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  1. I just noticed that Land_Barracks_01_camo_F doesn't seem to be spawning loot. It's in the loot table: class Land_Barracks_01_camo_F { table = "Military"; positions[] = {{-2.03223, -4.17578, 0.518449},{-12.3308, 3.25293, 0.518449},{-8.06128, -2.79688, 0.518449},{-13.0491, -3.41699, 0.518449},{-5.89697, 2.90039, 0.518449},{-0.161133, 3.46387, 0.518449},{6.76074, -3.37207, 0.518448},{3.97217, -3.37793, 0.518448},{3.79028, 3.08203, 0.518449},{13.0432, 2.82031, 0.518449},{10.2876, -2.74316, 0.518448},{-2.78931, -5.56543, 3.85143},{-12.4595, 3.32813, 3.85143},{-9.40015, -2.75, 3.85143},{-3.89746, 2.83496, 3.85143},{6.83984, -3.45605, 3.85143},{3.69678, 3.21973, 3.85143},{13.5459, 3.05859, 3.85143},{10.2222, -2.88086, 3.85143},{15.8203, 4.68457, 3.85143},{5.03662, 5.58203, 3.85143},{-11.1951, 5.7002, 3.85143}}; }; If you look at this screenshot where I have loot ESP turned on, that loot is spawning in the shed behind the barracks, but no loot in the barracks. I went to other locations with these buildings as well and no loot in those either. Has anyone else had any experience with this before? I even tried changing the loot positions to the same as the barracks that is like this, but grey (Land_Barracks_01_grey_F) but that made no difference. Anyone else running Tanoa that can confirm if they are getting loot spawning in these barracks?
  2. To create the pbo, just name the tanoa pbo to Exile.Lingor3.pbo. Create your traders and their objects and put them in InitServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf, then create the trader markers and zones, spawn points, cement mixers, no build zones and radiation zones and put those in the mission.sqm. Edit the mission pbo's config.cpp so that the weather section has Lingor3 in it. I don't have a lot of time on my hands to work on my own server, let alone others. Hopefully with that information and the thousands of posts in these forums, you'll be able to get it going.
  3. You could just copy that code and paste it over the existing code in your config.cpp if you want to do it the quick and dirty way. My OCD now forces me to put as much non-default stuff in other files so I have less to modify when a new version comes out, but that's up to you. Yes, Eden is the way to go with the Exile Eden plugin.
  4. That's pretty far from the truth for some of us. I almost shut down my servers recently because we arrived on the due date for the invoice and were still $50 short. Luckily lots of my players rallied together and they donated enough to pay the bill. I suspect I'll be going through that in another 3 weeks.
  5. When I tested CUP Units on my test server, everything was fine. On my live server, the textures are missing: Has anyone else had this happen?
  6. You know you can hit F12 in-game to get a screenshot and then post the image directly into your forum post, right? You don't need to use third party image hosting.
  7. Here's the loot positions I used on my Lingor server. It's got the regular A3 buildings mixed in because I didn't know how to put them in a separate file back then, so you'll have to pick out the non-A3 buildings yourself and add them to your server files: http://pastebin.com/Y55R9aNQ
  8. To the moderators - This has been solved. First post edited. Feel free to lock.
  9. A video would should someone adding 1 line to init.sqf, copying one file to the mission pbo and then starting the server. That would be the entire video. Oh, maybe they'd also show themselves reading their server log...
  10. Yes, QGS does have something similar.
  11. What do you need a video for? You follow Woeful_Wolf's instructions, start your server, wait a few minutes and the classnames are written to your server log. Infistar has no effect on it whatsoever. You don't even join the server with his method. BTW - Infistar updates are free.
  12. Not seeing any crashes on 32 bit. From what I've read, there's currently no real advantage to using 64 bit server files.
  13. You really like to answer questions that have been solved, don't you? So far this is solved 100% by hitting "Take All". I have not encountered a CUP uniform I can't pick up with "Take All". I haven't found one I couldn't pick up with this method yet.
  14. As I've said, Woeful Wolf's method worked fine for me. It gave me all of the classnames with very little effort.
  15. I don't have this problem with z-hunter and when I had Frith's uniforms, this wasn't a problem either.