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  1. @Freakylein NIIIIIIIIIIICE
  2. For people or vehicles too?
  3. Holy sheit.... Is this an elevator?
  4. I know what you mean about the fortresses... they look cool but are a mind fuck for anyone trying to raid the bases. We put a limit on the amount of pier boxes about 12 hours before this update rolled out and pissed a lot of players off
  5. Sssssshhhhhh i'm using it as an excuse to get rid of them.
  6. Oh boy.... There will be ALOT of crying players about those pier boxes lmao they will have to deal with better change for the future.
  7. Do it! I've already had to tell players they cannot use as many Pier Boxes due to them being a pain in the ass lmao! I would love to see some more buildables in the style that Exile has them but in different variants like this and that helipad looks awesome!
  8. Edited
  9. @Aggro Well in some countries they believe you can and i was kind of making a joke not a joke thing about it becoming a feature but the skins and stuff would make a good expensive luxury to sell and trade.
  10. My idea would be to add a zone much like the radiation zone but instead of radiation, it has increased Animal spawning rates for any player within this zone! This would be amazing to include as it could have alot of potential with regards to PVP and groups of players going hunting and earning respect and tabs by killing these animals. It could also have a feature that allows for counting of animals killed to be able to keep a leaderboard of who has earned the most points in this area for hunting. By bringing in such an area, there will be increased number of players in one place generating player interaction and PVP opportunities which in some cases can be sparse. Another suggestion of mine is to add other rewards to animals such as the Skin or horns of an animal to be collected as well as the meat. For example, you kill a goat, you can collect it's meat and it's horns BUT the horns have a percentage, a chance, to break while harvesting and if they do break then you cannot collect them. However, if you do collect the horns then they are worth more money than the meat and can either be sold or used to perhaps make medicine (Instadocs, Vishpirin etc.) just like the conspiracy that they do in real life except in exile, they do. So again, it gives players more reason to hunt these animals and collect their stuff. Just some thoughts, i hope the devs take a peek and enjoy! Thanks :* ADDITION: "@Eichi I should have probably mentioned that everyone on my servers love the animals, Hunting is not something people go out and do as a get together and "Hey, lets all go hunting this restart!" It's more of a "OMG I FOUND A CHICKEN!" Gun shots "Damn i don't have a knife!" - That being said, another reason to intorduce a hunting zone would be to actually make a great use of this new feature because right now, people randomly come accross them and the excitement is in their voices when they do, it's great to hear while in TeamSpeak with a few players listening to them play and is a great feature to be able to hunt but i say, lets put some more use into this new feature Also no criticism is better than bad criticism The only thing i would say is that it's a feature not being used much because it's so very random when you find animals, you cant actually hunt them properly There needs to be some sort of sequence involved, a hunting zone would give this " "Change Knife to Axe so its easier to gut animals as Knives are rare due to the fact they are used to hotwire" ^^ Discord convo
  11. @kuplion Maybe an array of random Wrecks so it's different every time would be even better!!!!!!! You could do preset or random and leave it up to server owners to comment out or add new wrecks from other mods...
  12. Ay @kuplion Any chance the Heli crashes could have a crashed heli of our choice? Those VTOLs are the ones from the ocean and have water damage and algae growing on them so maybe some sort of config option to easily adjust which wreck is placed by the script would be cool I know how to do it by other means but for other people that don't know how, it would make a great addition in my opinion
  13. Buy the game?
  14. Yeah... it randomly started working again for me a while back, haven't been here in a while so I didn't even think to update this post. Sorry for the delays.