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  1. @eraser1 Hello Sir Is it possible, that in the Mercenary Mission, the units are endless? So when i clear all the units from the mission there will spawn 8 new units and again and again Is this a bug or do i something wrong? Sorry, but players on my server tells me this error....atm i have no RPT
  2. no i ve downgrade my infistar to v71 back...its working fine...
  3. i will do this i think
  4. ok but it must be give a solution.... i hope
  5. What do u mean?
  6. yi ve test it again and now its also not working for me...i get always the same message This is was i have: /* NEW! Recommended to use! The allowed lists below need the "title" of the action! Only logs BadActions (and removes them) but does not kick or ban. */ BadActionCheck = "false"; allowedActions_player[] = {"Break free","Use AutoLockPicker","Craft Vehicle"}; allowedActions_object[] = {"UnLock","Select vehicle to tow","Tow Selected vehicle","Untow vehicle","Unselect selected vehicle"}; KCM = "true"; /* Just close ALL CommandingMenus */ CMC = "false"; /* Check for CommandingMenus that are not in the allowedCommandingMenus array */ allowedCommandingMenus[] = {"#user:example","#user:example2"};
  7. but i get when i am driving all the time the message: You can not SlingLoad / Rope Attach a vehicle with a crew How can i fix that?
  8. with false it is working again
  9. no chance do come on any server
  10. thx but i ve it already now
  11. dont get an activation mail also not in the Junk Mail
  12. thx thats what i was looking for
  13. Would be nice how it works and how can i Sign in my server for this?