flag, rendering flag theft and raiding pointless. Also, players are clipping walls into walls, sometimes making bases with 5 walls in the place of 1, this makes base breaching nearly impossible. A suggestion would be to enable some form of physics on these objects to prevent it, such as physics when placing flags
  5. I used to be able to run Exile with 100 players for the first few months of it, then subsequent Arma patches have nerfed performance so have had to drop to 80, 70 and now 60. There won't be a magic update that fixes performance.
  6. What's your ingame name?
  7. We're seeing performance losses of around 10% across our Arma 3 Exile, Epoch and KoTH servers since 1.68
  8. Just look in the database table for hitpoints and see if there's any player missing the closing ] bracket off the end of the data, then copy paste a good one from another player over the malformed one.
  9. Is your player table empty then?
  10. Since 1.68, BI changed the hitpoints, there are now more decimal points in the array, which causes the save to go over 255 characters. In MySQL player/design table, change hitpoints varchar from 255 to 1023 or change varchar to text to prevent it happening again
  11. You will still need to manually "fix" the individual players who cannot spawn in by pasting a working hitpoint array into the player database. The fix above will only prevent it happening again [["face_hub",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["arms",0],["hands",0],["legs",0],["body",0]]
  12. In MySQL player design table, change hitpoints varchar value from 255 to 1023 or change varchar to text If you look in the player table in hitpoints, you will see bugged players do not have a closing bracket after their saved hitpoints Good [["face_hub",0],["neck",0],["head",0],["pelvis",0],["spine1",0],["spine2",0],["spine3",0],["body",0],["arms",0],["hands",0],["legs",0],["body",0]] Bad [["face_hub",0.00393701],["neck",0.00393701],["head",0.00393701],["pelvis",0.00393701],["spine1",0.00393701],["spine2",0.00393701],["spine3",0.00393701],["body",0.00393701],["arms",0.00393701],["head_hit",0.00393701],["hand_r",0.00393701],["body",0.003937 You will need to make the change to how hitpoints are saved as per top of my post and also copy pasta a good hitpoint save and paste it into bad player saves before they can spawn as normal.
  13. Splitting into individual threads instead of adding them to Exiles thread system
  14. We had around 7 threads before splitting them, that is with 2 mission systems and a ton of custom stuff