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  1. @Chernaruski I had it the database way on a life server once for cops i suppose the same could be implimented here but right now i'm not looking to modify this script as i am mid-way through another server launch, modifying another and fixing 2 more. Along with Life issues going on right now but i may re-visit it later in the future
  2. That's exactly how it works? Just change the number of reserved slots to how ever many you want, if its a 15 slot server make both values 15, i do it for my test servers where i only allow certain people to join. I could modify the script so there is a 1 or a 0 in the database called Reserverdplayer and if they have a 1 it means they can join reserved slots which would mean while they arent connected to the server it would search for that 1 or 0 but that means a bit more work and why change what works
  3. Fingers Crossed.
  4. Thanks Freaky! I will begin testing some of the bigger objects such as the cnc walls to see if this works.
  5. Freaky, I can tell you that on my servers, we have a rule that you are not allowed to use any EBM objects to protect a flag except the newer walls. All of the ArmA stuff that you've made place-able is not destructible. Unless you use different charges other than the Big Momma? To help with the issue people are having where they cannot destroy any EBM stuff, it might be a good idea to publish a list with item names, class name and what explosives are required to take down that particular object. Unless you have modified client files when you are testing the mod, which makes them destructible that you don't push to the mod itself, then I can guarantee that not all EBM objects are destructible using the Exile Explosives. That list would be much appreciated I think alot of people would benefit from it.
  6. Here. https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/ExileTravellingTrader
  7. @looonytoonz You spam everywhere. Here: https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/GADD-Extras
  8. Dude. Here: https://github.com/GamingAtDeathsDoor/GADD-Extras Follow the instructions. You can even do it all while the server is running.
  9. You have posted this in the wrong location... But uuuuhhhh.... SetPosATL.
  10. I hope you are going to be nice to people too Don't kill everyone now!
  11. He is smart enough to avoid those objects, although he's a little stupid and drives into trees and gets stuck
  12. I mean you could do i guess, gotta be careful of random safezone spots if people go over the position...
  13. Thank you man! It was a great ground to start on!
  14. Best way to find out, is to try it! Set this: _server_reservedslots to match your max slots so no one can join your server unless they're whitelisted, remove your UID from the list in your custom UID list and re-pbo, start the server, if the message is displayed, something is working, then shutdown the server, add your UID, if it lets you stay, it works. Then reset _server_reservedslots to what you had it set to before and launch the server again
  15. Yah, this was pre-update tho man, may have fixed upon update, it's no biggy anyways I'll get back to you and see what happens Might be the ones you have commented out in the traders, which i will leave commented this time as they probably aren't needed or used