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  1. I was mediocre once too. I simply just do not have the time right now.
  2. I don't want money, I want the community to help each other out. If you want ExAd working again, contribute to the GitHub by submitting a pull request with proof of it working.
  3. Yeah and when i'm done optimising my servers i will make sure there is an option to hack the VG.
  4. Yeah because they aren't needed anymore. You don't need to fix something that has a better coded version in the Actual mod itself.
  5. Please submit a pull request and explain with proof (images) what the pull request fixes and we shall go from there.
  6. I would appreciate being asked first and you could have contacted me and had these fixes pushed to the main repo.
  7. Urm... I would much appreciate it if who ever fixed the ExAd apps to work with 1.0.4 could private message me and get it pushed to the main Repo on GitHub. I will re-open the thread and mention who ever contributed.
  8. Okay so here's the deal... I have decided not to continue development of ExAd. There are plenty of alternatives for servers to use. It will remain in it's current state forever unless someone re-writes the way the apps are added to the xm8. I am not in a position to re-write all of this right now so instead of figuring out how to re-write ExAd to work on 1.0.4 I will be working on standalone scripts to eventually come together as one pack. Thanks to you all and sorry for the disappointment.
  9. Hi guys, thanks for the patience... I have taken priority to update my 3 servers before I concentrate on ExAd, however, With updating my servers I have changed a few things with ExAd to get it to near working order. I will attempt to change the way the apps work to coincide with the new Exile Apps layout with help from the other Exile Groupies on Discord hopefully. If anyone has managed to get any of the apps working, please post a link here to the GitHub or Pastebin entry as i will use it to fix ExAd and give you credits in the next official release of the addon. Please continue waiting patiently as i also have life stuff going on and I am not putting in as much effort as i could be but it can't be helped. Thanks everyone! Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Use a different script. This one is not for that, it’s not how it works
  11. I am straight up removing VG, Grinding and Hacking from ExAd. It will be archived in the download for it. I have a couple things coming with ExAd updates. I just won't be releasing the 1.0.4 compatible version straight away as i will have to test the new stuff and make it work
  12. Might wanna look at the ID of the screen being created as infiSTAR might be closing it if it is not whitelisted. That is, if you run infiSTAR.
  13. I really don't know what is going on and why respect is being a twat. I do not have time at the moment to figure it out as i've got a lot going on irl. So if someone knows what's going on and wants to fix it, create a pull request on my git.