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  1. Yeah... it randomly started working again for me a while back, haven't been here in a while so I didn't even think to update this post. Sorry for the delays.
  2. Hmmm, I mentioned this to infiSTAR except player vehicles were freezing mid-air but he said it's an ArmA issue. So i would bring this up with him because it only started happening for me after an infiSTAR update too.
  3. Is there an arma_load_x64.dll? Or does it just work on 64-bit with only the arma_log_x64.dll?
  4. @Freakylein Awesome update! Thank you!
  5. Isn't that a part of CUP? If so, the buildings mod places the buildings on the map so they are technically scripted buildings, not a part of the terrain. (Maybe).
  6. Having an issue with the arma3server_x64.exe. All 3 servers refuse to unlock when ready as i've set the configs to do. None of the servers have an RCON connection when running the 64-bit .exe. None of the servers are being displayed on A3Launcher as being "Online" same with Gametracker, i'd expect something is broken with the Steam Query port. Servers are running Windows Server 2012 R2 with Quad Core Xeons @3.40GHz & 16GB RAM Included Exile.Tanoa's RPT while it was (trying to) running the 64-bit .exe Here (Nearly 1 million lines of errors generated and the server was only running for 5 mins): RPT File! Reports of clients unable to open doors and access vehicles. Fix for the server: Run the 32-bit client, all is okay. I will have a play with parameters too. *EDIT* The doors seem to work fine if you remove and replace the object. Will continue testing.
  7. No problem man
  8. Go here: http://www.gamingatdeathsdoor.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=205 Feel free to copy and paste the whole post and stick it up in your forums! You've helped me alot so i guess i'm returning the favour
  9. Yeah, I found a temporary fix for that and posted it on my forums but it seems to completely work for about 75% of people, others are screwed.
  10. Exactly what I have been saying to our players who ask every 5 mins... "When will Exile break?" - IT WONT! lol
  11. @kuplion Update if you're interested... Bohemia's reply after sending them my system data, rpt's and various screenshots... "You are playing on a modded server, please either contact the server administrator or the mod author". Great, so even though mods are their biggest draw to ArmA 3, especially Exile, they wont even give it a full glance because it's modded. It's not really a mod problem, if the game does this anyway on vanilla servers but oh well
  12. Yeah, i did that. >>>> We had a vote on one of my servers to have the vehicle radar disabled. Basically Chernarus is a very flat map and we wanted it to be more visual gameplay so the players and the staff team requested that vehicle radar was disabled so i set that to false in the description.ext Thanks.
  13. Sssshhhhhh Don't tell them that!
  14. It did indeed! Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. There isnt even a "Start new Topic" Button on their forums for me... wtf