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  1. What is Exile missing that is stopping you from releasing this? When I gave you a copy of my database a few weeks back, I thought you were going to continue to work on this.
  2. Hey FindL any update on the release? I think I remember you mentioning January 15th?
  3. That problem is a database issue. To get real help you need to post your server RPT file (in a pastebin link) along with your database log (also in a pastebin link).
  4. There shouldn't be. I did add anything and the laptop works fine for me.
  5. This web panel hasn't been released yet. I think you're confused.
  6. Another related question. I use marma to monitor the server and I see "CPS". Can someone explain what that means, what a good number is for that and how it affects the server?
  7. That is the standard Arma 3 memory crashes. It happens to everyone. It's completely random and there's no sure-fire way to fix it. The most reliable "fix" seems to be the alt-tab fix noted above.
  8. Works fine for me. Place a camera, place your laptop and open it. There's an option there to view the cameras.
  9. Advertising servers in the forums aren't allowed. Check
  10. That doesn't surprise me at all.
  11. Their website works fine for me. I think you should file a PayPal dispute claiming they aren't providing the service you paid for. Chances are they won't respond and PayPal will give you your money back. In the meantime, go to Quality Game Servers.
  12. Moved from the Exile XM8 app support forum to the problems and bugs forum.
  13. You should contact the server admins of the CCG servers. This is the Exile mod forums.
  14. Are you on a dedicated server or hosted? Also, do you have AI or zombies?