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  1. Let me know if you can get it to work @theduke
  2. I have unfortunately not figure this one out... I know someone who might know but it's best not to harass people
  3. Does not work. Still in need of help.
  4. I would like certain vehicle skins to be purchased at the customs trader to only be available to certain members of my community, for example, i want admins to be able to purchase the GADD skin for their vehicle but nobody else should be able to buy this skin. And i want Donators to be able to use their clans custom created skins to be available to them and nobody else as this makes them unique. Since there is already a way to do this with Exile Flags... class CfgFlags { class GADD { name = "GADD"; texture = "custom\Flags\flag_gadd_co.paa"; // me admin uids[] = {"12345678987654321","12345678987654321"}; }; }; Would there be a way to implement this with Vehicle textures so admins can only access the GADD skin? class MRAP_03_hmg_base_F { skins[] = { {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "Carbon", {"custom\vehicletextures\carbon.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};}, {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "GADD", {"custom\vehicletextures\GADD.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};} }; }; Maybe something like this: class MRAP_03_hmg_base_F { skins[] = { {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "Carbon", {"custom\vehicletextures\carbon.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};}, uids[] = {12345678987654321} {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F", 300, "GADD", {"custom\vehicletextures\GADD.paa","\A3\data_f\vehicles\turret_co.paa"};} }; }; Does anybody know?
  5. There is currently a bug on the server for clients where they will be playing normally for like 30 mins - 2 hours and then all of a sudden the client side FPS will drop down to 1-3 fps and it is usually when they are doing something important like pvp or driving or piloting. It is hard to time this bug, after using the performance build in 1.64 itr fixed itself but the current performance build for 1.66 does not seem to help. If anyone knows what I am talking about and knows how to help, please hit me up Thank you
  6. This particular delay lasts for around 30 mins. I have, however fixed the problem. I copied certain files for breaching from @Exile and @Exileserver into the mission.mapname.pbo and have called to them via config.cpp in the CfgExileCustomCode section. like so: class CfgExileCustomCode { //Breaching ExileClient_system_breaching_network_breachingResponse = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileClient_system_breaching_network_breachingResponse.sqf"; ExileClient_system_breaching_network_breachingPlaceResponse = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileClient_system_breaching_network_breachingPlaceResponse.sqf"; ExileClient_system_breaching_thread = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileClient_system_breaching_thread.sqf"; ExileClient_system_breaching_detonate = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileClient_system_breaching_detonate.sqf"; ExileServer_system_breaching_network_breachingPlaceRequest = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileServer_system_breaching_network_breachingPlaceRequest.sqf"; ExileServer_system_breaching_network_breachingStart = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileServer_system_breaching_network_breachingStart.sqf"; ExileServer_system_breaching_network_chargePlanted = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileServer_system_breaching_network_chargePlanted"; ExileServer_system_breaching_network_detonateAllCharges = "custom\fixes\breaching\ExileServer_system_breaching_network_detonateAllCharges.sqf"; }; The initial testing was that i just used the files that were being used between scroll wheel and space bar to plant. Then it appeared people couldnt explode the bomb so i copied those files too. File locations are self explanatory for people who want to find them. Still in testing and i will keep this post up to date
  7. Hello, There is a problem in my server right now all to do with breaching into people's bases. You can create all of the relevant charges but you take one to a wall of an enemy base, scroll wheel, plant charge, all works up until... "Please wait..." comes up and then nothing. That's as far as it gets. If i then walk away from the wall, i get "Breaching failed! You have moved too far." So just that point between selecting place charge and pressing space to plant the charge is broken. Does anyone have any idea what's up with that? Thanks
  8. Hey mann did you do anything in the latest update to alter the respawn timer? Mine is usually 2 mins and now its only 30 seconds
  9. Instead of adding a fresh ExileClient_object_player_death_startBleedingOut.sqf to a "fixes" folder, just add the fix to the one in the custom/EnigmaRevive/ExileClient_object_player_death_startBleedingOut.sqf ... thats what i did and the fix worked
  10. One other thing i've noticed... The Exile variants of vehicles dont work due to new colors such as prowler and black fish have new colors which for some reason messes up the Exile_Plane_BlackfishInfantry etc. Editing class names now
  11. Another one has respawned. The fix worked
  12. @Zupa Good news! 5:37:07 [ZCP]: 5 players reached, starting ZCP Delta. 5:37:07 [ZCP]: Trying town: Tobakoro 5:37:08 WARNING: Function 'name' - apple is dead 5:37:08 [ZCP]: ZCP Delta :Spawning city on [8831.49,3675.95,0] -> Tobakoro with x 50, y 50 5:37:18 ZCP: Spawning 7 AI for cappoint. I will keep you posted about the CPs I will let you know if they respawn
  13. @ZupaI've edited the files myself and am currently testing it out, joining our server now.
  14. @Zupa Functions that need changing perhaps: fn_start.sqf & fn_rewardReputation.sqf I'll run some tests
  15. @Zupa Sure thing, this one is from last night while there was way over 5 players which is what i have the config set to. Does ZCP count players by using playableUnits by any chance? Looking into the functions, it does use this to count the players which would explain alot... I helped people fix their status bars yesterday because of this change, it used: count playableUnits; to display the amount of people connected to the server, i ran it in the debug menu in game and it actually shows how many people are on spawn island waiting for their player to load, so itll jump from 0 to 1 to 2 occasionally and back to 0. I changed it to: count allPlayers; and it displayed the same amount of players as my RCON which was the correct amount. So I hope this helps you too